::How To Save A Life::

::How To Save A Life::

A Story by Jeanette

How do you save someone you can't touch?


How do you reach out and show you care, when you are forbidden to do so?


How can I help her?


Every part of me wants to hold her and tell her everything will be okay.


I want her to be happy and take all her pain away.


But I can't, I can't even talk to her without making it worse.


How can you care for someone so much, and not be by their side when they need help?


I want her to enjoy life, and live it with happiness.


But she can't be happy, not now.


To me she is a prisoner, a prisoner of her heart and emotions, and her life.


She is willing to sacrifice herself to save others from crying.


She is a great person, an incredible soul, and yet she is stuck.


In limbo.


Where she can't move an inch without disrupting the whole order or things.


She teeters on an all too delicate balance of what her life has become.


She feels responsible for the lives of others, that she glady gives up her own sanity to make sure theirs are in tact.


She walks on eggshells.


She is quiet.


She does what she is told.


She suffers for the sake of her loves ones.


Loved ones who don't deserve the love she offers.


People who are destroying a young girl for their own selfish needs.


I want to save her, and yet I am immobile.


I have no say, no rights, and no means to get to her.


She dangles on such a thin string, that her very life is in jeopardy.


I just want to help... but I can't.


I'm not allowed to reach out or speak up.


I am forced to sit back and watch the destruction.


Watch this beautiful and intelligent light burn out.


This incredible thing may soon be gone.


And no one will notice until its too late.


I wait in sheer agony.


Stomach in knots, heart racing agony.


If only I could reach out...


And touch a life...



Then maybe, just maybe, I could save one.

© 2012 Jeanette

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This was very touching, I like how this one and More than a feeling are inspired by song titles

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I like your style it's really nice

8 Years Ago

Wow, I'm getting all kinds of compliments!! I'm begining to like your style as well... haha. =)

8 Years Ago

lol haha you're welcome

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