Compilation of Short Poems and Haikus

Compilation of Short Poems and Haikus

A Poem by Ashley

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
But When it Comes to Love
I only Think of You

Turtles don't run
Over hurdles.
They don't like to
Dance or to sing.
But when they die
And go to heaven.
God gives them
A pair of wings.

Have you ever stuck
An avocado in a
Soap dispenser.
When you try to
get it out.
It gives you
quite a stresser.

Have you ever seen
A pink flamingo,
Jumping on a pogo stick?
It is really fun to watch,
while you give an artichoke a lick.

Sword fish live in seas,
Not like the birds or the bees,
They have long noses.

I feel bad,
For a girl in my class.
Because she had to do
A terrible task.
She had to put
A bucket of algae
Upon her head,
Then had to go
Straight to bed.
The very next thing
I heard her say
Was "I want to be
A clown for a day."

Overalls, overalls
Are fun to wear.
Overalls, overalls
Would you like a pair?
Overalls, overalls
Fall in the dust.
Overalls, overalls
Are a must.

This is a poem
About being bored.
Because bored is
Truly what I am.

Typhoon Lagoon
Is a wonderful place.
They even have lemonade
With a lovely taste.

We wrote an anthology,
As an apology,
For our bad writing,
And now we wish you good tidings.

© 2013 Ashley

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Added on June 18, 2012
Last Updated on August 1, 2013
Tags: haikus, poems, random, funny, strange