A Chapter by Ruby of the Mountains

A short story about the sadness of being taken captive. (I'm bad at summaries) Rated Teen just in case.


            “Run, run, dear Esther!”


            “Don’t worry about me.  There is no time to worry about me!  Just go!”

            I felt as if I couldn’t move.  My whole body felt numb and frozen as I stood staring at what had just happened, my eyes glued to the snapping, metal jaws of a trap, firmly clamped around her forepaw.  My mother’s forepaw.  Scarlet had begun to well up where its teeth had sunk into flesh.

            I didn’t want to leave her here, despite the danger we were in.  Leaves crunched, twigs snapped, and bushes rustled.  They would be here any moment.  My heart was pounding wildly, and I feared that it would burst out of my chest.  I feared I would die.  No, I couldn’t die.  Not until I could save her.

            The faraway noises were getting closer.  I could see my mother growing more terrified and frantic by the second " partly because she was afraid she was going to die.  Partly because she was afraid I was going to die.

            “I’m telling you to run!” she shrieked, thrashing around, the metal teeth biting and tearing at her foot.  Fresh blood gleamed and trickled down the cold steel.  She didn’t seem to feel the pain.  “Go, now!  Do you want to die?!”

            Slowly, my head, which was still stiff and rigid, shook a hesitant ‘no’, my eyes round in terror.  “B-but…t-the trap…y-you…” I stammered.  It was as if my brain had just stopped working.  I couldn’t think, yet I could.  Thousands of thoughts rushed and swirled around my head in a mad frenzy.  There wasn’t a single one I could pick out.

            “GO!” she screamed once more, just as a figure leaped out of the undergrowth, hollering with delight.  There were a series of bangs when the creature’s friends joined him.  It was then my mind clicked and I whirled around, craning my neck to look over my shoulder before I ran.  The last thing I saw was blood spinning in the air as a howl split the night, the horrid sound embedding itself in my brain as I fled.

            Then, it began to rain.

© 2010 Ruby of the Mountains

Author's Note

Ruby of the Mountains
This is only the prologue of the very short story I've written. I'd appreciate it if you think about what we're doing and how you can help make a difference, to save their lives from pain and suffering. We could make a difference together! :)

Please R&R! Thank you!

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Added on September 14, 2010
Last Updated on September 15, 2010
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