Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Ruby of the Mountains

Continuation of the prologue.


            It was a day I would never forget, even as I crouch here, hungry and thirsty, in this cramped cage, wire digging into my flesh.  The reward for staying here was nothing more than a dish of slimy water and bowl what could hardly be called meat.  My fur is matted and tangled; there isn’t enough room in this filthy cage to stretch, for goodness sake!

            Letting a sigh escape my mouth, I silently wonder how many days, how many months, how many years I had spent living here.  It’s the closest to hell you’d ever get, I thought, shaking my head in defeat.

            Never before had I felt so lost, so alone.  It felt like centuries since I had been running free with my pack, racing through the forests, tumbling in the snow…it was hard to believe that it was all gone now.  I would never see them again.  I would never see my sisters, my brothers, or my friends again.

            I would never see my mother again.

            As I look around the dirty room, I could see cages piled on top of each other, some smaller, some bigger than the rest.  Rats were squirming and squeaking in their cages, skittering around (it seemed that they had more space in there than I did) in fright. 

            Food, I think to myself, licking my lips hungrily, my ears pricking forward, only to flatten again after realizing that it wasn’t possible to eat them. 

It was then a sudden wave of distress washed over me, so strong I felt myself flinch.  It was as if I began to feel the emotions of the other creatures cooped up in this disgusting place; even the rats in the corner, even the snakes piled up over there.

            Everyone was sad that they couldn’t be free.

            This thought brought tears to my eyes as I finally began to realize how much pain and sorrow the two-legged creatures had brought us.  I could taste our fear in the heavy air.

            It was extraordinary, it was unimaginable, and I myself began to think how it wasn’t possible, yet…

            I just wanted them to be free.

            Everyday in my past, I had seen snakes slithering through the bushes, mice and shrews scurrying back to their burrows, birds flitting from tree to tree chirping joyfully.  They were free and happy, but this place was far from that.

            I’ll live here all my life, I thought to myself, and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

            Sighing once more, I curled up in a ball " this cage hardly let me do so " and closed my eyes.  Can you hear me, mother? I wondered, as I began to sink in the depths of darkness, letting it swallow me up and surround me with a sense of peace.  I’ll see you soon…



© 2010 Ruby of the Mountains

Author's Note

Ruby of the Mountains
I hope you're thinking of making a difference too as you finish reading this story. (Yes, this is the last chapter.) Please help the animals! I thank you, and they will, too. :)


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Added on September 15, 2010
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