A Story by Emma

a girls experience with bullies

to you,
i'm a victim of bullying. i don't remember exactly when it started but i know it still hasn't ended. i think maybe around grade 2 was when it got really bad.

i attend a catholic school. one day in grade 2 i remember being on the bus on the way home. and a girl called me out and said are you catholic. i was christian but wasn't catholic and didn't plan on being catholic. so i said no and she yelled it to the bus and everyone said i was a weirdo and was laughing at me. that was the first moment in my life when i felt truly alone. the bus was a terrible place to be if you were a bully magnet.all throughout grade 2 and 3 i had people trip me while getting off the bus, people threaten to hurt me. i also clearly remember being punched in the chest by a boy. and there was no punishment other then a warning. that bus was terrible.

also during grade 3 i was bullied by a teacher, but that's too long of a story for this letter. let me talk about the peer bullying. i don't exactly remember this because i had worse things going on but people called me names and would push me and always just be mean to me for no reason. when your a child and people are doing this to you for no reason you start to think. am i not a good person? do i look wierd? do i act wierd? am i not cool? i always had questions in my mind as to why they were so cruel to me. school was out and i had day camp. dealt with bullies there too. but grade 4 was a terrible year.

beginning of grade 4 i had started talking to people that i didn't usually talk to. they were really nice and i was good friends with some of them. there was this one girl that i would occasionally talk to but other then that we weren't really friends. until grade 4. we started talking and hung out during recess. but we would have these little fights that i didn't think really mattered. sometimes the teacher would have to separate us. but we always worked it out. one weekend we hung out and had a great time. but on monday something had changed her mind about our friendship. i can't remember what happened but she got mad at me ran to her brother and cried to him. he then came over to me, got mad at me, told one of my cousins who also got mad at me, and told a teacher who then took me to the principals office. for doing nothing. i'm almost positive i just asked if i could hang out with her. that week i got into the principals office 3 times. my first 3 times. after that it was all a blur of going back and forth to the principals office and staying in for recesses.

i'm going into grade 8 and i still am being bullied. pushed into the walls, death threats in grade 4, 5, and 6. people calling me a hoe, pushing me around at basketball practice. it hasn't gotten worse but it hasn't gotten better either. bullying is so stupid. that's all i have to say.

sincerely anonymous

© 2017 Emma

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you write pretty well and it feels genuine. life becomes more interesting after school. keep writing.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on July 12, 2017
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