Rats vs Cats

Rats vs Cats

A Story by Ruhan

"S**t! I'm captured!," said Thomas angrily. He was caught by his enemy, the Cats. The cats made a sudden attack on the innocent rats and they have captured him. There are guards around him, carrying swords; so they cannot escape. The cats have killed his friend with that sword along with 10 others. The cats, raged up with anger when a his neighbor suddenly fell on a cat. We see there's no reason to attack them as it's just a mistake. They cannot understand why the humans have supported the cats as the rats have done nothing wrong. When Thomas heard of the deaths, he became angry and then said that they won't tolerate the cats' depression. He then told his mates to be prepared to escape and fight against the cats.
Thomas made the plans to escape. The guard have one weakness. His master bells a ring whenever a cake is cooked for him and just when the bell rings; he rushes to his master. At that time they can escape. Thomas saw a bell near the cage. He reached out his hands towards it and; pushed it and sound came out of it. The cat rushed to his master with the keys left in front of the cage. Thomas picked it up and opened the cage. Suddenly a cat saw them. The rats dashed to their hole and took a spear, sword and an arrow.
The rats declared a war against the cats. The cats took their position 60cm from the rat hole. The cats told the rats to surrender and a few rats answered. The rest of the rats who didn't surrender took their their position 10cm far from the hole. Thomas is the general of the rats and he is leading them into this battle. He and some other soldiers went at the backside of the table. They have prepared to shoot spears with arrows.
The battle is set and the cats went towards the rats. Just as a cat was going to shoot a spear, Thomas along with his soldiers attacked them from behind. The spears hit the body of most of the cats. And 6 of the 11 cats are wounded. the cats didn't get a single chance to attack the rats. The rats could have have used sword, but they didn't as they did not like to kill the cats as they have done. The rats thought that mercy is twice blessed. 2 cats surrendered. 3 of the cats didn't surrender but they became trapped into the trap for the rats.
Though the rats won they didn't chose to be harsh. They just caged them for some days and then made a treaty. The cats never dared to attack the rats again.

© 2012 Ruhan

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Good idea for a story. It was a bit confusing, and I think the tense got changed a few times as well. Might want to clean this one up.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 5, 2012
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