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March of the Centipede

March of the Centipede

A Poem by James O'Rourke



A centipede roams through my head

Its tiny feet

Tapping on my brain

Affecting my psyche.


One pointy foot pierces

The soft gray matter

And I throw a pint glass.

Glaring at the pieces I wish

They would melt at my feet

Like T-1000 liquefying into a silver blob

Promising to deliver on a threat.


Another foot falls and digs deep

Tears roll down my face

Lips curling to catch the saltwater

And knees buckle, my weight

Dropping me to the floor.

I roll around in agony

Slicing skin on the glass

Claiming fame as a painter

Of hemoglobin.


The creature continues its march

Sudden giddyness overtakes me

As I howl with laughter

An eight year old watching cartoons

And eating cereal

Milk splattering the television.

A mirror catches my eye

And I cackle and point

My reflection mimicking the hysteria.


Snot, blood and tears awash in my mouth

A wonderful cocktail

Of Iron, Sodium Chloride and water

All catch in my throat

As I laugh, gargle and choke

My body seizes.


It all comes to an abrupt halt

The many-legged beast making camp

Content as it surveys the land

Sacked and pillaged

Content to let me rest a moment.

© 2017 James O'Rourke

Author's Note

James O'Rourke
Criticism always welcome. Thanks for reading

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Intense dude. Centipedes are inherently unsettling so naturally a good candidate for the insidious forces that turn us into something unrecognizable to ourselves.
Voice is frank, straightforward,
I love "claiming fame as a painter of hemoglobin"
Don't think you need the phrase "affecting my psyche" - the rest of the poem says it.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on June 16, 2017
Last Updated on June 16, 2017
Tags: madness, funny, sad, angry, centipede, brain