Spirit of the Night

Spirit of the Night

A Story by Luella Winston

I had a really one-of-a-kind dream I had last night. I wrote the story in someone else's point of view though. This what it was about. It was really vivid, but kind of spooky...

The stares shined so brightly, not obscured by anything in the vast midnight blue sky. The damp, coolness of the ground seeped into my bare feet, making me shiver.  But I refused to stop walking until I was done with my walk.  The walk went on and on because I felt like there was something I kept missing in this dark, lonely night.  I panted, my breath coming out in short, ragged puffs.  I couldn't go any further, and I felt my weak, knobby legs buckle underneath me and then fall to the dewy asphalt of the street.  As I was lying there, on the ground, I saw an old woman sprawled out in the middle of the street.  Soon I got up to my feet and walked over to her, perplexed by why she was here.  I stood above her and my eyes widened.  The woman had dark grey, grainy hair in a thick, low ponytail.  But that's not why I stood there in awe.  She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.  They were wide open, but it looked like she was in a very deep sleep.  They were a gorgeous navy blue and seemed like they gave off some light of their own.  They almost looked, in some abstract way, as if they were a little piece of the sky itself.  
"Excuse me, are you okay?" I whispered, close enough to her face so she could hear me.  She gasped waking up from her sleep.  Then she smiled sweetly, like nothing odd had just happened.  
"Thank you for waking me, child.  Oh, and by the way, I'm Grace."  Grace said while she stood up and brushed herself off.  She offered her well aged hand to me and I shook it with caution.  I sucked in a quick breath, alarmed by how cold it was to the touch.  I could feel many deep lines in her hand.  It felt like the hand of wisdom.  
"Oh my," Grace said clutching her back after she shook my hand. "Well, what do we have here?  You're Jade, I assume."
"Yes... ma'am," I said, stuttering.  How did she know my name?
"Alright, dear.  I guess you are the one who I've been seeking all these... Now, I won't get ahead of myself here.  Back to the important thing.  I have a very important message for you."
"Okay..." I hesitated, what was she talking about?  
Soon, I did a double-take at what I saw.  Grace started to transform, limb by limb, into a younger woman in about her twenties.  I gaped at her.  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  She had the same breath taking eyes, but instead of grey, she had long flowing locks of dark brown hair that tumbled well past her shoulders.  He hair was shaped in just one glorious wave instead of many waves like most people.  When she smiled, she showed off a nice set of beautiful pearly whites, each flawlessly carved by an angel.  I was amazed at how enchanted she looked.  Grace surely wasn't just an ordinary human like me.  
"Listen, I know you are confused, child, but you have to realize I don't have much time." She said.  I nodded, trying to understand but failing miserably.  "So here is the message..."
He eyes started to sparkle and glow.  They didn't look frightening, but just even more gorgeous than before, if that was possible.  She said in a raspy, but not scary voice, that seemed to speak into my mind, 

A wish shall come true, thy dearest wish.  But, be warned, if thy dearest wish is not pure, it shan't be granted and thy shall suffer the consequences.

A breeze blew my tangled hair back and Grace's beautiful, enchanted face and her figure dissolved into a shimmering body of mist and was swept away by the wind. 


© 2010 Luella Winston

Author's Note

Luella Winston
bEwArE oF gRaMmAr AnD sPeLLing MiStAkEs!!! xD

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I love, love, love your first two paragraphs. There is a lot of detail without being too wordy and it flips the imagination on beautifully! Keep up the good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you! But actually, "Spirit of the Night" was just a story and there is not another part to it... that was the end. But I know that I'll keep writing other stories for sure. Actually my friends and I have this place that we love with a lot of trees we climb. But there were so many people invading and they started cheer leading there. It was so annoying, so my friends and I wished upon the trees that they would leave our place forever. And that same night I went to a Chinese restaurant and I got a fortune saying "Your deepest wish will come true", no joke! But then a day later they came back. Then, what was really spooky was that dream I had. This story is practically my dream. Then, in the morning, they were gone and haven't intruded since. I think a little bit of magic happened in those couple of days :D.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Awesome! Sounds like we write frighteningly close to the same way. :) Keep on writing! I want to hear the next part. :D

And in answer to your question, my story was partially real and partially not. But hey, that makes it sound really mysterious, doesn't it?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow. This is very good. I have picked it for the featured writing in the Youth Writers Group! Congrats!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Luella Winston
Luella Winston

Hi there. I'm a teenage girl writing... well, just to write, I suppose. There's something about it... I don't understand what, but I love it. I'm also interested in music. Actually that's a nice, .. more..