1) First Period: Magic 101

1) First Period: Magic 101

A Chapter by Ryukujinishi

Teacher knows best.

"Master.. Shields are soo booring... Teach us something cool! I want to know how to create fire!!" said Edward. A cool breeze played with his teacher's long, black ponytail. A slight smirk formed upon his thin lips as he adjusted his glasses with a middle finger. Selena gulped and began to twist her wavy, brown hair around her index, her green eyes shifted to the right at Ed.

   "You have a point, Ed. Come forth, this lesson is for you alone. After all, bravery and initiative should be rewarded," said Flynn. Edward strode away from the line of students. He swept a hand through his short, blonde hair. Standing three feet from his teacher, Edward's height matched Flynn's shoulders.

   Flynn thrust his left hand to the side, palm skyward. Magefire burst into being a mere inch from his relaxed fingers. So bright it was that on this cloudless day, it cast a sharp, flickering shadow upon the tall grass. Just like that, it was snuffed. Edward grinned and clenched his own hands.

   Selena sighed. Master Flynn wields magic flawlessly and with such power. He didn't even have to use his vocal cords to vibrate matter. "Now Edward, start small. Cup your hand slightly, utter Ka to agitate the air, focus upon that area, and finally, ignite it," said Flynn. Edward took two steps back, both of his hands shot out, forming his body into a plus sign. "Kaaaa!" said Edward. Flynn's gray eyes went wide.

   "ED NO!!" Flynn was too late. Two orbs appeared above Edward's soft hands. His flesh bubbled and he screamed. Flynn rushed to him, caught his falling body as he killed the magefire. They were tiny compared to Flynn's, but deadly for a novice. Ed shook in his arms, steam and smoke rose from his seared skin. Teacher placed his skinny fingers on Ed's head, he ceased his shaking and closed his blue eyes.

   "I'm taking him to the healer. While I'm gone, think about why he was burned, while I was not," he said. Flynn lifted his pupil gently. The two of them vanished, the air filling the empty space made a woosh. The nine remaining students discussed in whispered tones.

  "Had to be a lack of a shield, why else would it be our first casting lesson?" said Andrew. Selena nodded a bit. "It was poor logic on Ed's part to assume that FIRE wouldn't burn you simply because you conjured it," said Selena. Sera, the self-proclaimed leader of their class of ten, stepped ahead and turned to her fellow students.

   "So we all agree then? That dolt Ed needed a shield to protect his hand from the heat?" she said. Everyone either nodded their agreement, or mumbled a bit. Flynn popped into existence. Sera jumped at the sound and feel of Flynn appearing behind her. Flynn looked down at her dyed blue hair, it reached her neck.

Ah, my cute brown-noser.

   "The conclusion, Sera?" said Flynn. Sera was silent for a moment as she turned to him. "We.. Uh.. Ahem, we think that he needed a shield to protect himself from the intense temperature," she said. "Precisely!! But, what was the REAL lesson?" said Flynn.

   Andrew coughed a bit. His teacher said, "Yes, Andy?" Andrew grumbled. He said, "Teacher knows best.." Andrew's curly black hair mussed, even though no one was near him. "Nng.. Don't touch me teach'!" said Andrew.

   "Okay then! First period is canceled for today, send your thanks to Edward!" he said. With that Flynn vanished and most cheered.

Selena frowned.

© 2011 Ryukujinishi

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Added on May 20, 2011
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