I'm sorry dear

I'm sorry dear

A Story by salma

When someone thinks about cheating on you.


Sam drove his car by one hand while holding his mobile in the other hand, he  smiling

when he heard the caller's voice saying," Hello."

Hello my dear friend "  "

How are you, Sam?""

I, as you know me, I get bored quickly, and I want to renew." "

A moment of silence passed, then the caller said with great suspicion," Do you still insist on that?"

Sam coldly replied," Yes."

The caller sighed, and did not say anything, so Sam realized that his friend did not support what he would do, so Sam, trying to make his friend excuse him, said", The person feels bored, Lily loves me, and the other woman loves me too."

" You means that she loves her revenge on her traitorous husband, and she wants to make Lily drink from the same bitter cup ."

Sam sighed with great distress, and almost explained to his friend that his betrayal is harmless, as he drives a car, and talks to his friend at the same time, he can satisfy the hearts of the two women, but his friend ended the call.

It was, according to Sam, more like perfumes. You prefer a certain perfume over the rest, but you will still try another perfume, even if for one time, Lily is sitting on the throne of his heart, but that does not mean that another woman does not take advantage of her absence, and sits on it for several minutes .

He drove quickly, he wants to finish this matter as quickly as possible, the matter will not exceed several hours, and then his life will return to its normal course, and that woman will appear as if she decided to stay with her traitorous husband because she is a sacrificial mother who does not want her children to be separated, Betrayal is bad

, but in his case it is considered a humanitarian service, his eyes widened, and he heard the screams of passers-by, the vision became blurred, and he no longer understood anything that they were shouting about.

Now he heard the sound of Lily's crying, whose tears fell on his face. He opened his eyes very slowly, then he looked at her with amazement. Lily stopped crying, then wiped her tears. .

She grabbed his hand as if making sure that he was still with her, and she said with great sadness," You hurt my heart so much."

Remembering his intention to betray, so did he dare to continue looking at her, while she said affectionate reproach," What a hasty man, what is this thing for which you almost lost your life?"

He kissed her hands, and he says," I'm sorry, dear, I promise you that it will not happen again."

After he left the hospital, he returned to work where he saw his co-worker and his partner in the betrayal that  has not been completed.

She said without asking him about the bandages that cover part of his face," you missed my opportunity for revenge, you are idiot man."

He stared her sarcastically, and said," Yes, I was a fool, but from now on I will be smarter," then he walked into his office.



© 2020 salma

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Added on September 13, 2020
Last Updated on September 13, 2020
Tags: Romance, Emotion, betrayal.




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