The wind that shakes the willow

The wind that shakes the willow

A Poem by Surrealstorm

I got the idea of this from a song that was in the book "Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan.


 “The wind that shakes the willow”

howling against the bark

silky tendrils swaying violently

the wind screams

shaking the foundations of

the aging willow

But the roots dig deep

Latching on

tenacious in desperation


Lighting clashes with the weathered willow

branches shudder

Quaking under the brutal force

The willow silently shrieks

As a branch falls heavily to the ground


The willow shudders

 something akin

To fear

Fills it to the roots

But soon the wind quiets

Fluttering soothingly around the damaged willow

And the willow stands tall

Having endured another day

© 2009 Surrealstorm

Author's Note

The first line is the title of a song that was in the book "Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan. This poem is a little about the willow and a little about myself.

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So where do I start?! Well first and foremost, I LOVE the line "silky tendrils swaying violently" Its so contradicting, yet a beautiful way to describe it. It paints such a clear picture of something graceful being gripped violently by the winds force.

"Silent shrieks" I particularly loved that line because I have a song for my band called "Silent Screams" Its used in a completely different context, but seeing that line was great because I knew exactly what you were trying to get across.

All in all, this just has such a beautiful concept behind it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

A great metaphoric piece bout facing your fears... I really enjoyed this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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