I Am Me

I Am Me

A Poem by Morgan Sade

I have a dark side and a light wall, each in constant war. When darkness scales the walls of me, will I still know how to ignore?


I’m evil,

Not bad,

I’m crazy,

Not mad.


Darkness my light,

Heaven my hell,

Words mean nothing,

My thoughts will tell.


I’m honest,

When lying,

Walls holding strong,

Yet what’s inside is dying.



When awake,

Seems each breath I take,

Is another mistake.


I’m not broken,

Nor flawed,

A law unto me,

And never a fraud.


A hero,

A scandal,

Men never take,

What they think they can’t handle.


I’m chaste,

In a kiss,

Which I never did take,

And I’m sure I will miss.


Music: my muse,

Mother: my light,

In me there’s no difference,

Between what’s black and what’s white?


I’m a mystery,

With a simple response,

A gypsy with heart,

A one woman renaissance.


To bring change to the day,

And transform the night,

When sword meets the pen,

I’ll continue to write.


I’m greedy as hell,

A silent martyr some days,

A traitor again,

Or a devil in my ways.


Walled up in a world,

That’s never my own,

Surround by people,

And always alone.


I’m a cynic when need be,

An optimist by night,

A b***h at heart,

Yet it shows always polite.


Watcher of watchers,

Leader of the lost,

Taker of givers,

Whatever the cost.


I’m another

Of what I hate,

Yet worse than the rest,

All because of my weight.


A child by nature,

A temptress by right,

Searching for something- someone-,

That’s nowhere in sight.


I can take the blame,

And give it as well,

Tell me a secret,

And I’ll never tell.


Forget what’s remembered,

It matters not,

Just device for once

What is it that I want?


I’m a gift,

And a curse,

Duality a sickness,

That only gets worse.


A façade:

Sweet at first,

Watch closely,

You’ve never seen me at my worst.


I’m a glutton,

For my dark silent phrase,

Secrets I hold,

For the rest of my days.


Darker than day,

And brighter than dark,

I’m the shades of grey,

Not able to make a mark.


I have a dark side and a light wall,

Each in constant war,

When darkness scales the walls of me,

Will I still know how to ignore?


There’s an art in seclusion,

A shadow in doubt,

Damages inside,

I would rather go without.


I’m better than the children,

Yet worse off than adult,

When form and mind separate,

What will result?


Silence is my venue,

Patience my skill,

Both ignored when I hear voices,

Begging me for a thrill,


These words I write,

To fight the world’s oppression,

If I should wind up silent,

Then make it my confession.


© 2010 Morgan Sade

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Wow! There's so much to say about this piece. First, it's really good. Your form is great with the end rhymes. You have so much detail and imagery, great usage of personification. There's so much more to say. I'll sum it up with I loved it. Awesome write!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I very much enjoyed reading this piece. You have a lot of talent and am excited to read more of your work!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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