A Poem by sarah

Christians are tested for their faith

Satan has lost another to God

And that makes him very angry


So he plays a little game

He see's just how certain we are about what we believe

He see's if we really want God in our hearts


So he giggle's a little

At the thought of his game

He wants to see just how faithful we are


He snicker's at the idea of the game he plays

He comes into the house of this "Christian"

He watches quietly for a while


He watches as the boy or girl sleeps

He smiles at his own idea

He gets excited


then he turns to his helpers

They already know what to do

They snicker together


First they haunt the person's dreams with





The person wakes

The room seems quiet

The person's breathing slows down once more


The demons continue

They stand over the bed




The person opens his eyes and see's what stands before him

The figure before him chuckles and says

"You’re weak, afraid, a coward. This "God" you love has lied

He doesn't love you, he tricks you, he deceives you”


The person’s heart races

The mind can’t but help but consider the words


The figure stay’s in place

Not moving

It just stand’s there

Laughing quietly to itself


The person pauses in weakness for a moment

But then the faith and love of the Lord takes over

The person knows what he must do


The person smiles and says

“You not have to listen to me but you have to listen to Him,

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ go away!”


The figure no longer laughs

It stands silent

It starts to shake in fear


The person senses weakness in the figure

It nods and says

“I’ll be back, don’t think I won’t”


The air that was thick with fear vanishes

The darkness disappears

The hidden pain leaves


Demons are real

And they are stronger than you know

And the only thing stronger…



Don’t doubt him

Because he is your only protection from Satan

Don’t abandon your shield


Because you never know when Satan will strike


© 2011 sarah

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You are correct in this poem. Evil will test us daily. Need to try to stay away. A very strong poem. Need to hold on the good things and be kind. Too many evil things in this world already. A excellent poem with a very good ending.

Posted 11 Years Ago

The problem is that we are never attacked with that much straightforwardness, always obliquely and much harder to recognize. and yes, you never know...

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow! I'm a Christian and I really love this!! All of this is true! We do have the power to overcome Satan and we need to remember how weak he really is and how strong our Lord is! Thank you for publishing this. :0) I think it's great! And keep writing!! (PS..I like this so much I'll give you a 100.)

Posted 11 Years Ago

thank you very much...i need to lean on God more and more every day for the strength to get through

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My name is Sarah just another Sarah, to go along with the millions of other Sarah's hehe anyway umm...I am really bad at spelling C and grammar it's a pain in the a*s so...yeah I won't U review books .. more..


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