Nsoromma Adekye

Nsoromma Adekye

A Story by Nana

When a space mining operation is shut down indefinitely, the miners are betrayed by one of their own.

During the same time that Mawuli and several other prisoners were shipped off into space in the Nsoromma, other spacecraft were developed for more commercial purposes. One of them was the Nsoromma Adekye (Evening Star), the only spacecraft developed for space miners. 

For 5 months, the spacecraft set off for asteroid belts in order to mine the metals embedded in each asteroid which were then returned to the mining company, MetalGh. However each run only gave them small amounts of metal content and on one Monday morning, as the miners surveyed the asteroids, a broadcast came over their radio.

'Attention all miners, due to the low metal content from each run, mining operations will be suspended indefinitely and miners are to report back to Earth immediately'.

One of the women depressed a button on her belt and several Amankwaa (name meaning servant) robot units marched out of the ship and began to package the metal mined from the asteroid. In minutes the task was completed and the ship headed for Earth.

One of the women stood up, and depressed a switch on her belt. The robot units marched out of the back of the ship and restrained the two women on the ship, one a fellow miner and the other, an asafo.

'Sorry Frema, Laadi, I have no intention of returning the metals to MetalGh. It will fetch a hefty price on the black market. As will your organs.'

Asafo Laadi sighed, 'I knew there was a reason for an asafo on this ship'. She kicked the robots restraining her back, unsheathed her afowatsena (double or triple bladed sword) and slashed 10 of the robots in two swings. She slashed a path through the mechanical workers that led straight to the traitor.

Frema lunged at the other miner, slamming her into the control panel. The ship began to spiral out of control and Frema strapped the unconscious miner into the seat as well as herself. Laadi dispatched the last of the robots and strapped herself in as they reentered the atmosphere.

The blackmarketers barely had time to move their vehicles away when the craft plowed into the earth, crashing throuhg them, before coming to a stop. Eight helicopters hovered above the crash site, before descending. Afena officers piled out of the crafts and bound the criminals.

Five others forced open the ship's doors and the three women tumbeld out. Afena officers restrained the erring miner and placed her in a waiting helicopter. The wounded miners were treated in a medical helicopter which hovered above the crashed spacecraft briefly before flying off into the sunset.

© 2014 Nana

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A bit too rushed. Not enough information on the characters or the setting Didn't allow me to indulge as much as I'd like in this particular story. Needs a bit of improvement

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

I agree. Not my best work though I was interested in the space mining thing.

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Added on August 25, 2014
Last Updated on August 25, 2014
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