Birdman Father Yunus Kokan - Poses

Birdman Father Yunus Kokan - Poses

A Poem by Birdman Father Yunus Kokan

1) Nefsim that emmare, to teach someone else what my limit, all my words to my self.

2) Bismillah is an intisab, an appeal, a point-i istimdad that Kadir-i Absolute State, acted to help the absent-i absolute creature.

3) The road to the destination passes through consultation.

4) The jugular vein of faith is monotheism, and the shirk is to slaughter the jugular vein.

5) Monotheism is the pinnacle of faith, contemplation worship.

6) It is enough for you to see yourself flawless and perish; Pharaoh, Nemrud, worse than Karun.

7) Prayer is the pillar of the individual, zakat society.

8) Ahl-i contemplation and ehl-i gaflet is like an orient and garb.

9) Food of the soul The Quran is the prayer of breathing of the heart.

10) Honor and honor shall not be earned with money; money is earned with honor and honor.

11) Not far from the sand and pebbles that appear from far away, they are unshakable mountains.

12) Knowledge and love are two innocent and respected children of the compassionate governor, who is called attention.

13) Faith ingenuity, ingenuity of humility, humility conversation, affection and dignity of affection attracts and subpoenas.

14) Tongue is both poison and antidote.

15) Ulfet and ingenuity is at the center of the ene. Ignorance and knowledge are hidden in him.

16) Prayer is to thank Ehad-i Samed, who gave each and every person, with every one.

17) The body has deeds as well as deeds in the heart. The most virtuous of those deeds is divine love.

18) Malumat is ignorance, unless he invents the ingenuity.

19) Emotions are learned from the heart and the heart learns from the soul.

20) You cannot be a Muslim without a human being!

21) We need men who will make hearts, not men to build mosques from stone walls.

22) Peak to humility; Don't be a joke in your ego!

23) He cannot know Cânan who does not pass through cordially.

24) Emotion is to listen before, to read the mast and the summit is poetry.

25) Fate is not to play the script and the role, but to know the script and the role you will play.

26) Those who stop being engaged in the fault of others shall engage in their own fault and ultimately become the Righteous.

27) Workers like bees work like honey.

28) You pray in the proportion of the ingenuity, and you will be treated according to the ingenuity.

29) Success sees loss, prudence sees with light.

30) Smile is a charity, laughter is malady.

31) Tears flowing with love is the portent-i mercy that reveals the nura.

32) You cannot change the past; but if you're breathing, you're not too late to make up for it.

33) To smell roses, you need to be a nightingale.

34) If the disagreement in the deed is not cleansed by repentance and cessation, it will spread in time.

35) Knowing a person is as great as knowing a whole world. Because every human being is a world in itself.

36) Human prayer in the proportion of ingenuity and wants to ingenuity.

37) The rainfall of calamities is for the revival of the lethal lava.

38) Just as you do not eat one year of sustenance in one sitting, do not worry about one year of worship in advance!

39) Those that blow out by blowing are those that give light like matches.

40) Those who are intoxicated with victory are the defenders of defeat.

41) It is a pity that people should be content with what they have done instead of achieving goals for tomorrow.

42) If you advance your soul, you will eventually go bankrupt.

43) The world is a deceptive merchant.

44) Mevt is an invitation, an acquittal. Mashuk is in love with visas.

45) The heart is the shepherd, the ego-i emmare wolf. The wolf waits for a moment of blunder from the shepherd to attack the flock.

46) Those who deny the hadiths and especially the true ones are on the verge of dalalet and perished.

47) There is no and cannot be a Qur'an Muslim without a prophet or an uncircumcised!

48) For those who study science, search for wisdom in susans.

49) I am amazed that the person whose life minutes are numbered, devotes one third of the day to sleep.

50) It is very difficult to find quality man in the world that is in demand for advertising, not quality.

51) The human being is not the one who does not make mistakes, but can see his / her error and beg for forgiveness.

52) In the country we need men to be imagined, not to dream.

53) O my soul! You keep the prayer so that you can keep your religion alive.

54) Poetry is poetless, painting painter, art craftsman without; of course, the human and the universe equipped with perfect knowledge and wisdom cannot and cannot be derelict!

55) And live such a life that you cry not that you have left the world, but that the world has left you!

56) O human! Measure well, weigh well, make good. Yevm-i apocalyptic account in the house market do not comply with the confused looking man looking confused!

57) The devil who constantly instigates dalalet is fought by instilling constant ingenuity and guidance.

58) The heart of faith is the heart, as well as the heart of blasphemy. It is not the mind that denies it, but the heart. This is the use of juz-i will in the evil.

59) Zât-ı Kadir-i Zülcelal, who is perfect in every work and every act, is of course worthy of a perfect conversation, which is called love.

60) There is the one who has ugly creed, there is the deed, there is the one who has the idea and the kavli. Genuine Muvahhid Muslim is one who abstains from all kinds of creed, deeds, cavities and ideas.

61) No denomination of the Qur'an and circumcision in its center, no profession, no self-preservation can not retain itself.

62) Attach to the self, the work of the mortal!

63) In the world, the one who has a big sleep will have a small balance in trial.

64) How can anyone who spends eight hours a day in bed and the rest sleeping?

65) Faith is to confess what is in conscience with language. The blasphemy is to deny what is in conscience with the language and to conceal the truth.

66) It is the greatest flaw and the greatest deficiency to expect the work to be like an actor and to look for a flawless, flawless, complete person.

67) Visit the graves and the tombs! But don't expect graves and tombs! Meded begs only from Allah and comes from Him alone.

68) The verbs of those who are worthy of the name-i Nûr take place in perfect surah and speed.

69) Those who are condemned to time cannot understand those who have been commanded by God as the true usa of Biiznillah!

70) There is no more accurate statement than the Qur'an, no better example than the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

71) There is no sect more robust than Sunnah, and no greater mujtahid than conscience.

72) It is unthinkable that an eternal wisdom and power that resurrected all kinds of seeds that came under the ground would not resurrect the seed of the human being,

73) Those who need to say mouth and tongue. Those who are in need, in the mouth-i work and language-i science with the monopoly.

74) Yes, all the glory and honor belongs to Allah. He gives His glory and honor to whom He will, and exalts the name of that person both in the world and in the Hereafter.

75) As evliyâullah's words are always similar to each other, even the words of all Adüvüllah similar.

76) The assembly of friends of Allah is like a rose garden. The assembly of the enemies of Allah consists of marsh.

77) Whoever is talking to his friends, Allah knows that it is Allah. And whosoever hath glorified Evliyâullaha, his enmity is to Allah.

78) Yeis is the invitee of inertia, inertia ignorance, ignorance of misery, debauchery of dalalet, dalalet pomegranate.

79) There is the beauty of beauty: the beauty of faith, the beauty of science, the beauty of deeds, the beauty of morality, the beauty of violations… and the beauty of surah.

80) Do not comment on the masters who do not know the wisdom of the Ahl-i ingenuity. Because most of the time they do not know their asabab-ı efâlin without asking them, and you believe.

81) Gıybet is not halal, as well as grind against people's face in a way that you know that monopoly is not halal. If you don't leave, you'il pay for it in the ukba.

82) O my soul! If you think you've got yourself full, know that the evidence is raw.

83) O my soul! Burn first, then burn.

84) Clairvoyance must see the future.

85) The ingenuity is wisdom, the contemplation is mukteza-i fitrat.

86) It is the dream that makes man human.

87) Prayer is a key.

88) Kamil is the example of the master.

89) Ahl-i gybet cannibal is similar.

90) Ignorance is a malady.

91) Gaye-i worship is thankful. 92) The enemy of Evliyâullah is the enemy of Allah. 93) When you see it by eye, you should see the self-acting. 94) Zakat is a shield. 95) Tebdil-i name does not change the nature. 96) I was in the absence of my Lord, the body, how can I not give him silence? 97) Even in every evil there is a good. 98) Riya destroys the righteous deeds. 99) Those who say the right are under the protection of the right. 100) People should be valued according to their merit. 101) O my soul! Whatever is your essence, your promise. Whatever your word, let it be your essence. 102) The food of the soul is the Qur'an. 103) Worship is the harbinger of ingenuity. 104) It is not a hijab style, nass-i with the Qur'an suppose. 105) Allah has commanded the veil to conceal the adultery, unfortunately some of our contemporaries, made the veil of the most beautiful adultery. 106) You should be the judge, not the lawyer of your soul. 107) Being a student is an informal being. 108) Goodness turns and finds the one who does it; evil turns and stops, and strikes. 109) If you give Zakat from his wealth, he increases the wealth of the goods. 110) It is Allah Who glorifies and humiliates. 111) Irreligious philosophy is a fallacy. 112) Tradition does not add to religion. 113) Love makes love. 114) Even if your word is true, it must be in place. 115) A scholar tells a thousand thinkers, an ignorant thinker tells a thousand. 116) Evliya does not break the heart. 117) What we have is gold and diamonds, the only money we use is violations. 118) Shems disappeared from my output. 119) Instead of accusing him of all he sees with hijab, order his hijab before his eyes! 120) The work is to recognize the artist.

121) Great sleep should be delayed.

122) Does not overflow until the container is full.

123) The ignorance of the Sunnah also ignores Abu Jehil.

124) What does it take to think about the book? Scholar in knowledge, scholar, need to know.

125) Being naughty is a lack of knowledge.

126) He does everything you call for Allah.

127) There is no room for arrogance in the nature.

128) Science is the communion.

129) Sleep is the harbinger of purpose

130) Some speak of need, some need to speak.

131) Tesbih-i kalam comes from the tesbih-i itikad.

132) Yeis is the guest of pomegranate.

133) Zahira deception, interference with the work of the people of politics.

134) The joy of prayer is proof of ingenuity.

135) Denial is not the mind, but the heart.

136) The man of the century must be out of the century.

137) Tombs and tombs are not expected to be meded.

138) Scholar of science, thank goodness. Don't be afraid of the cruelty of the cruel spit!

139) O you! You can't repair a broken heart, you better choose a nice pronoun to yourself.

140) There are many who give advice with Kál, yet there is no example.

141) If the science is not treated illet-i ignorance, know that the end will be increased dalalet.

142) The Qur'an is the truth that leads to Allah, and if it can ride, the true horse.

143) The original is the ugly one, it cannot change its name.

144) If Allah has given to a servant of science, he understands at a glance the case in the heart.

145) O my soul! Don't play like a snake and twist it! Be straight as an arrow, deviate from the target!

146) Sleep for five hours, most of the blame.

147) They said, "You are Turkish, you are Kurdish, you are Arab. They melted Millet-i Islami with this fire."

148) Whoever you give more value than it deserves, one day it will surely make you regret it.

149) In a municipality, the righteous will dominate the inertia and the faculties will dominate it.

150) Quran sedan, food of the soul; If it is music that smells shirk, it is the scourge of the soul.

151) And a poem that erases all the poems. And it is a faith that the name of the heart will be engraved.

152) Weakness-i worship, refers to the weakness-ingenuity.

153) O my soul! Stop defending your self as a lawyer, question the self as a judge!

154) To stand idle as unmindful, to establish the throne on the real sultanate.

155) Wake up, O human death! If the mind will lead you to wisdom, if we are to live like an animal, what is that mind given?

156) For Abdullah Ibn Umar, priests like Omar! For the new Conquerors, we need new Aksemseddin!

157) Knowing the truth, the true scholar is the one who knows the truth.

158) The name of the sincere is mentioned in Arsh, and the name of the opposite is erased in the first place.

159) As long as I've known myself, I don't know if I've slept. I don't call it a sleep.

160) Every person gains poured white sweat, it is essential to people before character.

161) The most saint is the one who is victorious, and the weakest is the one who is defeated.

162) Neither the world nor the ukba, our purpose is only divine consent.

163) Viruses in style are our biggest enemy in this case.

164) Grieves and resentments; resentments and resentments always chase each other.

165) Ha, you have destroyed a mosque, ha broke heart and demolished. What about prayer? You destroyed the nightmare!

166) Never let the haram see you! Don't kill a thousand people!

167) Life is the capital in the world, the capital is the capital in England. Wake up, unawares, delightfully, how come a second?

168) Tears flowing through the eyes, turab-ı heart waters.

169) Ârif takes a lesson from every disastrous example, the ignorant thinks that whatever happened to his servants.

170) I said nothing and did not write anything; I just left a mirror in my heart.

171) Thank goodness is the seed water of patience; Don't spare the water, thank goodness the seed.

172) Kul wants from the servant tedenni, Hakk'dan will abandon the request.

173) Allah deyu deyu went up to the mountains, I shouted to the full. Who announces the stone screaming mountain?

174) Know that the shout in them is laughing, and the price of Allah that you adore is heavy.

175) Know the blessing only from the Righteous! Until he chant rightly, tongue him.

176) Suppose that the trust is to abandon the reasons and wait for a miracle.

177) I kept looking for the Kenz-i mahfi, I found that treasure in broken hearts.

178) The stars illuminate the night, but a star that the sun becomes another invisible star and the incomparable lamp.

179) The heart is a field; some sow, some hate. Crops are deeds, everyone reaps what they sow.

180) The love chest of the People of the Blessed is a lover of love, whereas love is a sacred and blessed truth.

181) Kabir is a great stop, do not think death is too divine, those yellowing leaves are leaves, how you live, live, the land is the end.

182) They said: mü Would he die with a rhyme? Im I said: “Does the enemy die by withdrawing? Im

183) A collapse is a thousand development, a defeat is a thousand wins. The important thing is growing in defeat, being able to see the victory-i ebar.

184) Do you think the remembrance goes in vain? With the feet of the remembrance of the stairs to the back of love.

185) Those who leave their hearts behind the rose, the lonely ash remaining from the heartbreakers.

186) Like a hatred is a desert, dry, dry! Like a conversation, the lake is like a desert.

187) When the grim reaper comes a smile on people, how can I not smile to the beloved?

188) You seek the worship of the worship, on the one hand you break heart, how do you seek consent by breaking down the Kaaba?

189) Spend the time of the sleep, turn the bucket upside down with the tap open.

190) Poetry, I know the very best of the word, but to speak in the face of the ignorant, to be one with naughty, I know that the deference of science.

191) Be as straight as Elif amma very air to fly, then the fall is bad.

192) The day you die with the soul of Nefs-i emmare, the day you rise with the heart and soul of the soul.

193) The world is a khan, eternal. The heart, which is popular for Baki, is not connected to the mortal.

194) O yummy! You deceived the mortal world, you never thought I'd die, what did you do for His blessings in a lifetime?

195) The right to self-righteous, superstitious western eyes, I saw five hundred faces when you give face.

196) Menba is neither mind nor language. Menbai of the word should know the people of the faith.

197) O my soul! If you fast, you must fast; For fasting, don't think of hunger alone, don't throw your deeds on fire!

198) Hadith, fiqh, tafsir, kalam ... Every time I demanded science, it goes away; Time does not stop. Then I'd say a violation first.

199) O my soul! Open your eyes, don't be blind, see the miracles of art. Look, is it possible that the leaf on the grape vine leaves is coincidental?

200) The first three orders of our religion “Read! Olursa Tomorrow if the first in the apocalyptic su Did you read?” Read the horrors of that day already!

201) Leaving empathy loses its humanity.

202) O my soul! The scholar you do not know; You are ignorant of what you know; With humility he becomes human,

203) We are Muslims, then we are Turks. We are Muslims, then Kurds. We are Muslim, then Arab, Persian, Circassian, Laz ...

204) Love; rose means, nightingale means, loyalty means.

205) He will punish you. Speechless language.

206) Man is not immortal, you bow before the Right.

207) O yummy! You're the one who pulled the trigger, then you're a prisoner of fate. If goodness happens to me, it is all mine, it does not claim an evil from the old man; You say destiny.

208) Know my soul! The goodness of the ashy will owner commanding him; the wickedness of the wicked self that rebelled against Him.

209) O yummy! Don't be proud! The real honor at worship. Kulub finds peace with Zikrullah.

210) I received from the Messenger of Allah, my Lord gave knowledge. If I cut the slice slices, it still says Hakk slices.

211) Look at your tongue! It's a gift from the Most Gracious. Translator latifene, miracle-i azim ...

212) Stubbornness in the sin, the taste of blessing is halal bite.

213) Whether they say lottery, lottery, ganyan. It's all gambling, you know, playing it!

214) How does a Muslim gamble, forbidden to bite what he hopes?

215) Death to freedom, a bird cage. Who knows when the last breath? Don't think of life, it's just a whim! How did you forget Kalā Belâ, O spirit, give you up!

216) Wake up from the blunder, death will come suddenly! Don't think everyone will come with you.

217) You came with a drop of water, with a seed; Why pride in this arrogance?

218) Death is right, there is no escape. Every soul will taste, the soul will come out of the body.

219) I saw that I have passed away in a house, crying in all four places. Tears turned to the saddle, as if to go where?

220) I will die one day, too, do not cry nowhere! It's my wedding, my wedding! It's a conversion to Lover.

221) They looked at the same man, and gave him different names. In the mirror called Şâir, they looked at themselves.

222) Faith becomes a light; Faith becomes a light;

223) Science is a load of diamonds carried at the beginning, walks cautiously in relation to human load.

224) Lesson: kadar I can't say enough ”.

225) From the elephant of Ebrehe, he hath saved the evil. From the revelation couplet, the heartfelt house.

226) Very deceiving, always cheating; The world is lying, do you have space?

227) Time passes, don't say! Read the Qur'an!

228) Know that a moment, this moment of life; lying the opposite, lying the opposite.

229) Winding, heart-stinging; lie snake, becomes snake.

230) Burn with your essence, with your word! Hang on to her, wake up in love!

231) He surrendered his heart to Rahman. He turned and turned; voiced.

232) Every love of this love is Shams; ash, rose, and satisfied.

233) Those who fell in love for the holidays. Yunus adored this love.

234) It is You who make me as a nothing, make me a people. Who is informal from Sen, who is informal from Sen?

235) You are the tongue, the lips; You're the hand, the foot. Who is informal from Sen, who is informal from Sen?

236) I remember, I burn; You're a syllable. Beyitim, poetry; You are everything, everything is Allah.

237) I don't trust working, I don't dream of paradise. My love is my capital, my love is my patronage.

238) Sadir became, the line became; My Lord is filled with love.

239) In the Aurors, sooner and later, he did. Look what this love has done!

240) Every hyacinth you give, Yunus is a nightingale with love. The rose that comes to me from Sen; whether you kill, whether you laugh. Death is my wedding.

241) One Dear, most Dear, how beautiful are You Dear! You are the most beautiful, dear.

242) My heart senses with your grace, wanders in the language of the oppressed, crushes the oppressors altogether, these words travel the world.

243) Nightingale has made it say; Your love made me go away. He has knowledge, he has done; Your love has made me. He has solved, he has spoken; Your love made me go away. He thought and chanted; Your love made me go away. Booked, addressed; Your love made me go away.

244) In my broken heart, a thousand poems flourished. My Lord, you had enough of a tumbler.

245) My heart came to the language, called to the world. What do you write, foreclosure?

246) Our hand-to-hand book, language to language address. Our heartfelt love, our love.

247) From the lines to the saddles, from the saddler to the originals, from the original to the centuries, our treats called love.

248) This case of supply covers our case, Arş'a niyazımız, rose-scented writing, our treats called love.

249) I have a wound deeply, love is in God's house. There is no problem; You're informal, you're informal.

250) There is a syllable in my tongue, in the capital of my body. No one hears my voice, no more than you, no more than you.

251) I have a bloody age in my eyes, You are the only half of my essence. I can't love anything; You're informal, you're informal.

252) In the depth of my soul, at the peak of my heart, in the self of Yunus; ivy love, ivy love…

253) In the provinces of Muhabbet, in the capital of Sufism, in the self of Yunus; ivy love, ivy love…

254) In my crying eyes, in my smelly words, in the self of Yunus; ivy love, ivy love…

255) Prayer prayer flaps its wing, birds fly deyu about; mashuka illallah.

256) “Hu!” Deyu love to work, the wind commander; mashuka illallah.

257) Trees bloom, open hands with leaves; mashuka illallah.

258) Mote returns, the world returns, love with the world revolves; mashuka illallah.

259) You are beautiful, how beautiful; mashuka illallah. You are beautiful, you are the most beautiful; mashuka illallah.

260) I am not afraid of fire; Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

261) I do not want paradise, what to huri? Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

262) Neither rivers of honey, nor rivers of milk; Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

263) Crazy with your love of the traveler, what have you eaten? Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

264) What does the spring mean to me? What about me from the trees? Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

265) Neither is imagination nor ambition; authorities and positions. Dear! Dear! Give your love, dear!

266) Is Dost ever separate from his friend? O my Lord, there is no friend except you.

267) Road is my eyes, I always miss, my true words. Look, eyes, call the angel!

268) Every guardian who is like a diamond in coal, hidden in thousands of wisdom within the people; contemptible

269) Ihlas with ordinary deeds would be worship, even without worship would be a frustration.

270) Don't interrupt the Lord! Turn away, the fraction! Repent, with heart! Before the last breath, death comes to you.

271) I cry with love, I am water, I am calling, I call only to you, I am proud of your existence.

272) Hilim is in science.

273) Blessed with sins, I have seen you in all things, I have seen the wrongdoers in the scholar, what a great science I saw.

274) The one who is busy with a sublime service, invites you to a sublime service, what a move!

275) My life in roses, roses in my heart, secrets in secrets, in dreams, the answer in a reason.

276) Whatever you have declared, my Lord, it is all right, so let us fly to the Throne.

277) O oppressors! O guards! With your sinful eyes, your heartlessness, and you didn't see Him because you couldn't see Allah? Or do you think he doesn't exist?

278) O Being! Don't show tightness!

279) There is no informer from you, the true being, my Lord showing mid-term shortness!

280) I have seen a thousand men, all of them were silent. I saw a thousand ignorant, no thirst.

281) O reformists and O mealists! Know this well: We are the Ahl al-Sunnah, the confirmation and confirmation of the truth is the duty of appreciation and approval.

282) It is the purpose of the muctahid, it becomes divine. It is the aim of Mübtedi, it is marziyat-ı humanitarian.

283) I have been purified from fraction, I have sheltered with love. I am devoted to you, accept Allah!

284) Words become words, sometimes exceed. A stone becomes a paper clip. The face is eyebrow, the eye you look at. It becomes ember, embers, essences you flow.

285) Our preference is to be the head, to be lost in the self, to be tears in the eyes, to be full with love, to be hunger, to be the direct arrow that does not deviate from the target, to be the head of the mutual.

286) Our call is to the Qur'an, the unthinkable. Hail to hear, to follow this invitation, to mention the name of Hakk, burning with our love.

287) The lover of truth is the hand of truth, a madman in public opinion, melts like a candle, gives light around him.

288) Illness, distress, affliction will be atonement for sins, or signs of progress. As long as you're nice!

289) You cannot be a scholar with a diploma. To save money, science is not charged.

290) We shall rise from the Qur'an and know the circumcision. With wisdom and knowledge, with roses that smell Islam, we will sing like a nightingale.

291) Mercy-i Rahman shamil, ahkâm-ı Qur'an and amil, sees the human-i kamil.

292) Sufism is to love God, to love for Allah, to leave every deed and every love that is not for Allah.

293) Don't waste your time, you pray! The language of Hakk! He hears his prayer and answers to what is pleasant.

294) Those involved in politics need to be sure. But our duty is only to the religious.

295) Your lesson: öner Pray! ”Your hand tells you another, your language tells you another. Pray for you what?

296) I did not write, it was printed. He was carved into hearts for faith, for Islam, for nightingales smelling roses.

297) Search, find the purpose of the creation! This is wisdom.

298) Faith is the heart of the hearts, no one in the ah of the oppressed.

299) Abandon if you leave the world in violation, you will see real bankruptcy in the UK.

300) You pity yourself, sin what a bad horn.

301) The right is for the human mind, conscience is always right.

302) Revelation comes first, wise! Use on-site transport.

303) O my soul! Shut up, stop talking! Be wind, wise! Not everyone can know us.

304) Love-filled strings in ears, words with love scent in lips. What's the world of Birdman Father? Muhabbet-i Vedûd is enough for us, midwife.

305) Shol Yunus that he was raw, Acted inspiration, worshiped, led the love there.

306) Lovers say love, they return Hakka deyu. They say, “Be servants and come! Er

307) Edict from the right, all the problems derman.

308) Inspiration came from my faith, my faith was poured into my line. For the sake of love, for the sake of love, for the mankind.

309) The heart of faith is the unshakable mountain. Faith is on the doom with love. Lovers are not dead, there is among you, right.

310) Before death comes and the heart beats for the last time, return to the service! Come, prostrate!

311) The face is the eye, it is light. Faith is true honor.

312) I came to the world once, fell in love with Mevla,. If I come again to the world, I love Mevla alone.

313) Injustice is injustice and injustice. The mortal balance is the preference for nârı nura, no doubt it is foolishness.

314) What you call Marifetullah, to be able to recognize the Right. The beauty of science, "I do not know."

315) It is science to know that you do not know.

316) He never sees God chanting, darling, There is no real being from my Lord Sen.

317) For the communiqué we need faith, we need knowledge, we need knowledge, we need to devote to God, we need to remember the name of the Right, we need to worship the Lord, we need to be burned with love.

318) Sussam does not benefit, words are not enough, my Lord, I'm Niyaz, nesl-i Quran Murad.

319) Repentance rhetoric and act of importing from churches were imported, rather than returned immediately.

320) To open the gap between the Qur'an and the Sunnah and to ignore the Sunnah, to ignore one of the two sentences of the word-i martyr.

321) I've become my networks ma-i zemzem, my ages Hakk deyu her dem.

322) How can a life, a faith that does not lead you into prostration, lead you to heaven? Wake up, man!

323) I live in Abdallah, I overcome obstacles, I open curtains, I carry water like water, I am not remembered, unthinking mindless, I am surprised to parents.

324) Do not pity people, love people. This is our drink, if you know.

325) This world is an inn, every moment of the test.

326) O my soul! Instead of planting spines of hatred in his heart, love flowers are erect so that smells can flow from his heart to his tongue and wisdom is poured into his words.

327) Those who stay in the hearts, those who take hearts. Those who are righteous, those who are righteous.

328) Faithfulness is worse, great blessing rükn-i destiny. Believe it, just go! Believe, grief.

329) The three-day world that is bleeding, not the Lord, the soul of the soul, who thinks himself eternal, it is burning in pomegranate.

330) Those who find truth are happy, always hopeful. What a beautiful passion to read, those who are in this passion are blessed.

331) Don't say, “Why, why?!! Be patient! Look, see how much wisdom will manifest! Watch with an example! Praise thy Lord!

332) Whoever is good should forget that good, and what is good should not forget. But he must know all the goodness of Allah and be thankful to Him alone.

333) Tilt the waist bow, forehead is prostrate. This truth is ascension, true as love.

334) Confess with language, affirmation with heart, proclamation with deeds, and infringement, this is the perfect faith.

335) I have come with love in ecstasy, I have prostrated the Lord. Shol ascension ars, he! In the name of the right name!

336) He should know this is unawares, not ignorant. In knowledge, man-i kamil.

337) He was a hand, the beautiful messenger, the Messenger came, he invited. We heard and obeyed.

338) He is the chief of knowledge, and my Lord has acted. The earth was sacred to us, each was jottered sacid.

339) Call string love to string! Let him hear us shout. Patience rising from the oppressed, depressing the cruel.

340) The Qur'an must be the soul, the circumcised eye. That is when wisdom becomes promise, Islam becomes face and faith becomes essence.

341) Light is turning pomegranate, light is turning light. Landscapes go by, people choose what they want.

342) O reason! Think and have wisdom! O supply! Good news to you! There's spring, there's bush. O ins! Network the truth! O tree! Leaf palms open, shol prayer crown!

343) My heart remembers, writes a pen, my wound is bleeding. I'm in exile, every bit of love burns with love.

344) I know not to know, ignorance to know. It is the real helicopter that comes from science.

345) Too much plunge deep, ocean called wisdom. Either the world will smell Yunus, or the world will smell Yunus.

346) As long as I've known, I've lost myself, like a drunk. My heart is the love filter, Allah says, the center is the Qur'an guide.

347) The truth appeared to us, to our Lord. Love has taken place in our essence.

348) If you want to be permanent in your hearts, you must always be a hearty buyer.

349) The world was the shortest road that was thought to be long. The days are up, the roses faded. The earth is full of graves.

350) Stupid will be known, abdala will be unknown. Your righteous finds the right, the one with us becomes like us.

351) A smiling face and a sweet word that suits the Mümen. This is the essence of faith. If it is called arrogance, it is the embers.

352) Seeking the imperfection of the informal, leads to ignorance and dalalete. Seeking the imperfection of the soul, consummates wisdom and guidance.

353) Kill me or make me laugh. Rotate with your love, what happens to you. As long as I've known me, I'll say crazy crazy: Give your love Dear!

354) Patience, see! This result is special to you, Allah makes everything the most beautiful.

355) Give me an eye! Öz er, the only love to remember!

356) There is no god but Allah, explaining how beautiful the Messenger of the Qur'an, when he sees Melek-ül Mevt, he says: “Alas!

357) Wherever you are, return to the Lord's path, come! There is no obstacle to the heart of faith.

358) No prayer, no curse, no kalam-i fukara: My Lord! Whoever is asking about me, from the Dervish-Divine, reach it twice.

359) If there is no lawsuit in the name of right, in your heart. The devil and his aides keep applauding.

360) My solution is towards the right, Without Him is dull, my eye does not exist in the world.

361) The mind of the course is diverged from human beings, people become apprentices first. I would say, if he wishes, the master becomes an apprentice at a time.

362) It is a love-smelling rose that does not fall from the tongue. Crying day by day, loyal nightingale. O Masuk! Rose, make my face laugh!

363) Language brings word-i shahada, acts de dem her opposition. This signifies the guilt, guiding the heart not settled.

364) The breath we take is entrusted, the breath we give is grace. What's the moment we have in this life? Get well, Mom!

365) If you know that the person is ignorant, if you do not argue with him, you will be unaware at the end. One happens when two becomes ignorant.

366) Ignorant of the ignorant man.

367) If you ask, everyone knows everything! So where do these gafilane discourses and ignorant actions come from, for God's sake?

368) I cannot burn my profession or assign my self-esteem. I break and destroy mountains and stones; I can't break a heart, never wash my heart.

369) There is no god except you, O creator! Save me, that split!

370) The claim that the Conqueror is the Qur'an.

371) Mothers' prayer will not stay on the road, the father's curse will not prosper.

372) Faith before the purpose of faith. Imaginary faces resemble the moon.

373) Neither this side, nor this side, nor this inn. The target is cihan, nesl-i Quran.

374) O my soul! Don't be afraid of knowing! Don't be afraid of what you don't know! And don't be afraid of not knowing what you know! But fear not knowing that you do not know! They are the most evil people.

375) His poems overlook love, and his verses sadra. Dolphin

376) Mouth is spring, words are ok. When it's out, it's ok, no more!

377) I was thrown into a square, two doors opened to this inn. Humility entered through the gate obedience and taat, arrogance came through the gate of rebellion and shenaat.

378) O my soul! Let me begin my words as nef my soul in. Because you are an emmares, you must be criticized all the time, your right is not praise, it is not even praise.

379) There is nothing in the taste of prostration to you, what will happen to you, Lord, please grace!

380) I opened my hands and fled to Hakk. I need you, esman is my medicine.

381) O my soul! It is a great loss not to advise anyone you can advise. It is a shame to seek advice to those whom you may seek advice from.

382) Those who commemorate their souls in the community with medh ü sena worship their obligatory souls when they are alone.

383) O wisdom! You're the road to Islam. May your heart be filled with faith, whatever your language, as long as you have the right to say.

384) Look, hear the creature is reading it! Surrender, obey the Qur'an! What a nice attitude.

385) Hypocrisy of the hypocrite, emits unpleasant smell. The arrogant snout's nose, he can't see the hungry buckle.

386) We will learn from the Qur'an the lesson of truth, we will tell the truth religion Islam.

387) A man with a big object, a small idea, appeared before me. He said: ş O poet, look at me! I don't believe in fate, no matter what you tell me. ”I said:“ It's your destiny, too. Anlas

388) Rıza-i divine when the lonely purpose, worship becomes each deeds.

389) There is poetry, saints, poetry, bandits. There are poets envy even the saint, poetry there is curse, bandits.

390) I passed by myself. I've chosen love in the greens.

391) Thank you, don't think raw, it's all inspiration from Hakk.

392) In a human being, there is a life, a lifeless, soulless wall. Who is more astray than he who is forgiven for it?

393) What a beautiful detail, embroidered eyebrow on the eye. Tell me! Who is, the nakkas from the face?

394) Do not abandon the fraction, real ingenuity. Being in the Qastar with worship is the real skill.

395) Faith is naked; What a beautiful adornment, this dress is a dream.

396) Means to make the means goal, but to deviate from the target.

397) Think of a person as a sincere, though genuine ami, who alone conquers the realm.

398) He has guided his nation to each Nebi, teaching profession is a prophet.

399) My case is the repair of the heart, the sleeping place is grave.

400) Fear becomes ignorance, the greatest courage of knowledge.

401) There is no second coming to this world. See, everything tells him. Think and think! Wisdom is the language in the transport! Our duty is to give thanks with patience and to Melek-ül Mevt: “Welcome!”.

402) Negative nation zillet, positive nation izzet. A day comes when one understands us.

403) If it is a goal, seeing is a miracle. Look, then see yourself a thousand miracles!

404) If he does not see the forbidden if an eye, not a single word, so he reads his heart, of course, that innocent eye.

405) His right is for confession and praise is for Allah. Why is it informal?

406) Our favorite work is blindly imitated. And our favorite job is to inspire with enthusiasm and pleasure.

407) Profession of humility ink, science does not work with merkep.

408) Do not be deceived, to the mortal world! Leaves you halfway on foot.

409) It is a great waste to stand idle, greed for exquisite exhaustion, enthusiasm to run for God.

410) The Messenger of Allah blesses mercy, believers open hearts roses. Unaware he escapes from guidance, Hutame opens his arms.

411) Embroidery clapping applause, picture shows painter. Wouldn't it be the painter of that wise body and the painter of this artistic face?

412) Haram is a vein of sin, lottery gambling, Muslim stay away!

413) Domination decreases esfel-i safilîne, takes consultation a’lâ-y illiyyîne.

414) Pouty face, frowning eyebrow, as if it gives its own. Come on, friend, don't be Comrade Karun!

415) Those who take their personality from their seats are undoubtedly those who are deprived of character.

416) We fooled into the fancy world, what did we get from that merchant? We cheated, we always remembered him! Here we reached the grave, alone with our deeds.

417) Rabbena! Praise be to thee, I have taken refuge in praise.

418) It is Allah who deserves praise.

419) Muhammad Muhammad Muhammad has made water, Muhammad is going to have a conversation, Muhammad does not have peace in conversation.

420) Language and esfel-i safilîn, language and a’lâ-yı illiyyîn, language and the deep sea appear, with the language you enter the heart, your friend and the enemy with that language.

421) Justice was a pen, lines were filled with wisdom. The wisdom of justice faded, it was the dalalet.

422) I am a work of Sen, love is worse. Yunus wishes you. Please, cemalin show!

423) O heart! What are you tired of?
I listened, and I heard it. I found viruses in style, I needed a format.

424) I do not deny the transgressive sects, nor do I think of them as a separate religion.

425) They said: Who is your reference? I said: Indeed, Allah Azze and Celle, kavla and deeds Muhammad-i Muhammedi, allah Abdullah Ibn Adam.

426) The life of the world ends in an exile, the day comes numbered day. We will die, we will return We will see our Lord.

427) Known instincts, the eyes of the Azrael, the last beats of my heart, vuslata life beats, I run to my Lord, I fly to Ma’buduma.

428) I plunged into the science, I took the hilmi from you. The Messenger, I admire you!

429) Ascension to the Throne of the Throne, Repentance with thousands of languages, prayer, prayer. The descendant of the arch is the mercy, mercy-i serfiraz with infinite wisdom.

430) I do not want the position, my Lord You love. Kabir what a beautiful house that can be watched in heaven.

431) A structure made of spider webs, theirs is a door and a swallow, the apocalyptic pill.

432) O Jonah! You do not put your soul into dust, what a great trump card against the arrogance; embers What a beautiful eye.

433) Be wind, wise es! Not everyone can see us.

434) My soul is always at home, my heart is longing. Staying away from right, torture.

435) You misled and misled, extended ambitions, shortened deeds. You threw yourself into the fire.

436) They said: “O poet! Certainly, you are only a madman. ”I said: Y O Jonah! You're the hand of conversation, the price of love. Let everyone say what they want. ”

437) What an ugly april you call unawares, the human rebellion as it plunges. Islam will be human if you tolerate.

438) Weeping moments on our verses, the trail of the Prophet of Allah lasts friendly. Some people deny us, eventually lose our mark.

439) Bismillah resurrection, prayer resistance and ascension ascension.

440) Humility comes with a drop of water, not humility, but humility befits a person who migrates with a grain of seed. The Lord of the Worlds belongs to Allah and befits Him.

441) To remain silent in the face of persecution is no different than to support the persecution.

442) Just as no wise person can give up the other gold because there are three or five false gold in a sack of gold, neither the other hadiths nor the hadiths can be denied because there are some fabricated hadiths in Islamic value.

443) The brain and hand of the hard-working person; the lazy person works his jaw and tongue.

444) It is the echo of reactions and the nonresponsive reactions.

445) Silence is the biggest offensive.

446) Hüsn-ü zan comes from hüsn-ü iikad.

447) Where there is unlimited freedom, freedom cannot be mentioned.

448) What is the first place, function, function and function of the eye is the place, function, function and function of circumcision in religion.

449) After the rotting of the fruit and the garbage of the apple that went under the ground, from the seed to the soul that saw a fruitful tree was created; How is it that the second creation of the human from the acbüzzeneb seed, rotting flesh and bone under the ground, seems obscure?

450) Consultation is worthy of Muslims, not domination.

451) And say a word so that all words come to life with it.

452) Sufism is to come to love with violations, worship and conversation.

453) Sufism is the moral of Muhammad.

454) Sufism is not to pardon Allah, even for a moment, in the blink of an eye.

455) You ask me about love. Love is that: connect Mecnun and Leyla to Mevlâ. While the heart is laughing in conversation, eyes cry to water the soil.

456) O my soul! If one said to you: ver Give me your two eyes, and the whole world will be yours, hiç he said without hesitation: “No! You say. So those two eyes are worth more than the whole world. You need to be thankful.

457) Ahl-i tariqa with heart; repentance, remembrance goes to Tawwa, Kuddûs'e, Vedûd’a. Ahl-i kalam with reason; with ideas, wisdom goes Alîm’e, Hakîm’e, Hakk’a. Ahl-i truth with heart and mind; He goes to Allah with remembrance and ideas, knowledge and ingenuity.

458) What is supposedly important is not the kemiyet of the word, but the enjoyment of the message.

459) O my soul! Fear not the dark of the day, but the dark of the heart. Because it is the darkness.

460) Let us know that we have no hostility. It's our job to give roses to those who lead us.

461) Is a large tree from an apple core, the people of the Rahim-i Hafîz Zât-ı wastes you under that soil and waste? Think! Denial can be neither your life nor your dream.

462) It is not right to attribute the space in an imitation style to Allah, who encompasses all the worlds with his light. In such a specification, it is spun and skewed. He must immediately give up this charge. However, in order to express Allah's one and only, ungodly and uniqueness, glory and glorious sovereignty, it is said, called and said that Z Zât-ı Akdes is in the favor of all the worlds.

463) O yummy! If: “We saw this from our ancestors.” If there was an excuse for human beings, those who used this discourse would not be criticized in the Qur'an. Human; who reads, researches, learns and produces.

464) It is not an excuse to say that we have seen such an ancestor.

465) Whoever seeks Islam in the Qur'an and the Sunnah, finds the true Islam and confirms it. Whoever searches for Islam elsewhere finds superstitions and suffocates.

466) Unless the potential righteouses have been revolutionized by the righteous righteouses and have been notified of Islam with legend and ahval, the Quran cannot be revived.

467) Reason leads to wisdom, wisdom to direction. Human beings who use the emotions that Allah has bestowed upon them indulge in the angels, and those who cannot use their emotions descend down to animals.

468) For the sake of Allah, no one can say no place and nothing: “I leave as I have found., He tries to leave everything and everything in the best way.

469) Not as you find it, leave it in the most beautiful way!

470) Does not waste small items, does not waste large items at all. And waste of large substances begins with waste of small substances.

471) Waste is not the smallest.

472) Fitrate As Islam is not informal, Islam is not separate from fitr.

473) Islam is a religious religion.

474) O my soul! Yunus bin Metta (a.s) will not blame the soul of the soul of self-search, such as the exquisite hût, the oppression of misery and the sea of ​​light.

475) Man is the most benevolent and perfect guest of the guest house.

476) Man is a guest of the Sultan-i Universal, who is the master of grace and bestowal.

477) Human, because of the virtue and arbitrariness of the inhabitants of the virtuous and powerful authority and order of virtue and mind is equipped with a Murassa is a work, ziyayat is a mirror.

478) Man is a mirror that is manifested in the manifestation of absolute power, perfect and everlasting force, and an endless guinea, together with eternal helplessness, tremendous weakness and unlimited poverty.

479) Man is the most perfect mirror of the melik-i Universal and the adjective-i-kussi of esma-i hüsnas.

480) Those who succeed are not those who make no mistakes, but those who can learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes made by others.

481) Savings; it is the abandonment of every word, every unnecessary and unnecessary work.

482) Do not appoint persons who cannot manage their self. Otherwise, you will participate in the persecution.

483) They said: bulun Give us such advice so that we will not ask you for advice again. ”I said: ed Obey all the commands of the truth! Obey the right and the promises made to the people! ”

484) A good manager knows who he / she will advise with which task. To do this, you need to explore the facts. In other words, this requires a separate ability.

485) Discover, then explore!

486) The main disease is lightness, weakness of faith, and sin germs inflict the heart on the tumor.

487) Sahih Sufism is in the Qur'an and Sunnah. One should stay away from all kinds of promises and actions that will be made to shirk oneself with the thought of mysticism.

488) The guide of the Qur'an and the non-circumcised is undoubtedly the guide of the devil and the soul.

489) Treating everyone equally is not justice but a form of cruelty. Because the right of justice is the division and presentation of trial balance.

490) Where merit is not dominant, flattery shall prevail.

491) The words of Allah's friends are as sharp as a sword, but they are straight as an arrow.

492) The way to be a good speaker is to be a good listener, and to be a good writer is to be a good reader.

493) O yummy! Know that this universe and all creatures are mirrors! He tells you His truth and introduces you to Malik.

494) Alem-i shahadet, all the creatures and zerrat endless languages ​​and the existence and unity of Zât-ı Akdes, signs, signs and martyrs.

495) It is the jihad itself to describe Islam correctly, in a beautiful language, without hurting or hurting people.

496) Praise is the universal set, thank goodness. Thank goodness for all; but thank goodness is not all praise.

497) Praise is the tulip. One wing, thank you, one wing.

498) All creatures are in the mirror, it tells and introduces to us the names of Zât-ı Akdes, which he has mirrored in proportion to the abilities given to him. The most beautiful mirror in the creature is the human being, the most perfect mirror among the people is Muhammad (a.s.m).

499) He is such a God, He is free from all kinds of shortcomings. It is much more beautiful, perfect, sacred, and exalted than any beauty obtained by contemplation.

500) If Arabic were necessary and sufficient to know, all Arabs would be scholars.

501) It is cleansed from the company with monotheism, from faith by blasphemy, from remembrance, from repentance by sins. And the Muslim body must be immaculately clean so that it can be a bright mirror to the name Kuddûs.

502) Arrogance is small, arrogance is reduced. To be arrogant is inferiority.

503) A nation that delivers a certificate of religious theology, a degree in literature and a degree in history; national and spiritual values.

504) The Quran is called Hafiz, Hafiz, and Scholar.

505) There is no Islamic terrorist organization, there are terrorist organizations that use Islam.

506) No ictihad, any fatwa that receives the consent of man instead of Allah's consent to the Center cannot escape from supply and cannot be heavenly.

507) O my soul! Don't look down on people in the position and situation you claim to serve, and don't go overboard! Until the service does not reform the persecution.

508) Those who try to put poem into a certain pattern are doomed to disappear in that pattern.

509) We did not try to experience what we have written, but Allah's grace that we have written.

510) No one can ask for forgiveness from Allah who cannot apologize to people.

511) Kul makes mistakes and apologizes.

512) To aspire to science is to aspire to sleepless nights.

513) They said: “Are you Kurdish, Turkish or Arab?” I said: önce I am a Muslim, then I am a Turk. Both Turkish; but I am not a Turkist. ”

514) No one who has a virus in his / her style cannot and cannot be an administrator.

515) Who could be more cruel than anyone who has been responsible for steering the ship, who have denied the rights of other ship's servants and usurped their rights?

516) We are not talented to the world, but to God. We do not want the town, but the heart.

517) We did not speak to the worlds, but to the pens. Biiznillah pens will speak to the worlds.

518) In the center of the ijtihad, there must be divine consent, not consent human.

519) Criticism and threat reduce motivation as well as discourage work, and even appreciation and congratulations increase motivation by increasing motivation.

520) As needs change, demands change as well as the evangelists of the centuries.

521) To whomever the worshiper surrendered and served, you shall ascend and exalt by worshiping Him. Do not expect meditation from the saint. Medet begs only from Allah and comes from Him alone.

522) All universes and creatures are nothing more than worshipers and witnesses of God's body and welfare.

523) Certainly, circumcision is essential and essential. However, entering the haram under the pretext of ittiba to the Sunnah is not the profit of the human being and the consequence of faith and Islam.

524) O yummy! When it comes to criticizing, you criticize the whole world. When it comes to criticism, you cannot tolerate the criticism of even a single person.

525) Ever since I learned to speak with a pen, I forgot to speak with language. Ever since I learned to talk to Hal, I forgot to talk to Kál. I've forgotten myself since I knew my Lord.

526) Poets are the most beautiful interpreters of the heart and emotions of society.

527) Your being is evidence for the existence of the Creator. The fact that you are still alive in this world with your death is evidence for the continuation and survival of the Creator.

528) The hearing is evidence that the hearing is heard.

529) The sight is proof to the sighter.

530) The biggest theft is to steal someone else's time.

531) Everyone who is persecuted is cruel. Every cruel is low. The lowest of the oppressors is the unaware of their persecution.

532) Every nation that continues to understand the ideas and ideas of scientists after death is condemned to count.

533) Persecution is the opposite of justice. Then everyone who is unjust is cruel.

534) Another believer, who continues to live with the Qur'an, smells of heaven while he is still on earth.

535) Those who do not pay respect to labor and forehead are those who have no share of humanity.

536) Those who can understand are those who can.

537) Unlimited freedom creates chaos.

538) Forgive what happens! You are in mercy! Please, please! You are infinite wisdom. Forgive what happens! It's yours, but you're good!

539) The universe and the creature are in the mirror.

Birdman Father Yunus Kokan

© 2019 Birdman Father Yunus Kokan

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Added on October 6, 2019
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Birdman Father Yunus Kokan
Birdman Father Yunus Kokan

Gaziantep, Güneydoğu Anadolu Bölgesi, Turkey

WHO IS BIRDMAN FATHER YÛNUS KOKAN? He was born in 1986 in Şahinbey, Gaziantep. He had a great interest in reading. He used to read books for most of his time. At a very young age, h.. more..