Lovers & Friends

Lovers & Friends

A Story by Samara_x3

Sandy, Dallas, and Sammie were the best of friends. Each wore a bright color everyday expressing there personality and moods and hung out every weekend. Sandy and Dallas have always had a thing for each other but Sandy always denies it. Sandy had been wearing green the whole week and on the weekend she decided to stay in bed for the day.  So Sammie and Dallas decided to hang out that day.   Sammie and Dallas both ended up wearing red. They had lots of fun and at the end of the day Sammie realized she had feelings for Dallas and decided to tell him.  Dallas told her that he felt the same way.  Sammie knew she had to tell Sandy about this, but Sandy would’ve taken this the wrong way.  Sammie did not want to do anything that would ruin their friendship and Dallas knew that would happen.  Dallas took the chance though and decided to tell Sandy.  Sandy did not take it very well even though she kept denying the fact that she didn’t like him and “wanted him to move on”. 

The next day they all went out to eat.  Sandy was wearing black, Dallas was wearing red, and Sammie was wearing white.  It was very quiet most of the time at dinner.  Sammie thought it was because of the whole situation.  Dallas decided to talk to Sandy again to clear things up with her.  After he did, he called Sammie and told her he just wanted to be friends.  The weekend after Sammie went over Sandy’s house and decided to wear a black shirt.  When she got inside, she noticed that Dallas was already there.  He was wearing white.  Sandy was wearing red.


© 2008 Samara_x3

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ohh dang this sounds familiarrr ;] even though i know whats really going on i got mad confused cause theres like 5483053 different colors. colorfull story ahaha.

Posted 15 Years Ago

BORING!!!! u can do anything if u believe in urself! dont let the mann take you down! BLACK POWER!

Posted 15 Years Ago

the names here got kind of confusing. they all kind of sounded the same and when you use them alot instead of a pronoun (he, she) then it gets confusing. i think this could be fixed if you went through and reworked some sentences to take out some of the names.

i dont totally understand what your colors stand for other than that the people keep switching them around. maybe you could develop what the color means to the person a little more, so that when they switch we see theyve switched more than just a shirt. for instance, im not sure why you chose white, red, amn black at the end...and then why the switch. if you somehow set that up earlier then it might have worked a bit better. i think most of this could be fixed andplayed with...

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2008