A Man

A Man

A Poem by samdrake

This poem describes the epidemic that America is facing. It talks about the male that is being accepted as a man.



You think you're a man
Just cause u got some s**t that swings in your pants
You every day
Lil boys out there
Pretending and playin
Sleeping with women
Who are really just w****s
Wearing baggy clothes
Makin babies
While all along you’re children yourselves
Scared to be what a real man is
Too scared to protect their women
And too trifling to feed their seed
What they need to do
Is gather up all of the so called men
Standing on the corners
Wearing a man’s face
Snatch them up and school em'
Cause somewhere along the line
Some fool pretending to be a man
Fooled em'
Into thinking that false image
Was what a real man is
F**k it get rid of em
The world is better without em
I know you know what I mean
Because a boy pretending to be man
Ain’t worth a damn thing

© 2008 samdrake

Author's Note

It's ok to disagree with what is being said. I only ask that you consider the words being spoken. Is it you to whom I speak. If your actions fit this poem then consider making a change. If you know someone like the man in this poem having a talk with them. Nothing changes unles at first you take action.

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I kinda of understand what you are talking about a boy pretending to be a man. Yes, I agree with take them off the corners and teach them what it is to be a man. A man is more than a mustache and a third leg( if you know what I mean). this little poem is straight foward , so to me that is good. There is a whole lots of boys (men) like this, and we do need them to have the courage and education on how to be a man. I liked it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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