I Still Made It

I Still Made It

A Poem by samdrake

This poem was written to describe the woman I've become without the support of my father.



I’m hurting inside
Cause I just had to swallow my pride
I had to bow down and apologize
But I wasn’t wrong you see
That man fucked me
But I talked to him raw
Like he wasn’t my paw
He is my father u know
But for me no love he shows
He talks to me like I ain’t s**t
And I just can’t take it
I was tired of backing down
After all it’s not like I’m scared
I wanted to snatch off his head
But that s**t just ain’t right
And I shouldn’t want to fight
The man that helped produce me
But from that point on he’s been of no use to me
He ain’t ever encourage me
To become the beautiful woman
I’ve grown up to me
He doesn’t even acknowledge the things I’ve done
Only the money I’ve won
And then that’s only because he wants a taste
Because after all
That’s his nose on my face
But he didn’t help me get here
And when I fell down
He didn’t help me get back
Man he ain’t my father
He don’t even feel like he my dad
I would understand his actions better if he was on drugs
Because then I could say
That’s why he don’t show no love
But he ain’t on drugs
In fact he barely drinks
So what then should I think
Cause after all I’m his seed
Yeah I made sure
I asked my mother
Are u sure he’s my daddy
Because he act like he ain’t help you have me
And she said
Baby he’s your father
So now I’m thinking to myself
Why doesn’t he bother
Dealing with me
I’m a brilliant woman
Smart, strong, beautiful, and independent
I don’t need his money
After all it’s not like if he had it
He’d give it to me anyway
I just need him to acknowledge
That I did well
And in spite of his lack of efforts
I succeeded without him

© 2008 samdrake

Author's Note

If you like my work and would like to read even more poetry and/or articles please visit my website at www.thoughtfulexpressions.net

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I enjoyed this poem I've been there im not close to my dad but we're working on it. Peace & Blessing

Posted 6 Years Ago

Lovely poem. I can relate, and I'm sure so many people out there can relate as well...
It sucks not having a supportive father in your life. But making the best of a bad situstion is the name of this game that we call life! You articulated your point very clearly, and it was a very nice write. Can't wait to read more of your work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on June 17, 2008



Houston, TX

I am a 24 year old student, mother, lover, friend, and counselor. I enjoy reading and recently I have revisited a passion from my youth. I have been writing "seriously" for about 6 months and I have.. more..

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