What does like this to my life?

What does like this to my life?

A Poem by Akki

This poem based on my real experience. I don't that how many succed that experience to wite as poem.


Ting, ting, ting….ting ting…
I hear that sound & I ran,
everyone thinks what the hell.
It was a noise of our school bell,
everyone ran to the class with the incomplete plan.

I hear another sound,
that was either nothing found.
Someone called me by my Name,
I look that person & think how she know my Name.

I go to close her,
I never see before to her there.
She asked me isn’t you that I found one,
I replied No, I think you find wrong someone.

She laugh & said, I never make mistakes,
you are absolutely that person that I looking for.
I was surprised to see her confidence,
she was standing on his stakes,
Yes, you right I am those who are you looking for.

She raises her hand in the front of me,
I know everything now when I see.
My I-card is her hand,
which down in the sand.

I said, thank you! Oh, my angle,
you saved me for mighty Dyane.
She laugh so much & said welcome,
She laughs like Kohinoor touch & I think don’t be I will always come.

From that day we make friends,
I think, that could never end.
But, somehow it no gets longer,
It breaks for forever.

She needs my help that time,
because she lost her book in the home,
she was so scared that teacher scolded her first time,
she comes to me for help to do some.

I give to her my book,
someone is there who haven’t looked.
That someone lay on the fire between us,
and she fights me & get back to my book,
She said me, Don’t show your face to me you crook.

That time I was quiet & don’t say anything,
how I tell her she was the only thing,
that I care.
I don’t make mistake that time,
It was really bad time.

After that, we never talk each other,
and also don’t talk in further.

But, one thing was still inside in my life,

What does like this to my life.

© 2016 Akki

Author's Note

I don't know hows it. Tell me that succeed to express that movement as a poem because you better know than me.

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akki just some translation mistakes leaving them great words i liked it

now i have read all your works happy now
thankyoufor sharing your writings withme akshay

your frnd

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Lol z
Yes itna gussa uff

5 Years Ago

it was not gussa it was sabut
aapki dost

2 Years Ago

ha ha ha... I just read my own pieces and think to delete them... How you read them? It's worst...
I agree with Riddhi, it definitely has a nice idea, but the execution is a little harsh between the translation. Just little rough patches that makes reading it a little more jagged then smooth.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

I thinks so... I agreed with both of you. I will improve my wrting as I can. Thanks for your honest .. read more
I really liked it....and i liked the main idea and how you carved your thoughts.....

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

It's my turn now to say, thank you. lol zzz
Thank you so much Riddhi!
I personally don.. read more

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Last Updated on January 11, 2016
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