I'm a B.O.S.S.!!

I'm a B.O.S.S.!!

A Poem by Sammie Thor Camp

I'm kinda fucked up right now. ;)

I'm a mthafuckin' boss!!
Cause I ain't got no loss.
F****n' b*****s everyday,
stayin' loose,
gettin' laid.
All my hoes gettin' paid.
Business is good,
as we keep it in the hood.
My homies keep me amused,
as the herd is what we use.
I'm osrry,
but I refuse,
to let the law choose...
for me.
You see?
I'm M.C. Sammie C.
I do me,
as long as you let me be.
I'm feelin' free.
I'm feelin' high.
Don't kill my vibe.
I won't let that slide.
I'll drag you for a ride.
Show you what it's like,
to get on my bad side.
Don't try to hide,
cause I'll find you,
and make you life,
darker then black lights.
I'm in it for the game!
Y'all better know my name,
once I'm in the limelight,
and bigger then that fame.
I shake my head in shame,
cause your girls' got it lame.
What's the highest of their pay?
Mine get paid by the day,
not just the hours.
Oh you wanna hustle that green?
Any of my special weed?
You don't got enough for your need.
I get the riches,
with all my b*****s.
F**k with them,
you'll be needin' stitches.
You muthefuckin' snitches.
I'm the f****n' player.
But don't be a hater,
just cause I'm gayer,
and I get the goods sooner,
rather than later.
I'm 'bout to bounce,
cause I got more then an once.
Haha!! I'mma say deuces.
cause you b*****s be useless.
Nothin' but a nuisance.
Nowhere near ruthless,
just slightly toothless.
I gotta girl waitin' to f**k.
So I'm out.
Now shut the f**k up...

© 2013 Sammie Thor Camp

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Added on May 12, 2013
Last Updated on May 12, 2013


Sammie Thor Camp
Sammie Thor Camp

Upland, CA

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