Sent To The Wrong Printer.

Sent To The Wrong Printer.

A Story by jackie

this story is about a woman who has so many problems with herself.Her and a co-worker ran copies of their private parts and sent the wrong copies to the wrong people.



    Sent To The Wrong Printer


She was a wonderful liar sylvia woke up this morning feeling a little uneasy and at odds with herself about her argument with one of her co-workers.She starts to scretch and yawn, she throws back the  covers on her bed so that she can get out of the bed to start her day. She goes over to the windows and draws back the3 shades to let the sun shine through.She goes into the bathroom and turns on the faucets to prepare for her to get in the shower.Once out she commences to get dressed for work,afterwards,she goes to the kitchen turns on the coffee maker and puts 1 cup of coffee grains in the filter and puts the filter deown in the coffee bin and then she presses the start button.


As the coffee is making she finishes her routine to get herself ready for work. She takes out her makeup case so she can apply her makeupin her face mirror. She starts to smell the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen.Her phone rings right as she pours herself a cup of coffee. She answers,"Hello,May i help you?" The voice on the other side of the phone replys,"Yes,May i speak to Sylvia Brown". She replys,"Yes,this is she." The voice on the otherside of the phone replys,"Yes,good morningMrs. Brown,How are you?" She replys,"I'm doing just fine this sunny morning.How may I help you sir?" He replys," My name is Curtis Davenport,I'm one of your co-workers."

She replys,"Ok,how may i help you,Mr. Davenport?"  He replys,"Yesterday,While in the copy room you copied some very personal papers am I correct?" She replys,"Hold on let me check my briefcase." As she laid the phone down she ran to her room to get her briefcase, She brought it back to the livingroom and immediately opened it.She started rambling through her papers frantically trying to find the papers she was looking for.So she could kindly tell this man to f>>h off.

But to her disappointment she couldn't find the papers.She started feeling sick to the stomach her headstarted spinning and she fainted,when she came too she saw the phone off the hook.She picked up the phone and repied,"Hello, are you still there Mr. Davenport?"

He replied,"Yes, I am, did you find the papers?" She replied,"No, i need thjose papers, I sent the wrong one's to the printer" Mr. Davenport replied,"I kinda fiqured that to my amazement I open the package to your lower extremities in all your glory starring baqck at me," MS. Brown, would you please be careful of the items you print off."

Sylvia went into shock then replied,"Sir,I am very sorry me and another co-worker was having some fun on our 15 min.break, the papers got mixed up with the ones I was suppose to be printing off." I'll accept my punishment for this mess." Mr. Davenport replied,"Oh no,I won't  write you up, its just a one-time incident. So, I'll let it slide with a warning." Sylvia replys,"THank you, Sir it'll never happen again.

© 2013 jackie

Author's Note

what do you t hink of the dialogue? or the oveall story?

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Added on July 24, 2013
Last Updated on July 24, 2013
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