Mystery Cookie

Mystery Cookie

A Story by jackie

This story is about a woman who keeps coming to work to find a cookie always on her desk. She is curious as to who is doing that.





                          Mystery Cookie



   As she walks into the Government Building.She glances over on her right and who should she see.Her crush, seems ironic thagt life could just deal a wonderful hand as fine as that man is,Darla thoguht to herself, Oh well let me get my desk situated. Mr.Gellar her boss replied,"Darla, when you get yourself organized and items put away I'll need you to come into my office and talk a memo. Darla replied," Yes,sir, I just came in when i get myself organized I'll be right in sir.


Mr., Gellar replied,"ok,just don't take too long,I'll need that memo faxed asap." Darla rerplied,"ok,give me about 10.mins. and I'll be right in sir."

 Mr.Gellar replied,"Good, see you in 10 mns. as darla put away her purse and keys. She turned on her computer so it ccould load.


She then commenced to grab her memo pad and one of her thousands of p4ens. When one of her co-workers replied,"Good morning Darla,How's it going this bright and wonderful morning."Darla spun around and caught her co-worker looking around on her desk like she's looking for something. Darla suddenly replied,"I'm doing good, and yourself," also why were you looking around on my desk, nothing on my desk belongs to you.


Her co-worker replied,"Oh, i wqs admiring your paper magi," its truly remarkable." Darla replied,"Why, thank you , you know jean I'm still puzzled about who was leaving those cookies on my desk." Jean replied," its probably a secret admirer." Darla replied," yeah,maybe I have got to get to the bottom of it. anyways its over 10 mins.I need to go to Mr. Gellar's office and take a memo, see you in a couple minutes.


Jean replied,"Ok, I'll go over here to my meager desk and see if I could pretty it up some." Darla replied," Let's see if this secret admirer leaves one today. After Darla finshes heer memo, she returns to her desk. So she could prepare the memo to be faxed. When she got to her desk, She immediately saw a gift for her, And it seems to havce a note with it. Darla commences to open the box and to her amazement, it had a note inside of it also for her to read.


Dear Darla, 


                     I know you don't know me all that well.But I've been admiring you a longtime. How about if we go out to dinner Saturday night about8:30 p.m. Don't hurt my feelings and turn me down." Please!!








Darla finally got that man's attentiopn, she can sigh a sign of relief now.She decided to go on the dinner date to get to know him better.

© 2013 jackie

Author's Note

what do you think of my dialogue.

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There are to many mistakes in this for me to read it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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