The Grouch

The Grouch

A Story by jackie

about the longing of a garndfather and too stubborn to admit it.


 The entrance to the kitchen was b;ocked by a lot of debri. Grandpa's home was starting to look a lot like a hoarders.He has magazines,books,and just about some of everything. My grandpa is so annoying At times,and I say that because he is such a grouch.Maybe he's lonely, maybe he's just mean because on one doesn't come Around to visit him tro often except my mom does. She  checks on him daily ,runs errands for him and sometimes cooks his dinner.She also hangs around to an watch Tv with him. I think he likes knowing that he has my mom and us giong aroiund to visit him.Who know maybe one day he will admit that he's glad we come around to visit.


 I just realized something maybe he's just afraid to show any emtions.WOW!! that was a  mind blower.Sometimes grandpa's actions and the things he does truly amazes me.He just sits ubn his favorite chair that no one else is Allowed to sit in. And grouch about things, an some days he's just really tired and sleeps a lot.I guess that happens a lot when you're 78 yrs.old.e I', just 14 yrs.old I can only do so much.I need my leisure time and leisure activities. My mom is trying to recruit some family members to help out with him.


See grandpa Jones has frist stage alzhemier disease. So, somedays he doesn't even recognize us and those days are the hardest. Maybe, that's why he has a hard time showing his emotions.Oh well, Another lousy day for me amnd my mom.By the way my name is lizzie shport for Elizabeth.I lovce my namer it is so dignified like Queen Elizabeth.

 My mom taught me to say my prayers every morning to start the day.So, I'll end this with a Quote " God so loved his world he gave his only begotten son."

© 2014 jackie

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Added on April 3, 2014
Last Updated on April 3, 2014
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