The Scam

The Scam

A Story by jackie

its about two frineds that are into scaming people for a living.they steal poriceless art.



A knock came at the door, just as i was giong into the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks,heart actually skipped a besat. I laid my coffee mug down on thetable,headed towards thew door.Once, I got there I looked through the peep hole. I laid my hand sovftly across my chest and sighed a little, it was the man i met in trhe Mall two days ago.He came, I patted my hair, checked my makeup everything looked wonderful.

I opened the door wigth a surprised looked on my face. Trevor replied,"Wow!!, you look fantastic."" I see you've made it?" Trevor replied," yes, I am at the right addresse aren't I?" I replied," yes,you are come on in, "Would you like something to drink?" Trevor replied,"What have you got?" " I have coffee ior a  mild wine, take your pick."

Wait I also have some orange juice."

 Trevor contemplated a moment thewn he replied," OJ, will be just fine." "OJ it is." There you go.

Let me get my purse and we can go look at this art piece that you're selling. It is a Michangelo isn't it?"Trevor replied,"Oh yes, you can chek it out yourself", you don't trust me to deliver a genuine?"" Oh no, don't get me wrong, I saw on the news that its a art dealer scamming people out of their money."

 Trevor replied,"On wow!,didi they show the face or the facesof tghesee perpetrators?" " no,the news anchor told people to look out for art dealers scams giong on. " Trevor looked kind of unfamiliar when she left the kitchen to go get her purse and shawl, he cracked a devious smile. He got up from the table to peep and see where she is at.

He spotted her lingering around in the living room looking for something. When he heard her say Eureka!! I k new she had found whar she was looking for.

 Trevorf replied," Find what you were lookoing for ?" Yes,thought I misplaced my car and house keys. As they drive along , listening to the radio and barely talking. They fpound their destination.The art dealer was waiting for them, even he didn't know trevor had picked the lock last night and stole the Original Michangelo painting. He replaced it with a fake. Dara had no idea trhat she was buying a fake. Oh, yes the art dealer at the gallery was iin on the scam. So, dara was a victim of a money-making sche me and a very ,very expensive one.


© 2015 jackie

Author's Note

what do you think of the dialogue.

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Added on February 7, 2015
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