Look are Deceiving

Look are Deceiving

A Story by jackie

Sometimes in life we have our dejavu moments ,this is one of them.


 Today is my first day at school I'm starting my freshman term at Northwestern University, my major will be Engineering. So, far I don't have a roommate yet or either she just haven't showed up yet. Most of the kids I c an tell the freshman from the sophomores and senoirs. The freshmans look like I did scared and terrified out first time away from home and on our own. Boy! I wiash I was back at home being my parents little girl again.Let's see, I'll take left side of the room.Basically, cause it has a desk I like. My roommate which i know I will end up having, will just have to take the left side of the room.

Just as my hopes were gigh, that I might not have a roommate for a while. I hear that sad love song. Hello, I'm you're new roommate my name is Melody Hughes. God forbid that I really have to turn around and meet and greet. I rolled my eyes aand put on my happy face. " Hi, I'm Erica Munford, take it this is your first year here to?" Melody replied," yes, this musgt be my side of the room?" Erica repleid," Yes, right by the window, I hate sleeping by the window.Melody replied," This is Ok?"

After about 3 weeks into our first semester property of mine started disappearing. When i asked my roommate if she had seen my curling iron, spritz, or some of my  makeup. She claimed she didn't know.But I knew better. So, one day when she went to the cafeteria. I doublebacked to the room to check her belongings and see if she has the items.

While giong through her belongings I ran across mhy makeup and then here's the kicker, She walks back into the room and c aught me which i didn't care.She yells, Erica why are you in my things. Erica replies,"Toghut yoiu didn't k now where my property was?" Why didi I find it in yiur chester?" Melody replied," I'm the one in control here you're just an insect that hides behing her little humdrum lifestyle.Ericca replied," Oh yeah, where is my other items or I will kick your a*s. Melody replied," you, an what army?"

Erica pu up two fists and replied," Me and these two armies, so erica commenced to punch her in gthe face anf the brawl begins. They tangle up trying to pull eachothers hair out.Erica kicks Melody in the stomach and Melody falls to her knees grasping her stomach.Once eric a got her in the position erica came up behoind her and put her in a choke hold an choked the truth out of her.

© 2015 jackie

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what do you think of the dialogue.

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Added on February 7, 2015
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