A Poem by Sarah Wolf



I went for a walk in falls embrace

I heard the crys of the leaves as I crushed the bodies of their dead friends

I saw the children running in fields happy as could be

Lucky children, they are Innocent not by nature but by the fact they do not yet know the horrors of this world beyond campfire stories and movies

Oh how I lust after a return to my childhood where my greatest worry was getting up early and staying up late

How I mourne my long dead innocence

I wish I was never brought into this wretched ripe age of logic and politics

I want to be discounted for my imaginary friends because atleast then I had friends

I want to forget all I know of men and rekindle my love of novels

I want to be free…

© 2014 Sarah Wolf

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Added on May 8, 2014
Last Updated on May 8, 2014


Sarah Wolf
Sarah Wolf

i am everywhere, but nowhere all at once

hi. im sarah. which is irrelevant and probably agitating considering you are obviously well aware of it. im 13. i like to write. i dont have many friends at all. i really like the color indigo. i live.. more..