A Poem by Sara Elyse Abrams

You pull your gun out,

But I just stood there in fear,

You pull the trigger,

And the bullet hit my bare skin,

I fall to the ground,

And I clutch my chest in pain,

As I bleed out on the floor,

You shoot again,

I wince at the feeling,

Of another bullet hitting me chest,

But I do not dare say anything,

For if I do,

I am apparently to sensitive,

Can not take a joke,

A cry baby,

So I silently bleed out on the cold,

Hard ground,

And as I realize that this is the end,

I realize the reason you won't pay attention to my lifeless body,

Because you never realized that you pulled the trigger,

You never realized that you killed me,


And over again.   

© 2020 Sara Elyse Abrams

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Ah, the cruelties of life. I believe I understand the message, and the constant internal strife relating to those around us. If this is not it please correct me but I certainly find the wording engaging. I look forward to more works. Keep writing my friend!

Posted 11 Months Ago

Sara Elyse Abrams

11 Months Ago

Thanks for liking my writing.
You are spot on with the meaning. It was about this thing that.. read more
Midnight Baron ⚜️

11 Months Ago

That is certainly one way to cope. just remember that in the darkness there is always a light. It is.. read more

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Added on November 18, 2020
Last Updated on November 20, 2020


Sara Elyse Abrams
Sara Elyse Abrams


If you want to know who I truly am, read my writing. I promise you that "there's truth in every word I write" -Alessia Cara more..