Children of the Rainbow Coven

Children of the Rainbow Coven

A Story by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Lucy Potter & Co

Children of the Rainbow Coven
D.T. A. Daly
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Lucy Potter's Hogwarts House
Lucy sat on the chair, waved at her daughter Jenny, who was next to go, and smiled at those gathered. An honorary house for the cousin of Harry Potter. What an honour. Of course, it would be Gryffindor. What other house could it possibly be. Harry was Gryffindor. Hermione was Gryffindor. Ron was Gryffindor. Everything revolved around the glory of Gryffindor.
The hat was put on, and started munching away on her thoughts, and grumbled.
'Mmm. Keen mind. Like its cousin. Intelligent. Perhaps too intelligent. And oh so very moral. Religious, even. Very strict. Assumes Gryffindor. Assumes it as clear as the day is light and the night is dark. Assumes it so very, very much. But, no. I think not. That would be far, far too easy.'
Lucy was shocked, and Jenny looked alarmed.
'No. This one has a different destiny. This one belongs in - House Hufflepuff.'
The hufflepuff house cheered, and as Lucy stood, and with a puzzled yet apologetic look to her daughter Jenny, made her way, instead of over to house Gryffindor, to the very happy looking Hufflepuff students. She had found her new home
Jenny, approaching the seat, stared at the house. 'Are you sure you know what you are doing?' she asked it.
'Young lady. I have been sorting out students into their houses since Merlin was a lad. Well, almost. Sit, sit. We will soon see what we make of you.'
Jenny, reluctantly, sat, and the hat concentrated.
'Mmmm. As smart as her mother. Quite. And oh so noble of heart. Yet gentle, too gentle it would seem for her natural house. Too quiet. No, like her mother. 'House Hufflepuff.'
'Figures,' said Jenny, and went over to sit next to her mother.
'Perfect,' said Lucy, holding her daughter.
'Does the valiant man who so nobly spoke with our Centaur wish to partake?' queried Dumbledore.
Daniel, sitting nervously next to his wife Lucy, said nothing initially. 'Oh. You know. I am just here as a guest.'
'Nonsense,' said Dumbledore. 'Like Lucy let us grace you with an honorary house. It is the least we can do after your kind act of generosity in saving Hogwarts.'
'Oh. Ok,' said Daniel. He came forward, sat, and the Hat started its cogitations.
'It was quite for a few moments and, finally. 'Well, laddy oh. You do have your own style, I admit. And try as you might, with all that fire in the belly, you just don't fit in Slytherin. A softer side. But your no hero, despite what your vanity might assume, and you would find Hufflepuff far to easy for your intellect. 'HOUSE RAVENCLAW.'
Daniel nodded, came over and sat next to Lucy, who quickly put her hand in his. A choice had been made, though. They were NOT completely alike. He was in another house. In Ravenclaw.
The End
Jenny Potter and Harry Potter's Secret Acquisition
'Harry!' exclaimed Jenny, looking up from her magic tome. 'A Gryffindor shouldn't be in here though.' Jenny was in the Hufflepuff dorm rooms, studying magic.
'They made a special exception,' said Harry. 'I wanted to come and congratulate you for being accepted into Hogwarts. I know I wrote, and that I've been terribly busy with Ginny, but it was time to come and say well done.'
'Thank you dear cousin,' said Jenny, and smiled at him.
'Anyway, me and Jenny are off to Luna Lovegood's soon. We have a secret acquisition we want to look into.'
'What gives?' asked the young Jenny curiously.
Harry came close and whispered in her ear. 'Luna has snaffled a copy of house Slytherin's secret board game 'The Curse of Slytherin'. It's a big board, and there's a massive rule book, with a deck of 300 question and challenge cards. It looks like awesome fun.'
'I'm jealous already,' said Jenny. 'But how was it obtained?' she asked.
'You are such a Hufflepuff, aren't you,' replied Harry. 'Always questioning witches morals. We're not exactly the most moral of people at times.'
'But don't you teach magical ethics?' replied Jenny. 'In New York?'
'Well, blame Luna,' said Harry. 'Anyway, I only have a few minutes here. They don't want me snooping around. So well done Jenny,' said Harry Potter and gave his cousin a hug. 'I'm sure we'll meet up again for an adventure soon enough.'
'I hope so,' replied Jenny Potter. 'I do hope so.'
The End
Harry Potter and the Curse of Slytherin
They were at Luna's place. And it was quiet. Dark grey clouds pervaded the sky, and rain was spluttery, but not fullborn yet.
'You know,' said Harry. 'The best thing about the Curse of Slytherin, is that you never really know what to expect.'
'For example,' said Ginny. 'Luna. You know the well in the back yard. You better not drink its water after midnight tonight and before dawn. You'll wander the world if you do.'
'Very funny,' replied Luna Lovegood. 'I am perfectly aware of the proper and good health of our drinking water. Father is quite adamant we have fresh and clean liquid to cleanse our bodies. I'm not falling for that one.'
Harry looked down at the gameboard. 50 by 50 grid. His avatar was on grid 27. Luna's was on grid 36 and Ginny's on grid 37. He was losing.
He thought a wicked thought. 'I'll cast a forget spell on her, so she forgets how to play the game properly.' 'I'll just be in the other room,' said Harry, and departed, but from the corner of the room he pointed his wand at Luna, and cast the spell. She seemed dazed for a moment, but came back to herself. She looked at Ginny.
'My, Ginny Weasley. Whatever brings you to my fair abode? Is Harry with you?'
Ginny looked confused. 'You've had something funny to drink, haven't you Luna. Probably in this fowl buttermilk concoction of Ron's. He swore to me its fine. I thought it tasted funny, but he's probably done something to it.'
'Oh, you are a card,' said Luna.
Harry came back in the room with a glass of water. 'Just need a fresh drink,' said Harry. Luna looked at the water and nodded.
It was hot that summer, and Luna came downstairs after midnight, and went to the tap. 'Ooh, maybe some fresh well water,' she thought to herself, and went outside. She drew up the pail, and drank from the bucket. And she sat down on a bench, and went asleep very quickly. In the morning, it was the sun rising, and she only had her nightgown and slippers on, but she was in a haze, and looked at the sun, and started walking the fields towards it, but then turned northwards. There was a haze in her mind, a dream like state, and she wandered and wandered and wandered.
'Where has she gotten to?' Asked Harry.
'You know Luna. She comes and goes with the wind,' said Ginny. So they put their game on pause, and spent the day reading magic books of the Lovegoods, waiting upon the return of the absent Luna Lovegood.
The End
Luna Lovegood and the Splendid Unicorn
She had wandered. Far from home, and was in the Scottish Highlands, a mysterious haze on her mind. A dream like state she came in and out of, as she wandered, drinking water, eating lillies, and wandering northwards. It was in the Highlands, when she passed a protective magic stone, and entered a forbidden forest, that she came to a deep and enchanted spring of water. And then she gazed at the beast.
A Splendid Unicorn
'You're beautiful,' said Luna Lovegood to the Unicorn.
'Thank You,' replied the Unicorn. It spoke to her mind, her dream-state mind, and communicated in the language of the mysterious haze she was in.
'I have called you here,' said the Unicorn. 'I was once ridden by a wizard, who was Ravenclaw. And word had come to him of the new generations from Hogwarts, and you were spoken of as beauty, elegance and propriety. A symmetric and harmonic balance of the forces of magic found in you, they all had said.
'Thank you, kind unicorn,' said Luna.
The beautiful white unicorn came over to her, and brushed her side with his horn, and said 'You are truly beautiful. I have now seen you.' And he kneeled, and said 'Get on.'
She mounted the steed, and he took off, like the wind, prancing through the forbidden forest.
Sparrows chirped and owls hooted, and they rode past a centaur with its young, and came to a beautiful waterfall. The Unicorn, kneeled, and Luna dismounted.
'In the cave, inside the waterfall, you will find what you came for,' said the Unicorn.
Luna looked at the water, and waded into the pond, came through the waterfall, and into the grotto. It was alive with beautiful flowers and there, in the heart of the grotto, she spied a marble table. And she came close, and on the table was a piece of fruit, almost as if it had been set aside for her. A voice spoke to her heart, 'Eat the Fruit'.
And she picked up the fruit, and looked at it with delight. It seemed as if all the wisdom of magic was therein, and she was sorely tempted. But then she noticed piercing eyes looking at her, and she focused, and it was a serpent.
'Won't you eat the fruit,' it said in a slytherin voice.
She put the fruit down then, and retreated the way she came, and the unicorn looked at her and snorted, and suddenly it lost its guise, and was a fowl dragon, who breathed fire at her, but let her be.
And so she wandered again, and left the forest, and travelled south, and came home.
She came inside, and Harry and Ginny were arguing.
'Oh, there you are,' said Ginny. 'Gosh. It's been weeks. We were going to send out a search party looking for you.'
'Remember,' said Harry. 'We've been playing the curse of Slytherin. You didn't fall for the trick question of Ginny's did you? If you did you would have wandered far and long under Slytherin's curse.'
Suddenly Luna came back to herself. 'Don't be silly Harry Potter. I was just getting my hair done by the Priestesses of Avalon. The cue was enormous, believe me.'
And Luna was quite sure they did believe her. Quite sure.
The End

© 2016 Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

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Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

My full name is Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. I was born in Kingston upon Hull in England on the 20th of November 1972. My fathers name is Cyril Aloysius Daly (1922 - 2007), and my mothers name is Mary .. more..