Pasta Is God. *A God

Pasta Is God. *A God

A Chapter by Ai Ri

(8:33 PM) I'm making pasta cuz f**k nutrition
(8:34 PM) hey man pasta is delicious 
(8:34 PM) who needs nutrition when you have the savory goodness that is the Italian starch cuisine?
(8:35 PM) but really tho. Like pasta is god
(8:36 PM) a god* 
(8:36 PM) since I'm assuming you believe in more than one from our previous 
(8:37 PM) conversations
(8:38 PM) well yea but its not a big thing
(8:39 AM) so are you one of those people who says they believe in greek gods or whatever bc they're Cool™
(8:40 PM) really or are you being sarcastic again
(8:41 PM) I'll leave that one to the imagination
(8:41 PM) you are being sarcastic again 
(8:41 PM) fine no pasta for you
(8:42 PM) good thing I can cook for myself and don't need a 50yo pedo to mother me
(8:43 PM) IM NOT A PEDO COME ON!! 😭'😫
(8:44 PM) you're also not one to ever take a joke, I see (8:44 PM) it's called a running gag (8:45 PM or in this day an age, I guess you could call it an inside joke
(9:01 PM) sorry for being literal at times 
(9:01 PM) who calls an inside joke a running gag anymore?? What year are you from?????
(9:05 PM) 1805 BC 
(9:05 PM) and only the young'uns call them inside jokes, you know 
(9:06 PM) the older adults still say 'running gag' 
(9:06 PM) and personally I think it's more fun to say that 'insider'
(9:07 PM ) bro you really are ancient haaa
(9:08 PM) older than a 50 yo pedo that's for sure 
(9:08 PM) I'm practically dazzling in the sunlight

(9:10 PM) What are you a sparkling vampire??

(9:12 PM) I've been told I'm pale enough to be
(9:12 PM) The undersides of my arms are so white they reflect sunlight
(9:13 PM) maybe this is why you are an a*s, you need more vitamin D
(9:16 PM) I'm an a*s for quite a number of reasons 
(9:16 PM) none of which are the business of a 50yo pedo imo 
(9:17 PM) and I get plenty of vitamin D from milk
(9:25 PM) ok okay 
(9:25 PM) 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝
(9:26 PM) How's that super-late-dinner pasta taste
(9:30 PM) it was amazing thank you very much
(9:32 PM) did you eat all of it in the span of 5 minutes
(9:33 PM) no, I didn't. My cat ate some though
(9:34 PM) well idk bout you but I'm pretty sure cats can't eat pasta
(9:34 PM) Probably not
(9:35 PM) I looked it up and apparently it's fine 
(9:35 PM) crisis avoided everybody 
(9:36 PM) cancel that presidential meeting
(9:36 PM) a world crisis has been averted
(9:36 PM) this just in on fox at 9: Cats Can Eat Pasta
(11:01 PM) You know what, I really need to thank you for all the sass that you give me.   
(11:03 PM) it's what I do  

© 2016 Ai Ri

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Added on August 16, 2016
Last Updated on August 17, 2016


Ai Ri
Ai Ri


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