The Second Fight - Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shoyo

The Second Fight - Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shoyo

A Story by Ai Ri

Kageyama and Hinata get into a second fight when Hinata sees a bruise on Kageyama under his shirt.


Tobio felt lighter than air. He'd been able to sleep peacefully when he and Hinata returned from their bathroom adventure, thankful to find the one between Fukurodani and Shinzen quiet and devoid of high schoolers in compromising positions. He found himself seeking closer proximity to the ginger in sleep, the discovery upon waking leaving him with a mix of warm and windy emotions. They left him as breathless as if he'd spent the entire night practicing diving receives.

Speaking of diving receives, he and his teammates had just finished a penalty lap after losing their match to Nekoma when the final whistle blew, signaling that the practice matches were over. The ravenet felt a grin smear itself on his face as he wiped away sweat, knowing that now they were allowed to do free practice. He took the towel that Yachi offered him, giving her a polite 'thank you.'

"Hey Hinata!" He called over to the ginger, turning his head so his eyes could lock on to his spiker a little ways away. "You're still fine, right? Let's practice the falling quick." 

The ginger perked up, practically choking on his water to give the ravenet a positive affirmation. He grabbed Yachi, dragging her along so she could toss balls for them again, not that she had much complaint. Practice went along perfectly, Tobio syncing up with Hinata much better than in the practice matches, his tosses stopping in midair right where he wanted them to. They kept going until everyone else had filtered out in favor of food and baths, leaving the three of them in the gymnasium alone. He got sucked into the practice, grin strapped to his face and mind blatantly ignorant of the aches of his torso. Another successful combo, he and his spiker both fist-pumping the air with cheer, and Yachi smiling wide and bright.

"Yachi! Yachi! Send us another one!" Hinata chirped, bouncing in place as the smaller blonde reached into the bin for another ball.

"Yes, sir!" She chirped back, tossing another ball high for Kageyama to toss.

Tobio watched with a sharp focus as the ball was sent into the air, readying his body to jump up to meet it for a more powerful jump-toss. 
He got too into it, his shirt that was tucked into his shorts coming undone and flowing freely when he jumped. He received it with an almost perfect finger-tip bed. When sport leather hit his fingers, he just knew it was going to be a good toss. A flick of his wrists familiarly ingrained in his muscles sent the ball off again. It flew on its predestined route, the rotation cutting itself off at just the highest impact point, allowing the spiker to hit it anywhere he chose.

Hinata stared at the ball Yachi sent up with hungry eyes, watching as it traveled through the air and made its way to Kageyama. The ginger started his run, reaching the net as his knees bent, arms swung back as he continued to watch the ball. He saw it hit the other boy's fingertips, but didn't see it go into the air. In that one moment, his eyes were drawn to a very dark mark peeking out from under white fabric. many small blotches of red and pinks surrounded a very large blooming mark of purples and blues and reds all running together like ink on white paper. His feet tripped up and he stumbled, catching himself before he fell, his expression of thirst for a spike now a mix of horror and betrayal.

The spike never came. The ball flew to the perfect point of impact and stopped, falling to the floor untouched. It bounced next to Hinata and rolled away, the sound echoing through the now empty gymnasium. Tobio blinked at it as if it were a foreign object before annoyance filled his gut.

"What the hell, dumbass?" He growled before turning back to Hinata, "That was a perfect toss, why didn't yo-" His words cut themselves off, his tongue tripping up when he saw the twisted look on the ginger's face. There was silence for a moment, Yachi looking between the two with confusion and a slight apprehensiveness, subconsciously turning the ball in her hands that she had been prepared to throw next.

"There's a bruise," Hinata finally said, his voice sounding as if it weren't his own, like it was coming from an outside speaker somewhere. "On you. A really big bruise."

Tobio felt the color drain from his face, felt all his limbs tense up at the observation. His eyes widened with the realization of what had happened. He'd been too careless; he'd forgotten to retuck his shirt back into his shorts. It must have come up enough when he did his jump toss that Hinata was able to see it.

He tried to brush it off, "You're gunna get a huge bruise the next time you miss my toss, dumba-!" He was cut off again, this time by Hinata straightening himself up and his face twisted in anger as his words were shouted over the setter's.

"Why is it there?" Hinata cried, hands bawling into fists at his side as he glared at the other boy. "How did it get there? You were supposed to be fine when you went home!" One fist came up to splay its fingers over his chest with a thump, "We're friends! You're supposed to tell me if something happens to you!"

At this point, Tobio recovered from his state of shock at the other calling him out of his avoidance of the question. He tried to keep his voice calmer, or at least at a lower octave.

"No I can't! I told you I can't." He hissed back, swinging one hand to the side. "So just butt out and leave it be."

"How am supposed to just leave it be when there's a huge black bruise under your shirt!" He was screaming now, but Hinata couldn't help himself with how stubborn his setter was being. He closed some of the distance between them, growling, "What happened to us being invincible together? What happened to you being invincible when I'm with you?"

Tobio had to stop himself from taking steps backwards as the other approached, forcing himself to stay in place. Images from the last training camp were flashing in front of his eyes. How he'd grabbed Hinata and thrown him to the ground, how Hinata and tackled him and they'd started beating on each other in a fury. He could feel his limbs start to shake at the memory of the pain, of the hurt that was left inside when Tanaka had physically pulled them apart.

"You weren't there when it happened!" Was all the ravenet could reply, trying to keep his voice from shaking. "It doesn't matter, anyways. It's not your business. What happens to me doesn't matter because I'm not important." The hand that had been thrown to the side came up to grip the front of his shirt. "All you need to worry about is volleyball and trust in me to get the ball to you!"

That is what really set Hinata off. He closed the distance, both fists finding solace in the fabric of Kageyama's shirt collar and wrenching him down to face him at his level.

"Is that what you think of yourself?" He shouted into the other boy's face, "That' you're not important? That all I gave a crap about is volleyball?" He shook the other boy a bit to emphasize his words. "I care about you! I care if you're okay! The whole point of this is that we're going to trust each other wholly and equally. I trust you more than anyone and I want you to be able to trust me the same way. Why can't you get through your thick stupid head that you're important to me!"

The violent reaction clicked the trigger for Tobio to actually start trembling, for the fear that had been clawing at his chest to finally scrape over his face and fill his eyes. One hand came to meet Hinata's wrist and forcefully wrenched one fist off his shirt as he stumbled back a couple steps.

"I know you care about me, that's why it's not your business," was his quieter response, voice trembling almost as much as his body as he choked out the words. "If you try to get involved, you'll just get hurt. I don't want you getting hurt because of me!"

"Obviously I'm not the one who needs protecting here!" Hinata was getting sick of this looping argument, letting go of the other with his other hand and turning his back. "I don't need you protecting me! But I'm not going to spike the ball from a setter who can't trust me." He hurriedly grabbed his jacket and knee pads, scooping up his water bottle and towel as he headed for the door. 

At this point, Yachi seemed to snap out of her terrified phase, glancing between the two as Hinata continued his leave and Kageyama seemed frozen in place, a mix of fear and regret painting his features as he debated on whether or not to follow his teammate. When it became clear that Kageyama wasn't going to go after him, Yachi abandoned the ball in her hands to the floor and trotted to catch up to the smaller spiker, leaving Kageyama in the gymnasium that suddenly seemed twice as big as before, alone.

"Hinata!" She called, as she finally caught up to him, matching his stride. "Hinata, I know that you're worried - I mean, I would be too if I saw that kind of injury on my friend." She tentatively pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, nervously avoiding looking at the other when he was enraged like this. "It's not my place, but maybe... what you did was a little over the top?"

Hinata was already cooling down, all of his violent energy put into stomping his feet into the ground and angrily swinging his arms as he walked. He grumbled under his breath till he burned himself out, coming to a halt halfway to the dining hall before replying to his friend.

"I just don't get why he won't let me help," He huffed, looking to the side as he crossed his arms. "He says he knows he can talk to me and then I see that kind of thing on him... I just got so mad and it piled on top of this... worry for him that I didn't want to have because he's Kageyama and he's supposed to be the strongest and nothing is supposed to beat him before me." He ran a hand through his fluffy hair, still damp at the roots with sweat, "Augh, I just feel like he still looks down on me and I wanted him to understand what it was like to have to look at someone you know is hurting and not be able to do anything about it."

Yachi was quiet for a moment before stifling her resolve and putting a hand on Hinata's shoulder, bringing his attention to her, "I understand that. But you did it all wrong, Hinata." Caramel locked with honey as she continued; he noted how worried she was, how there were still leftover traces of fear in her eyes. "It's just... when you stepped towards him, when you grabbed him by the collar of his shirt- He looked terrified." She took her hand off his shoulder, her fingers meeting together and weaving through one another in front of her breast. "Maybe you were too mad to see it, but he was shaking all over, Hinata..."

Hinata's eyes glazed over with disbelief. The whole argument had been a blur of shouted words and violent emotions; he couldn't remember any of Kageyama's expressions or his body language. He'd been too angry to see them, just wanting to get his point across. Regret and guilt pulled at his innards, making his breath hitch in his throat as heat flared up behind his eyes. The corners became damp and he quickly wiped at them with the side of his hand.

"That doesn't change the fact that he doesn't trust me." With that, Hinata continued towards the dining hall, though much slower. Yachi glanced back at the gym they'd been using. The lights were still shining through the high window, and the echo of volleyballs hitting the floor filtered out the doorway. She took one step, paused, and then kept going, following Hinata back to the dining hall. She'd just tell Daichi or Sugawara about what happened. Maybe they could go and talk to Kageyama to make sure he was alright. She had a feeling that if anyone knew what was going on with him, the captain and vice-captain would be her best bet.


Tobio was left to his wildly spinning thoughts racing through his mind so fast he felt dizzy. The vast room was silent, and he could hear distant talking; probably Yachi trying to comfort Hinata. It was better that way. He didn't know what he should do, or what he would have even said if he had been the one to chase after the storming ginger. Being left in the gym alone was the better option. At least he wouldn't have to try to pass off the tears trickling down his cheeks as sweat.

He couldn't get that Hinata's face out of his mind. How could the sweet and charming smile decorating his cute face turn so violent and angry. And out of what, concern? That's not what triggered that kind of response; at least, not in Tobio's experience. 

He walked over to the ball bin, picking up a ball and tossing it in the air. Hinata's angry face came to mind as he spiked it over the net and onto the floor, the resounding thwack echoing through the gym. He picked up another ball and did the same, angrily hitting it to try and distract himself from the tears still trickling down his face. He kept hitting and spiking till his hand was red and balls were scattered around both ends of the court, his eyes cried out and ringed with red irritation. 

Trudging over to the wall next to the ball bin, he let his back flop against it and slid to the floor, bringing his knees into his aching chest. It was like someone had taken a knife and carved out his heart. It hurt and it throbbed and it ached. He wanted it to stop. He'd take a hundred more beatings if it meant this pain would go away. He'd toss a thousand more balls to Hinata if the empty feeling practically suffocating him would just let him breathe. His head fell down, hair forming a shelter around his face with the help of his knees.

He didn't know how long he stayed there, wallowing in his own self pity and hatred. But eventually he heard the voices of Sugawara and Daichi, calling his name through the haze that had wrapped itself around his mind. He heard a couple pairs of foot steps followed by the sound of bodies entering the gym. They split up, talking to each other before he heard one pair near him and stop.

"Oh, Kageyama!" It was Daichi, the captain's voice laced with concern when he found him. He turned over his shoulder to call back to Suga, who'd gone to check the locker rooms and had only just reached the door. "Hey, Suga! He's over here." Daichi kneeled in front of the first year as the silveret came trotting over, "Kageyama, what happened?"

The ravenet blinked to bring himself back to reality, registering that he was being talked to. He shifted a bit before slowly raising his head and blinking tiredly to adjust his eyes to the light outside of his sheltered resting place. He looked up at the two seniors, unable to keep the sad look under his exhaustion.

"Captain... Suga," he mumbled, voice a little scratchy from his attempts at strangling any outward cries that came with his earlier tears.

"Kageyama," Suga said this time, bringing the first year's eyes to him, "Yachi said something happened between you and Hinata."

The youngest blinked a few times, unfolding a bit and rubbing at one eye with the heel of his palm, "Yeah, we just... got in an argument. He got pissed and stormed out."

"Seems like it was more than just an argument to me," Daichi said, but when the other refused to respond to his underlying attempt at asking for more details, he just sighed and brought a small smile to his face. "Well, in any case, you don't look like you're in any condition to clean up, so we'll do it." 

The younger setter gave the both of them an apologetic look which Suga waved off politely, adding his own bright smile to console the first year, "Don't give us that face. It's been a rough night for you. We just want you to get some food and go to bed, alright?" 

Tobio nodded, allowing Daichi to give him a hand in standing, "Yeah."

"Now wait for us and we'll walk back with you," the captain said with a supportive smile. "We'll be done in no time." 

And they were indeed, shutting the lights off on the clean gym and Daichi locking the doors behind them as they exited. The captain made sure Tobio at least had a little something to eat, having asked their lovely manager to put aside a plate for him when they left to find him since he missed dinner. They showered with Kageyama, since they had missed their turns to do so earlier. Most of the other team mates were already asleep when they got back, only Tsukishima left scrolling through his iPod in the corner and Ennoshita dicking around on his phone while waiting for the two seniors to come back.

The second year was surprised when Kageyama came in behind them, but smiled nonetheless, "Nice of you to join us, Kageyama."

The ravenet gave a nod, feeling as if all his emotions had been shackled and caged, yet he found himself hesitating to move to where his futon lay beside Hinata's. The three upperclassmen shared a knowing look since Ennoshita was quick to pick up on things like this.

"He's already out cold," the second year said in a hushed tone, waving a hand dismissively. Tobio turned to looked at him with slightly raised brows, a little surprised to find that he knew who the setter was worried about. "It's safe." 

Tobio merely looked between the three upperclassmen and gave a small nod, soundlessly picking his way through the dark without tripping over a single body. The mass under the covers next to his futon was still, buried in fabric so only a few  orange curls from the top of Hinata's head poked through. He slid under his blanket with ease, hearing the upperclassmen do the same before Daichi told Tsukishima to go to bed, which was received with a dull 'kay' before the glowing light from the corner turned off.

All was draped in darkness, the air quiet with soft breathing and gentle rustles under covers. It was peaceful, but the ceiling was bland. No stars to paint the space above his eyes, no breeze to comfort him. It was suffocatingly warm with all these bodies in one room and something about laying next to the guy he'd almost gotten into a fist fight with earlier just didn't sit well. It made his stomach do flips which unsettled the food he had been forced to eat earlier. He persevered for about an hour, then made his silent escape out of the room to the balcony once again, managing to leave unnoticed. 

But for some reason, the soft breeze seemed to rip his breath from him, and the light from the tiny singular lamp seemed disorientingly bright. Leaning on that ledge and looking up at the countless stars above him with no ginger boy to share it with made him feel more alone than he had felt in years, and he hugged himself subconsciously as heat pressed against the back of his eyes for a second time that day.

© 2016 Ai Ri

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