Only a Dream

Only a Dream

A Story by Toshita

Dani feels a longing he has never experienced but doesn't know why. Torn between dreams and reality he must find himself if he wants to be survive.


The wind was screaming in Danni's ears. Or so she thought. Looking around the barren hallway nothing moves, yet she could still hear the wind. Slowing walking forward she picked up a scent that was coppery but curious. Following the scent down another hallway, he finally found what she was looking for. Here it was not the wind but people making lovely sounds of agony. Each scream turned into a bubbling mess as she saw him. Danni's true target.


Smirking she walked towards the man, dancing around the pleas of help almost as if dancing to a song. The intoxicating smell, the man's smell unfurled something within her. Danni's eyes swept over his soaked clothes, red covering his skin like a painting. So sweet and beautiful. Danni wants to see more and touch him as she glides forward until she is distracted by a heavy beating sound. Startled Danni looks at the man, his face sporting a slight smile. He nods once, indicating for her to continue. Curious she reaches out to the man's bloody hand to find a... heart? Danni smiles sweetly. It is such a pretty color and she wants it. Is it his? She wants the man's heart so bad that she is almost trembling with desire. The soft beating resonates with Danni, flooding her senses until it's all she hears.


Entranced by the heavy sound, she reaches out with a finger to caress the flesh, swaying slightly. But it feels… different. Danni doesn't know how it is different but just that it is not what she wanted. Pouting, she pulls his hand away and steps closer.


"This is not your heart. I want yours. Where is your heart?" She asks as she leans up against the man's warm body, inhaling the heady iron smell. Gripping his chest Danni digs in her fingers into the stained chest.


"Please… I want it… can I have your heart? It's just so pretty and I want it…" Danni asks in a breathless voice as she tightens her grip causing blood to flow down his chest.


The man leans down to whisper "yours…" in Danni's ear as the beating get louder and louder until she can feel he pulsing organ under his fingers. "It is all yours, you just have to take it." The man smiles down at Danni, causing the pulsing in her head to increase. Mine, she thinks. It is all mine forever… The thought brings a big smile to her face and she steps even closer. The man is saying something but she can't hear him over the noise in her head. She frowns and tries to make out the words but she can't. With bright eyes, she looks at the man and sees him smile, which confuses Danni because the pulsing in her head has turned into a loud buzz. As the buzzing increases, the man's smile grows brighter until Danni is unable to see his eyes. Her eyes grow heavy as she clings to the stranger and she lets his warmth take her to the darkness that waits.


Danni wakes up in a sweaty mess and quickly sit ups. Groaning, she clutches her head as the movement makes the room spin. She slowly looks around her room, the way the light filters in through the blinds, casting the room in a golden hue. Confirming that she is in fact in his bedroom, she takes a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart. Obviously, she was having a nightmare but the dream unsettled her. Sure, she had dreams before but none of them had ever been that vivid. She could almost smell the scent blood even though she was clean. The smell was unsettling but not what concerned her. Danni touched her chest, feeling her heart beating. She was not hurt but why did it feel as if her heart was hurting? With every beat, Danni felt such an intense sense of longing that it made her light headed. Clutching her chest, she took a few more deep breaths until she could control herself again. After a few minutes, the pounding in her chest and head reduced to a dull roar that she could ignore. The phantom ache was receding as well, along with her memory of the dream until by the time her heart rate was back to normal, she could not remember why she was so worked up. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Danni eventually got out of bed and started to prepare for the day.


By the time she had brushed her teeth and showered, her panicked morning was nothing more than a distant memory. Danni dressed in an old pair of jeans and a light baggy sweater that hung to her thighs. She roughly dragged her hands through her hair and smiled to the mirror satisfied with the result. With that she turned and walked out of her bedroom, ready to face the day. 

© 2016 Toshita

Author's Note

Sorry if the ending seemed a bit rushed but I was having trouble on ending it.

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Added on December 21, 2015
Last Updated on December 15, 2016
Tags: mentions of blood




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