The sky was blue

The sky was blue

A Story by Savannah

I felt the prickly grass beneath my back, the delicate flowers tickling my body. My dark brown hair was spewed out around my head. The sun was shining down on my face creating a twinkling in my vibrant green eyes. I looked up to the sky, deep blue with wispy clouds, and breathed in deeply. Life felt okay for once, with all of the chaos left at home. I let the palms of my hands caress the top of the grass, feeling each pointy grass blade. Closing my eyes, I thought about how the sky would still look majestically blue, eyes open or closed. It was almost like no matter where you were in the world, the sky would still be some shade of blue or it would always have blue tints to it. That's what I liked about life, the things that always stayed the same. If I looked up at the sky, it was always some shade of blue. Standing in the plaza near my house with the quaint, little coffeehouse and the same artsy customers ordering their favorite coffee, if I looked up at the sky, it would be blue. Not green, black, yellow, grey, brown, just blue. Feeling fearless on a swing during a summer afternoon at the playground near my old house with all of the loud, racing cars driving by, I could swing so high into the air and I could look up and know that the sky would be blue. So lying here, with the prickly grass beneath my back and the delicate daisies tickling my body and the sun shining down onto my oval face, I could count on the fact that the sky would blue. I could sleep for 25 weeks and know that when I awoke, I could peer out my bedroom window, through the orange colored leaves branching out from the tree below and know that the sky would be blue. I closed my eyes with the sun creating a yellow to the darkness beneath my closed eyelids and I smiled, knowing that the sky would always be blue.

© 2012 Savannah

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Added on December 9, 2011
Last Updated on January 27, 2012