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A Poem by Savannah

I wish I could place my thoughts onto paper, clearly, so that for once I'd feel less of a burden. But instead, I have a million different feelings crammed into a small place, pleading to explode. Constantly, I miss the moments of my past. I'm desperately trying to recreate my past, finding nights where I feel golden, like nothing can stop me. I remember lying on a blanket next to a burning fire, looking up at the stars and I felt infinite. And walking through the streets with not a car in sight, I never realized that that one moment would be the beginning to my downfall. It was pure serendipity. If I could go back and relive moments like that, I would in a heartbeat because even though I suffered through terrible, heart wrenching emotions, going back would give me the happiness I've been needing. I've been longing for a good laugh, a strong hug and a cool summer night. Throughout these days, my memories keep me alive. I'm stuck in the past, I am. I'm stuck in the past because it makes the present a little less depressing. And I look towards the future to keep my hope burning. Maybe I've been doing it all wrong; I've been avoiding my life, holding onto happy moments and over-thinking the simplest of times. When it comes down to it though, I just need to live my life the way I should be and I think that's the most troubling of it all.

© 2012 Savannah

Author's Note

This could be considered extremely cliche.

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Added on January 6, 2012
Last Updated on January 6, 2012