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Haiku history

Haiku history

A Poem by sayed Mudasir Ali

Haiku Master - Matsuo Basho

It would be an honor to write about the Haiku master Basho whose contribution to the Japanese poetry is such that even today he occupies an important place in the literary world and his writing technique surprises us, although for too many people that banana tree becomes a focal point rather than Basho’s passion and his dedication towards nature and poetry, I did my own research and used my mental ability  to bring some hard facts on the ground , so the first question in my mind was the literary influence on Basho , so I found he was deeply influenced by the philosopher  Tchouang 4 B.C by his book Hokkus and similarly we find Shakespeare was influenced by the Ovid’s metamorphosis. Why haiku and what are the reasons behind this form?  There could be endless reasons and it would not be possible for me to bring concrete facts due to lack of information and other things as well, the Haiku is known as 5-7-5 syllables form which has certain rules and these are the basics and my definition is that Basho wanted to take pictures of nature so there was no camera then except this writing form which was perfect enough to capture the live pictures of the nature and if we read his poems on the nature , they differ totally to one another and on the other side we find similarities in English poetry when it comes to one subject and there might be difference but not that much as Haiku’s have ,despite little syllables , it gives us two complete different pictures , so photograph’s definition might be a possibility because when we take a photograph there are several different images like we can easily rectify the season as well as the content of a photograph.
Social life of Matsuo Basho
Its utter non sense that he had secret affair with his brother’s wife and he had a mistress, these is no concrete evidence behind these predictions, but one thing is for sure that he was famous and many people visited him during his life time and we have little information about his childhood and what were the reasons of moving out from one place to another and till he finally settles down in this place.
Religious Influence on Matsuo Basho
I personally belong to Kashmir which is very close to china and Japan and I have seen that Buddhists still use these poetry forms and they spent their entire life on the mountains or very close to nature, even in my native language there are lot of short forms which have certain similarities with Haiku, and it’s very common in Asia that these short forms of poetry has a religious background ,if you travel to Japan, Shinto ; one of the concept of Buddhism that they stress one must find the God’s reflections in the nature , so these devotees do meditation on mountains to capture those invisible pictures of nature, so religion also was a factor for Basho which gave him the strength.
Conclusion:- The only trouble is that we have little information about these personalities and due to lack of sources ,we can only observe so there is no doubt about that Basho was a great poet who invent a great writing technique which not only surprise us and there is a curiosity  , as we know no haiku written from Basho to till today is a complete haiku so there is this humor of suspense behind every haiku which makes this form one of the rare form which seems very easy to pen rather I would say it’s very difficult to write without going deep in the nature.

Seriously speaking! 
Thanks to Diana AH

© 2014 sayed Mudasir Ali

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Added on April 16, 2014
Last Updated on April 16, 2014


sayed Mudasir Ali
sayed Mudasir Ali

Srinagar, Muslim (shiite), India

I write poetry most of the time. Beside that I work in the agriculture reasearch company, where in I check the quality and research department. Ethnicity is Kashmir which lies between India & Pakistan.. more..