Demons of Love

Demons of Love

A Story by D.J. Blake

Love cures all. Without love life is pointless. But even love has its demons.


Demons of Love

By D.J. Blake


            Dante never had the best life.  He was born a b*****d child left for his mother to raise on her own.  The two moved a lot and two more children were added to the family from two separate men, Dante and his family moved into a trailer with a group of thuggish characters that his mother got involved with.  The thugs got Dante’s mother into many illegal things such as drugs and stealing and the children were neglected.  The children would often go hungry, were around drugs being used in the house, and occasionally beaten.

            All of this was noticed by the grandparents and Dante’s father, who came back to help take care of Dante when he was about three.  The court got involved in this matter and it was decided that Dante would go to his father and his siblings would go to their grandparents.  Years passed, but the abuse and neglect didn’t stop.  Dante’s father just had other ways of doing it. 

            By the age of fourteen Dante was extremely suicidal, cutting, and had homicidal tendencies.  But that all changed when he met the love of his life, Helena.

            When Helena came into Dante’s life she saved him from himself.  All the depression and homicidal rage left him as soon as he heard her voice.  Helena lived quite a ways away so they weren’t able to see each other often, but they talked constantly.  Whenever Dante was feeling down Helena would sing You Are My Sunshine.  Every night when they would fall asleep on the phone together she would hum him a lullaby.  They were so in love.

            “Hey baby?” Helena asked.

            “Yes my love?” Dante replied.

            “I love you.”

            “I love you more.”


            “Yes.”  This was a game the two played often.

            “Oh fine. I won the last one so you can win this one,” Helena said in defeat.

            “Can you come over this weekend?” Dante asked, “I want to see you.”

            “I’ll ask Hun,” Helena replied.

            The weekend came and the two lovers were reunited.  Off to Dante’s room they went to cuddle on his bed and watch the Pokémon movie Helena had bought Dante for his birthday. 

            “Dante,” Dante’s father called out, but no answer, “Dante!” 

            Dante’s father opened the door to Dante’s room and found the two of them barley dressed and on top of each other.

            “What the hell is going on here?!?!” Dante’s father screamed.  Dante and Helena quickly dressed themselves.  “It’s time for Helena to leave!”

            Helena left and Dante’s father continued to shout at him. “You will not have anything to do with that girl for a long time! I’m taking your phone and your computer! You can’t even talk to her!” He yelled.

            “For how long?” Dante asked.

            “I don’t know,” Dante’s father replied, “Maybe a half a year, maybe a year. I don’t know.”

            Dante wept for days. He stopped eating and began to cut again.  A week had passed without Helena. On that night something happened to Dante.  He was cutting himself and he felt something inside of him.  He started hearing a voice in his head and became over come with rage.  Then…blackness.

            Dante’s father awoke to a bang. He opened the door to his room and saw Dante leaned up against the wall, blood pouring down his arm like a waterfall.  “Dante?” his father asked.

            Dante Looked at him and his father could see in his eyes that this was not his son. Dante screamed and ran at his father.  His father didn’t even have the time to scream before the blade of a knife was plunged straight into his heart and he was on the floor with his son standing over him chuckling.

            As Dante walked towards the front door he passed some family pictures on a display. Dante looked at them and they burst into flames.

            Helena awoke in the middle of the night. Someone was sitting on the other side of her bed.  She rolled over and found Dante covered in blood. “Dante?” Helena asked, “What happened? Are you ok?” Then she noticed the knife in his hand.

            “They’re dead Helena,” Dante said, “All of them are dead.  We can finally be happy together now. Just you and me baby.”

Dante dropped the knife and turned to look at Helena. She began sobbing. In the eyes of her lover she saw something different, something sinister. Dante reached out to touch her, but she slapped his hand away and slapped him across the face.  Dante looked back at her but this time his eyes were the same beautiful brown eyes of her true love only they were now filled with tears for the horrible sins he had committed and the pain he had caused Helena. Dante got up and walked out of the room.  Helena sat and wept for a minute before she finally got up.  She walked out of her room and in to the hallway. Down the hall was her parent’s room where she could see her dead parents lying in their blood soaked bed. And her sister’s room was next to hers. Helena peeked into it to see a similar scene.

Still sobbing, Helena walked down the stairs.  When she came to the bottom she turned and saw Dante sitting in a chair in the living room with a gun in his hand.  Dante looked up at her, “I love you Helena,” he said with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry.”

Helena turned her back to him and the bang of the gun shot echoed through the house. Helena fell to her knees and wept for the loss of all her loved ones, and the loss of her true love.


© 2012 D.J. Blake

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Author's Note

D.J. Blake
give me it straight. how is it and what did i do wrong?

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Added on January 25, 2012
Last Updated on January 25, 2012
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D.J. Blake
D.J. Blake

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