Tiger Too

Tiger Too

A Poem by Placid Stranger

Musings of my mind


14 hours of waiting for the shadows to stop their dancing

Flicker, like the candle light that illuminates the passages falling from my fingers


Remember that time when I found gravel in my bed?

Cold against my fingers, you just nodded and said

The places and the times that you will never forget,

Paint them up, all those memories and never look back


The moment I occupy

Not me writing and

Not my mind


Your fickleness needs gloves to handle reckless anxieties

Flying by you, tracing out your limbs

Making the dance feel like the grains of sand that never reached the other side

Think back now to the revolving mirror, no reflections this time

Going to start a better way to entrench your kind

No butterfly net could ever catch every single regret

Certain animals respect the reactions stemming from my head

The dance formed on the back of a lagoon chosen by you

Now nothing is the same or new

My ramble leaves this race with wide open doors that never shut

Give me a clue or a chance and at once I'll stop

Returning to reality handicaps my thoughts

But I'll have succumb if that is what everyone wants

© 2011 Placid Stranger

Author's Note

Placid Stranger
Terrible. No imagery, not a good flow, no understandable meaning. I like it like that. Represents me well.

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I like this line -- "No butterfly net could ever catch every single regret"

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2011
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Placid Stranger
Placid Stranger

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