Beyond This Point

Beyond This Point

A Story by scarhead

The North West Coast suffers a huge a earthquake following a tremendous tsunami destroying many beach towns. Everything is at stake and soon survival will play out. Are they ready?..are we?



       I like to first thank my family and friends,

   for their love and support and, also the people that I have interviewed Seth Elliot (campus Central Oregon Community College public safety in security).  Karen Parmlee (Red Cross associate(s) of natural disaster in bend OR ) thank you for the information that

        made this story work.            









It’s April 18th 2015

At approximately 11:03 a.m. in the morning the whole North West coast of Oregon, Washington and California) was shaken by 9.3 earth quake and a great tsunami crashed through the coast with walls of water 150 to 200 feet high. The lives that were taken are unknown the damage is unknown maybe to the billions, the government has now made the preparations as Oregon has with red cross and now they are evacuating of a 150,000 or more to central Oregon. The leaders of Red Cross have now reported to all authorities including all military branches and those apart of Red Cross to set up refugee camps in central Oregon that will be including at the community college, at churches, hospitals and amphitheaters will be filled. In twenty four hours everyone will be arriving in these planes and buses.










April 18th 2015 12:23 p.m.

Central Oregon Community College, Bend,   Or

Red Cross has called all local communities around Central Oregon letting everyone know that they will be flying refugees in, at Redmond Airport in less than sixteen hours. National guard will be flying in with supplies in only a couple hours with cargo planes and troops.  The teachers of COCC are being notified to tell the students to go home and wait until further instructions, and to call their family and friends.

          “Students. Students, calm down!” yelled Aaron

As the students in the classroom were all starting to panic and most of all they were worried about their family and friends, once everyone started to settle down and listened.

 their teacher said “Now I need you to keep calm and most all don’t panic, you know the drill were going to head outside.  So walk together to the exit of the building…okay let’s go”

And so the students walked out formally together out of class, as the other students did as well and everyone was shaking some even fainted. Arron finally got the students outside and they saw many people outside, cars were stuck in traffic around the roads on the college hill.  Everyone was rushing to get out and to get home back to their families.  Aaron then saw how their was many groups of students and some large around the school campus, he walked to a group as the students looked shocked and very fearful. 

          Aaron then walked over to the group of young people and some old as they were watching a video on their phones, others just crowded around them watching as well to watch-

Aaron asked “What’s going on? What are you all watching?”

The look on the girls face was in fear and starting to become heartbroken look in her eyes, she then leaned over and show him the video.  It was the news showing a breaking coverage; his eyes went wide open with his mouth dropped.  He saw a live video from cameras that people were taping during the quake and tsunami and then the main one on their news chopper taping the tsunami

crashing into the shores.  It was showing different videos from stores and businesses of everything just shaking and people were falling over and roads and floors were being destroyed.  Then it

showed a latest update of the treacherous waves, a wall that was very high and was first viewed by the camera man from a distance then the camera switched from the chopper view. Showing this

monstrous wall of water crashing onto shore as people were being washed away and some still running for their lives. The trees were being knocked over and cars being thrown.  The waters rose

up and flooded the shore line and in the beach towns from as high as 20 ft.,  Cars were floating down the streets with sail boats and crab fishing boats damming up in the streets. On the news the

leader in breaking news then spoke as he said-

 “What you are witnessing now are clips of the massive earthquake that just shook all around the northwest coast in Oregon, Washington and parts of California.   A tsunami then

came five minutes after the quake was done and crashed through all of the west coast.  Our geologists say that the quake was a 9.3 magnitude and estimating of how high was this tsunami they

are saying 180 ft., right  now the Newport area and other well-known beach towns including Washington has been hit badly as well.  We still don’t know what the life lost is or the damage, the president has been notified and has red cross and the national guard ready to come as aid and will give an update for us all at 3 p.m. today.  This is a terrible day for all of us, all we can do now is pray.“

The girl then started to cry as she was slowly going on her knees and some of her friends tried to comfort she said with tears falling from her eyes “I have family over there…my parents”  Arron

then walked away and was walking through the campus and down the hill towards the library, he saw many of the students walking around and traffic of cars being held up on the streets.  There was

police, firemen and ambulances with the public safety security guards of COCC rushing around the campus trying to direct traffic, and students out of the college.   Aaron then gets in the library as he is walking down the hall and into the computer area as it was all filled with students trying to contact their family and watching the news and YouTube of videos of the ground shaking and the waves crashing through Newport and other beach towns across the west coast,  it kept repeating in his head. 

Arron couldn’t find a computer so he grabs out his keys and walks out to his car, then drives out of the parking lot library and sees the very long traffic held up on the hill and slowly moving.  After a while he finally was out of traffic but as he was driving through town there was police and firemen everywhere either directing traffic or going to an emergency situation, you can hear sirens everywhere even from a distance.  There was traffic cars in the streets and people were walking down the sidewalks.  Aaron finally got home and once he got inside, he yelled for his wife

and daughters name “Claire….Becky!!”  he yelled again “Becky….Clair!!!” but no one answered he didn’t see their bags it didn’t seem like they were home yet.  He tried to think positive that they are alright and they are probably just in traffic so he grabbed out his cell phone and dialed Claire’s number and then put it up to his ear, there was just ringing after a bit it went to her voice mail.  He tried again but just kept ringing only leaving a voice mail again, his heart started to beat faster and his stomach was aching so bad that he just wanted to puke. He started to shake and was having an anxiety attack.  Aaron then walks slowly over to the kitchen as everything was spinning and was becoming difficult to breath, so he got to the cabinet  and started to throw things around.  Arron quickly grabbed his inhaler and quickly putted it up to his mouth and pressed the button and breathed in.  Aaron was calming down and breathing normally he felt even more worried and afraid if he had lost them, he leaned his head back and said softly-

            “Please god…please god bring my girls back, watch over them and be with them.  I beg of you please bring them back to me safely”

he wiped the tears away from his eyes, Aaron then dialed in a number and was calling his mother,

she then answered “Hello…hello”

“Mom” said Aaron

She said “Oh hunny how are you? Are you okay? We have been so worried about you.”

“Mom everything is fine”

            “How are your wife and daughter are they okay?”

He paused for a moment and was getting choked up and said “I don’t know, they left to seaside two days ago and were supposed to be back today and I tried calling but no one answered.  Mom I’m so scared for them, I can’t lose them.”

            “Son I know they are okay, they are probably almost home right now if not she is going to call you anytime, just pray son.”

            “What if something…”

            “NO! we won’t think negative we are going to pray for protection over them, they are going to be okay most of all you are okay and you are alive.” he told his mother his love and prayers, thanked her and hung up, Arron stood up and walked over

in the living room and turned on the TV.  Then He grabbed the remote and switched it on to the news, but every channel that has news is broadcasting about this natural disaster.  The announcer on the news said “We have got the latest update that Red Cross has contacted local communities and the president has notified all military branches for their aid and even aid from other countries.  The president is asking for everyone to be patient and that they are working very hard to send help,  we are now getting information that the president is in the conference room now ready to make his speech.”

The camera then switched to the conference room the president then walked in and up the platform, all the journalist were standing there with cameras, phones, mics and more as they were getting ready for this broadcast.  The president looked saddened and hurt most of all stress, the cameras were flashing all around as he stood in front of the platform ready to speak.

   He then said “Good Afternoon fellow Americans.  Today on April 18th 2015 all of the west coast was shooken by a tremendous earthquake of the magnitude of 9.3 following after that around

six minutes later, a tsunami up to 150 to 200 feet high came crashing into the western shores.  Oregon and Washington are severely struggling as the towns on the beach like Newport, seaside, Lincoln City, Oceanside and up to Florence and in Washington towns like Long Beach, West Port and Ocean Shores.  Even some of the cities close to the west coast are suffering from damages of the earth quake.  Cities like Seattle and Portland have buildings and bridges that are severely damaged even some of these buildings have collapsed. We still don’t know of the damage of roads and highways and even bridges but from what officials have told me a lot of the highways are needing construction work from some of the landslides, they are either destroyed or are unusable. I have spoken with Red Cross and with both Oregon and Washington governors and I have let them know whatever they need we will support them.  They have contacted the local communities and military branches and have been planning for this and are prepared,  we are now using the Redmond airport in Central Oregon, as a headquarters for military aircraft and buses to bring refugees and supplies.  We are making evacuation preparations and we are now sending refugees to be flown in or be driven on buses to the Redmond Airport and send them to refugee camps that Red Cross and the National Guard are setting up immediately.  It gives me great grief to know what has happened and I know many of you have family and friends who are down there and just know we’re going to help them.  But we have gone through hard trials before and this is our next test, maybe our greatest one and we need you to make a difference.  We all need to take care of each other and by the grace of god I pray he will too.  Thank you”   The press then started taking more

pictures and tried to ask questions but the president  walked away as he knew he has a lot of work to be done.

April 18th 2015 4:35 p.m.

 Redmond Airport, Central Oregon

It’s been two hours later since the president has spoken.

            The sound of loud propellers spinning fast in the air as they were heard in the horizon, then out of the clouds came flying were ten VH-71 Kestrel choppers with twenty Aleina C-27 J

 Spartan and also were many black hawks.  They were soaring in the sky and you can hear them rappelling very loudly as these big aircrafts were coming, You can almost hear CCR fortunate son

playing in when seeing them flying down.  The Redmond Airport runway was clear for them to land and once they got closer and were landing and the wind kicking up the dust cause of Central

Oregon’s dry dessert climate.  Once they finally landed and soldiers were coming out of the cargo Planes and black hawk’s bringing off equipment out with them, as Red Cross and local community mayors of Bend and Redmond were there to meet with the leader of this operation.  Sara Lewis who is in Red Cross and one of the leaders in the Red Cross operations for natural disaster, she’s known as the beautiful California girl who had long soft brunette hair and was attractive enough to turn your head twice, but she was known for being tough, professional and determined.  She and other associates and leaders in Red Cross were in this meeting as well, then out came of the cargo plane came walking out was the leader of the whole operation.  He was wearing a blue buttoned up shirt with a suit jacket with jeans on, He looked that was in his mid-forties and was known for many medals and awards for his duty for his country his name is Howard R. Jacobson.  As the propellers were still spinning slowly till shut off, finally after everything to being alittle quiet,  he walked over and shaked Sara’s hand and everyone else that welcomed him. They walked inside the airport and went into one of the large conference rooms, everyone then got seated next to the long-stretched

out table in the middle of the large room.  Sara was still standing there in front of them as they were sitting there watching Sara make her presentation. 

            Sara then said “Good afternoon everyone I’m glad that you all were able to arrive safely, well let’s get to it.  We have a lot of work to do, as you already know of what has happened, but I am

going to recap on the event and what we are doing now about it. So this morning at 11:03 a.m. the whole northwest coast suffered with a magnitude of 9.3 size earthquake for five minutes with a

radius of 500 miles, when the quake was over. Between fifteen to twenty minutes later the coast was slammed by a ferocious tsunami of the height of 180 ft.”

“So are we talking like how many deaths as a guess, like more than 1200 people?” said Howard

Sara had a paused as she felt saddened to even answer it, the concerned look on her face said “no more like in the ten thousand range, I’m going to have our geologist dr. Samuel Craig who has been working on this project for a while now and he will explain to you more geologically of what is going on.” Said Sarah

Samuel then stood up he was a middle age man but had some white in his hair wearing his glasses and a long white buttoned up shirt, he is very well known from his studies about earth quakes and energy in waves, from the Hawaii volcanos to the Indonesia oceans.  He had wrote two books on the fault line and one about energy naturally, he then walked over and stood in front of everyone and spoke-

 “Thank you Sara, you all probably know about the Cascadia fault line plates but those who don’t, well you’re in luck cause I’m going to explain to you about it.  In the Northwest Pacific Ocean

there are two plates and we call those plates, tetanic plates.  The land crust plate was rubbing against the north plate and after a while of doing that it stops and builds up pressure.  As you saw from the earth quake and tsunami that was the eruption of the pressure build up and it erupted, like it sling shot back.   Making the earth quake happen following by a tsunami, reason, why so many buildings like apartments and stores crumbled in cities like Portland and Seattle was because these buildings were built long ago and the materials were bricks and when you have an  earthquake that big going on for five minutes those bricks rub on each other, which the buildings fell.  Some of you have been asking this and yes this event occurred from the climate changes, the world is heating up and it’s only getting worse.  What we’re dealing with of the disaster is over the next part comes against human survival and if we don’t take care of it now then survival will take play. Thank you”

Samuel sat down at his seat and Sara stood up to continue-

 “Thank you doctor, as you have heard the president has issued the plan and we are setting up the Redmond airport up as a command center where all military aircraft will come in.  We have

already contacted all local communities that we are evacuating the refugees here, we will be setting up shelters at the Redmond amphitheater, Bend amphitheater, and will also have them staying at churches including  COCC the community college and in fields at schools as well.  We’re expecting 100,000 to 200,000 refugees to be arriving soon, it’s going to be pretty pact but it’s nothing that we cannot handle; we have already have notified to other countries for their help in aiding us and so far we have Canada, Japan, Britain and parts of Europe.  Right now Howard Jacobson will be explaining to us of what’s the next now. Sir”

Howard then stood up and walked over to the front of the long table and said “thank you Sara, dr. Craig.   Redmond Airport will be the command center where all refugees will be flown and drove here and supplies to be dropped off and sending out rescue. By the time we get everyone here the most difficult part is that we have to keep these people calm, comfortable and most of all let them know they are safe and okay. People will go crazy, everything is going to be a lot different than before, in four hours refugees will be arriving.”

            Hundreds of black hawks, military cargo planes and other rescue helicopters as they took off from the landing pad of the airport, you could hear them all for miles as those propellers were spinning fast. They traveled over valleys, rivers and mountains; they were landing them in different divisions as they were landing in cities like Portland, Seattle and all around the North West

coast.  The areas were a disaster, Buildings that were badly damaged and some that had collapsed, fires were starting around in the cities intensely with smoke clouding the sky.  Thousands that were rushing to help others or their loved ones you could even hear the cries from the families that lost someone.  City officials were scattered everywhere to try help the people, hospitals becoming pack and stores being broken into and their stuff being stolen.  The injuries were in the thousands and the

deaths were still unknown but once when everyone heard all the military aircrafts flying over them and having soldiers slide out of the Blackhawks on grapple ropes, some landed soldiers on the

ground as they rushed out and helped with military vehicles to direct them as they were driving in. The streets were filled with people with most trying to leave, with cars all lined up for miles on the highways and for the coast it was a death zone, the waters spread out for almost ten miles ahead and is at the height of 16 ft. it was a brown soup filled with debrie and carried a stench of death.  Soldiers were dropped off in the towns where the water was low some slid down the grapple ropes to help get refugees from the high ground get in the chopper.

 They had construction workers including the National Guard already on the highways and bridges to move some of the debrie from broken homes that slid off and down the rocky hills

from the multiple landslides that had happened around the Oregon and Washington highways. 

Construction sites were everywhere around the highway as Forest service and nation guard were using big and heavy motor equipment to move all the boulders and dig up the dirt out of the roads, as the highways were stacked with the cars all up along the road. The military had to have buses to come and evacuate people from the cities and along the highway’s. The injuries were disturbing, the deaths were becoming too depressing an sickening, there was fires around the Northwest coast line in small towns that were deeply damaged from the quake and the tsunami.  The fire had ferociously started in the valleys and there was smoke in the air.  Many of people that were in their homes had either drowned or been burned alive from the fires,  it was a look of despair and a shadowing of  struggle that was in the air and showed the great suffering that was beginning.  Within hours they

were already having one highway for evacuates to go through, they were told where to go and what to do; and to head for central Oregon of Redmond Airport.  The streets then was filled with trucks and of buses, using all buses for transportation and flying most of the injured and refugees.  

You would start to slowly see many cars driving by in Redmond but by an hour later there were streams of cars and buses driving over, the Redmond Airport had already been setting up tents and

areas to feed them and have bathrooms. They parked most of the cars in a private own land and were driven by buses to the amphitheater and Red Cross and officials explained to every one of the refugees about the four divisions and how the housing will work and where these divisions were going to be at.   It was becoming a long day and night as the area of the injured was the hardest to endure and consume all of the despair that’s around, with seeing people who had missing  limps, to people having mental breakdown’s; it became difficult to mentally encourage them to go on as there was some that would just lay there and even stand to just give up. Most the amphitheater field was packed with people and the streets were filled as military and police  we’re directing them to different divisions,  There was hundreds of Red Cross volunteers running around everywhere ;

helping people get to the amphitheater, talking to them mentally and feeding them including helping with the injured. In the cafeteria inside, the tables were full some even just sitting on the floor as everyone were bumping into each other; people were watching the TV’s that were set up and people were so drawn into it as fear was in their eyes.  They were worried for their family and friends.. 

The kitchen became always busy with volunteers from Red Cross and also from churches that were there cooking the food and having it ready for the refugees, there was already people not

getting along; in each group of people in the crowd there was ordinary people, there was addicts, gangs, couples, singles, gays, Muslims, Hindu you name it they all had a story.  Some who were with families and some that had lost their families but everyone had lost loved ones.  There was sadness, confusion and most of all fear; no one didn’t know what to do.  Soldiers and securities were always on the situation if a fight broke out and they made sure the situations were being controlled.  All night long the Redmond Airport was just having planes from the military and U.N. coming in and out with refugees and supplies. refugees were bunked up in  beds to hold three to try to fit as many people in these divisions.  All night trying to help the injured was frustrating and had to be carried with a lot of patience, you could hear the screams and shouting of pain and sadness of those who lost their loved ones,

reliving the nightmare in their dreams of the quake that shaken their lives and a tsunami that washed them away and everything they valued especially their loved ones. Physically and mentally the injured were slowly dying,  there was doctors and nurses who were there all day and night taking care of them and Volunteers were just being there to care for them.  They were doing everything they could to help them and try to make them as comfortable as possible.  The soldiers already were transporting people to parks and fields at schools to stay, they already had tents and beds all set up for them to come; it was nonstop day and night as people were being moved around everywhere. 

As they were trying to make more room for more to come and to also bring them to different divisions around central Oregon. In doing this it also gives more time for volunteers and officials to

get everything set up and for them to be signed in, soldiers were always moving refugees around to make more room especially in the night.

By 5:30 a.m. the buses were coming in and were filled with people as the air was cold and the sky was cloud it was raining and it was pouring,  the thunder was loud and the heat flash was bright.  Everyone was getting was wet and muddy as all refugees we’re walking everywhere on the dirt which was wet and turned to mud, there was a rush as hundreds of people were running up the hill to the community college and were becoming crazy like a stampede even some people were falling and getting ran on as they were being stomped on.   The National Guard and army were already there trying to calm everyone down and slow them down but still was difficult, the air was getting colder by the minute; windy breeze that would give you shivers, children were in their

mothers arms crying of the coldness,.   The streets were filled with buses driving refugees to their division and camps.

 The sidewalks had lines of people and refugees were told to relax and that they would be given more information later on.  Dr. Sara was doing her check up around the patients who were injured,

and she walked down and looked up and saw Aaron she smiled, as she saw him making funny faces to a kid to cheer him up.  She walked down and smiled, Aaron stopped and smiled back as he stood up and whispered to the child “I’ll be right back”  he walked down and shook her hand softly, they both told each other how good it was to see each other.  So they started to walk around talking about good old memories from back in college and the classes they had together. After a while of catching up they both walked to her office where it was her leaving point and Arron had to say it,for it was something that he felt he really had to ask..

            She noticed and said “So I didn’t know you were a volunteer in Red Cross?”

            “Oh yeah, just started I like it.  I mean it’s a lot of work but hey It helps me keep going and not thinking.” said Aaron

            Sara said “You’re a good man Aaron, your wife is lucky to have you.  How is she?”He looked saddened but tried to kept his head up as he said “Oh I haven’t heard from her and my daughter, just praying they will come back safely.”

            “Aaron I am so sorry, I hope they will be safe”

            “Things are not good are they?”

            She stopped and turned around and said “Aaron were looking at the billions in damage, the deaths are going to be in a ten thousand range, the injuries are still counting.”

            “What’s going to happen now?”

            “Economy is going to suffer with this cost and rate, producing food and supplies to these refugees, were looking at an economy collapse for America.  Crime rates are going to be higher

especially in the areas that are being refuge and don’t even get me started with politics.”

            As she walked away Aaron stopped her and said “So what do we do now?”

            She got closer and said lightly “Keep your head on straight and keep everyone focused”

He nodded and understood what she meant ….

          Aaron walked down the hall of the gym and heard aloud commotion going on, he ran down the hall and in the I’m where hundreds of people were kept to sleep on bed stretchers in the court and saw four men getting in a loud argument and bumping into each other fight as they we’re ganging up on two other men as the woman in the back were saying “someone please help!”

Aaron ran down and got between the men that were having a violent argument and were yelling and cursing at each other, Aaron then yelled out and said “What the hell is going on?!” one of the bigger guys said “this mother f****r stole my phone, I know you did it!”

            the other guy wearing a grey t-shirt said “I didn’t steal anything worth s**t, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about”

            “You have no idea who your messing with, do ya!?”

Aaron then pushed them back and yelled “STOP IT! Your acting like children, right now we all have went through a horrible experience, a tragic trauma to our lives.  This will never be easy but if we work together maybe we will have a second chance to succeed.  Can you not accept that?”

They looked at each other with a mad look on their faces but did not say anything and went the man with the grey shirt put his hand out to shake it, the other big guy slapped it away and walked away from them and he said under his breath “This is not over yet”

            He was wearing an old grey shirt with ripped up jeans he was dirty and smelt like it too with Some cuts and bruises on him and his lower left mouth and side of face with cut up and scar up.  He had short hair and his beard was growing out and looked like he had been through hell, Aaron then

            said “Hey…long day huh”

            “You have no idea”

            “Aaron” he lend his hand out and the man grabbed it and shook it hard and said “Jeff”

            “Where you from?”

            “Lincoln City”

            “Isn’t that one of…?”

    “One of the cities that was hit with the quake and tsunami yes”

            “My god…how did… you survive?”

            “It was difficult ,lost family members in the tsunami. We were still in town after the earth quake had greatly shook us all, some of the buildings were horrifically damaged, then we saw a

a wall of water with the sound of waves in the horizon, it was loud and was coming at us fast.  I have never seen waves like this before and especially the speed of it was terrifying, crashing up the beach lines and just taring through stores and knocking over bridges.  Everyone started to panic and screaming as they were running to high ground. The streets and buildings filled up with water so quickly as there was debrie of everything from building wreckage, fishing boats were floating in the

towns, it was devastating. In one of the buildings that me and my family ran into for high ground was filling up with water and we were all scared and begging god to deliver our lives, but we had to

think fast.  So we swam out and my father and big brother sacrificed their lives to get us out of there, I never have swim that fast in my life, I never thought I would have to see my father and

brother to be washed away. It’s funny how life can change in an instant.”

            “I am very sorry; I have loved ones who are in this mess as well”

            “Yeah… where did they go?”

            “Somewhere in Newport”

The look on Jeff’s face was in concerned like he knew the truth about what has happened in Newport Aaron looked at him and said “what?”

            Jeff looks at him and says “Newport is supposed to be in worse condition, there expecting no sign of survival down there.”

            Aarons face then turned to breakage and worry, and most of all concerned as he missed them even more, he was praying and hoping to god that they are safe.  His heart was slowly crumbling and his stomach was in pain, he felt hopeless not knowing what to do.  Except the only thing he can do is breath.

April 19th 11:45 a.m.

Inside the Pentagon building where a meeting was being held  in one of the conference rooms, Leaders from Red Cross, different military branch leaders and political leaders have met up to discuss about these terms and to figure out of what they are doing now in the situation and what will this will bring out in the end.

            “What the f**k Cameron” said Sara as she walking down the hall just before going to the meeting with the political leaders as Cameron is a senator of Oregon who is good friends with her and gets information from him. He stopped and turned around and said “calm down Sara. There was nothing I could do”

            “Bullshit you knew that this is my operation and my case, you knew how long I’ve been working on this just to get us prepared but we are not as prepared that we should have been.”

            “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO SARA!?”

            “I want you to start doing something about it!” they both stopped as they both knew that they’re was people watching them argue and they both went quiet, Sara folded her arms. She then

walked away and stopped when she heard Cameron say “Sara come on, wait please” she turned around and faced him.

            “Look I know your frustrated, cause I would be too I probably be thinking about how I kick their old asses.  But hunny life is unfair, people do not listen.  You did your best, your still one of the leaders in this operation and you are still doing the case but the government are setting up new leaders to control this situation and in this operation.”

She gave him the look of anger and fire in her eyes but she kept her mouth shut and then said with a firm attitude and said “your charming…but damn you know how to piss me off” she then

turned around and walked away; he smiled.  Everyone was getting ready in the conference room as people were being seating in the back and there was three long tables separated ten feet apart,

where Red Cross leaders were seated and other lawyers and political leaders like the government of Oregon and Washington were sitting at the tables.  And in the front row of seating platforms where the main political leaders sat like senators, governors, prime minister and military branch political leaders like generals and majors.  Then up on the were three other parts on the screen of other meetings around America that are in this meeting like the vice president of America, they were finally beginning .  In the middle seated the prime minister he then spoke in the mic that was in front of him.

            “Alright were beginning we have a lot to cover so let’s get too it.” Said the Prime minister after everyone got seated and were getting themselves comfortable once when everyone was ready he then continued as to the side of seating’s in front of everyone was another big screen showing an animation image of the united states.

            He then said “Yesterday on April 18th 2015 we were told that a magnitude of 9.3 of a radius of 600 miles was shaken by an earth quake that went on for five minutes, roads, highways and

bridges are either destroyed or are unusable. Many building structures have collapsed and most are critically damaged, many lives were crushed and some even buried.  Fifteen minutes later a great tsunami of walls of 150 to 200 feet tall came crashing into the northwest coast.  We have been told that our military leaders have flown in soldiers and Red Cross volunteers to come in help find survivors.  Already the president has FEMA to be flown out and help aid the northwest coast as much as possible, but I’m guessing General Howard who has served in many tours in Iraq and has helped with Katrina and other natural disasters that has happened in America…General”

He was an old general dressed in his dark green formal uniform with many medals pinned on him,he a grey beard and glasses on if that best describes how old he looked.

            He then said “Thank you prime minister.  Yes were contacted by the president and informed us on how many men we are sending and that we are doing a full quick evacuation of survivors and bring back refugees to central Oregon.  If it’s from flying or buses, we were told that we will be evacuating close to a 100,000 people.”

            “And how many so far have you evacuated general?”

            “Ugh, hard to say because every hour we are bring more and more people in but to guess from our records that are being reported about 82,000 that’s so far, we have the National Guard in

the cities like Portland and Seattle with local community officials that are helping to clean up this mess and get the injured to safety and evacuate parts of the city.”

            “And what about the coast line in those small towns?” said the Prime minister the general then said “we have National Guard and our navy with Red Cross and FEMA are in the area now as we speak , the damage is catastrophe and society is in chaos.  This will be a long time clean up for the next ten years.  The deaths are still unknown but it’s in the thousands and injuries is in the two thousand range and there will be more as we update them.”

            “Thank You General. From what we have been told the President has issued Oregon Resilience Plan has been executed and is in progress as we have workers fixing the highways for buses and military vehicles can come through, our goal is to save as many people as we can.  We have been told that they have made a headquarters at the Redmond Airport in Oregon where most

of military aircraft will bring refugees and supplies.  Refugees are being kept in four divisions that have five different camp distracts that are controlled by the divisions, we have refugees staying at

amphitheaters, schools, churches, we are using some of store property like parking lots and even COCC community college is letting refugees stay.”

 Sara then spoke “and what about when we lose control?”

Everyone looked as they were all talking under their breath to each other and the prime minister

then said “quiet please…who are you?”

            “My name is Sara Lewis I am one of the leaders in Red Cross of natural disasters and sir my question is what happens when we lose control?”

            “Mame we are prepared, we are doing everything to make sure we are in control.”

            “Sir Trust me we are losing control, within a week we will already start seeing things go down even more; people will lose jobs, People will lose their heads and many will fight when their

survival instincts is challenged.  I’ll tell you this you’re going to see misery in reality if we don’t do something about it.”

April 20th 2015 5:00 P.M.

Outside of the COCC soccer field,

Populating: 28,322 refugees in the division

            Jeff was standing outside on the track as there were white tents set up in the soccer field  to the point where the field was filled up. Helping with the injured and housing them, He saw

children running around playing and saw  the refugees in their tents and walking outside. As they looked tired, exhausted, depressed and most of all they looked hopeless.  Waiting to go back to their homes when in reality most of them probably won’t be coming back to their home towns ever. Then something caught his attention he looked and saw something around the corner of the white tents, he looked away but then looked back again as he saw him moving.  He then looked even more and started to walk towards the tents as he got close enough.  He then saw three bigger Hispanic men that were dressed up in dirty clothes and looked like they have went through a lot of bad stuff, they were wearing the long shorts and XL shirts with their gangsta hats.  Jeff then yelled “HEY!”

they looked at him and started to run, Jeff yelled “HEY! COME BACK HERE!!!” they continued running as he knew it looked like a drug deal.

 He started to have his police instinct as he was a cop in Newport at one time in his life and dealt with a lot of drug suspicions and could catch it quickly, he also dealt with Terrorist as he had fought in a tour in Iraq.   He tried running but stopped quickly when his leg was hurting because he was wounded in the war.  Jeff came back to talk with one of the National Guard soldiers and he

told them of what he saw, he apologized as it was not his job and problem.  Jeff couldn’t believe of what he heard as it was not his problem he became discouraged, he came back to his family that

were sitting on the bed inside the gym building talking.  He walked over and said ”hi” he smiled and walked to the bed and started to move the bed a lot more, then looked around and their suitcases and every pocket was zipped them open.   And he was breathing heavily and he sat there on his knees and his were wide open, quickly Jeff said “When?”

            She gently said “Sometime this afternoon when we were not looking”

            “Kate! It’s my fault”

            “No babe we were just there at the wrong time” said Kate

holding his emotions back he said “how are we going to do this Kate? We have no money that was All we had to help us survive.”

They never had seen their father emotional like that, it was as if the nature of time and heartache was weighing on his shoulders, as he felt hopeless and didn’t know how he was going to take care of his family.       

            Sara had return from D.C. and she was in her office and was sitting on her nice office chair, she was on the phone with a close colleague that has been like a father to her. They both

we’re speaking about what is happening and what will happen.

            “Yeah…how’s everything down at the coast?” said Sara

            James answered “Ugh…god, it’s been difficult.  We have found many survivors and many who were injured and we have found many that are dead.“

            “How’s everyone doing with the evacuations?”

            “Highways are still in bad shape, a lot of bridges have been destroyed.  A lot has happened it looks like someone dropped a nuke, it’s just mostly gone. The military and forestry workers have been working hard to clear the roads. “

            “I just don’t understand, many have lost loved ones and the longer they are staying in these camps, the longer they want to actually survive at all costs.”

            “We don’t know what kind of days we are going to see ahead but we did know the road that this would lead, we thought we were prepared but we were not as prepared as we like to have been.Do you know what makes you get out of every horrible situation?”

She nodded and looked at him as he said “it’s that love and values that comes to the hearts of people to where they will come together, it’s not about color, religion, politics it doesn’t matter what your opinions are.  Because we come together as a community as a family and that’s how we defeat

evil.  No matter how dark it is.”

She tried to hold back her tears as she smiled and chuckled as she said “You’re a poet daddy”

he chuckled and said Nno I wouldn’t say that” as you can tell he was smiling.”

            “What do I do now?”

            “Make a difference and stand up for the people”

It was a conversation where she felt confused and hopeless but talking to her father made all of the difference, she knew what she had to do and that was to continue to help the people.



Aaron walked down through the crowds as he smelt the food cooking and they were serving to the refugees, as Aaron was in the long line and he looked around and then saw two men

walk by each other and just by looking he saw one of them handing him a weapon.  He walked down and both saw him then one ran while the other backed up and started to run the other way and Aaron chased him.  He was running very fast as it reminded him of his running days in the military where he trained and even ran track for the Army. The both were running through the crowd as they were maneuvering around and over every object that was coming in there way and then ran through people, pushing people out of their way and yelling for them to get out of the way.

They were running through the tents that people were sleeping in and jumped over the campfires, the chase was becoming intense and tiring but he still was on the run.  Aaron yelled for

him to stop but he never did ,Aaron was getting close to him then he lost him, but then he scanned through the area and then caught him at a dead end and he was trying climb up a fence but then Aaron quickly ran down to the fence and stepped up and grabbed and pulled him down where he landed flat on the ground.  He then kicked him in the face repeatedly till his nose was broken and was gushing blood and his lip was busted open,  then he punched him hard in the stomach he bent over and he was coughing blood, he took a good look at him as he was a red head tweeker that looked like he has been doing some type of hard-drug.   

            Aaron grabbed on to his shirt and yelled “What the hell was that?”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about?!”

            “I know someone gave you something, tell me! Or so help me god”

            He smiled as he didn’t believe in him and said “You don’t look like you could actually do it, I’m not scared of you bro you got nothing on me” he chuckled

Aaron wanted to swing at him so hard he tried everything he could to hold back and saw him smiling and saying “Come on do it”

Aaron then punched him hard in the face he stalled and did it again and again but harder and started yelling “You gonna tell me now” punched him in the face again “You’re going to tell me now!”

The man said “Alright I’ll tell you” as he had a busted lip and cuts around his face as it was swelling already. He had blood all over his face and on his white t-shirt and black basketball jersey was dried with it.  

            The man looked at him as he was trying to tell him but felt weak and said “My homies are going to hear about this and when they do, they will kill you man.” Arron then socked him in the face with two hard swings that displaced his jaw joints and the gangster spitted blood.

            “Have you been supplying the drugs?”

            “No bro I swear I haven’t done anything.”

            “No your lieing I know it’s you, you better F**K’N tell me now.”

The gangster just stared in his eyes and nodded alittle, Arron then backed up and looked over him and said “are you crazy! we are all suffering and you are messing them up more”

            “You talk like you have seen this before and you know what I’ve been through.  Well we have all lost loved ones; we have torn from inside out.  This disaster has taken everything, if you

think this is bad.  Well your wrong wait till survival comes into the picture.”

            “You tell your boys to stay away from here, or else next time I won’t stop beating you.  Get out of here!”

The man struggled to get up and he limped away as fast he could, leaving Aaron their looking at his fist and seeing that it was in blood and his hand was cut up.  He felt ashamed and was afraid that his old self was going to take him again.

            It was day four and everyone was starting to get old of being around each other and it was becoming Bends hottest season, as the refugees were going through rainy weather being soaked and dealing with the heat after the rain as there was a sweating moisture that was in the air that made a fowl wet smell that was especially going bad in the camps where they slept.  They were wet, dirty, tired and becoming hot.  They were becoming more irritated with each other, stress and angry as  

well, people were everywhere in town and there was more homeless people in the downtown areas, parks, churches and amphitheaters for there was more and more refugees that were coming into central Oregon.  The beautiful tourist town of Bend was becoming to look like a mess, homeless people at every street corner holding signs that was either asking for money or if anyone has seen their missing loved ones. Trash was everywhere in the streets even piling up in the parks because of how much people there were, The whole area was becoming a liter dumb everywhere even in neighborhoods. More buildings were in graffiti, there was always traffic more than usual, buses were always filled and there was always road work being done mostly on the highways to fix up repairs it seemed like it was just a big mess. No one was able to get in or out unless flown in or bus, by air force and National Guard.  In the Parks there were many people sheltering in tents, and small shacks that homeless people made even some who were sleeping outside in sleeping bags. The schools were becoming packed and not just one school but all schools to where kids couldn’t go to school because there was so many people.  The stores were packed with people, it was becoming more difficult because all the stores were becoming empty on the shelves something you see in an apocalyptic movie.  Everyone was losing money and becoming broke from either spending it all on supplies or thieves going around the camps especially during the night and stealing peoples things and money.  The refugees were becoming pushy as many were getting in fights sometimes the fights grew to be up from ten to twenty people in big brawls, officials would rush over to stop everyone that would start up and it was becoming more difficult as they were starting to bring officials down in the brawls as well. Even in Parking lots at stores would be filled and more people were stealing and also more innocents were beaten.  The pharmacy stores would call officials many times to stop fights in the store, people trying to steal medicine from the pharmacy but once officials got there

and started shouting they would always stop and turned around to go back where they were. They were always outside and becoming more dirty and sweaty from the moisture of the heat rain.  More

and more were dying and becoming sick, tears were being shed more and fists were being thrown always, The days ahead seem long as the heat was getting hotter, refugees were in rooms watching the T.V.’s that were set up for them to watch as they were watching the news and how they were saying that the country is going in debt cause of this disaster,  people’s money won’t be worth really anything soon.  They all knew that everyone was going to stay here for a long time almost like the Israelites when they had to stay in the dessert for forty years.  Already local authorities like swat teams and police officials were always on their guard, walking down the streets in town patrolling as

they had been catching countless situations of suspicion and hearing rumors of small gangs that were starting to rise up.  The beautiful central Oregon was slowly transforming to the human

survival nature in three days and knowing it will only get worse.

            Screams were heard and coming from a little girl Jeff quickly woke up and looked around and his daughter was not in her bed and his wife woke up as well,  both became very worried. Jeff then ran out of the tent towards the itch, cringing screaming when he got closer he saw other people crowding around ahead.  He then walked faster towards them and saw the authorities going behind the tent and people looking around wondering what it was, then he looked closer and saw his daughter on the bed stretcher his heart dropped as everything was slowing down and his heart in a rush then freaked out and the officials crowded around him not letting him through, he yelled and said “I AM THE FATHER!”.  Then they released him and ran up to her and got on his knees he started to have tears streaming heavily from his eyes.  He saw his daughter laying there with blood coming out from the lower part of her body as the sheets under her were soaked in blood; even her skin was quickly turning pale white and looked like she was dying.  She said silently “Daddy”

            “Hey baby, you’re going to be okay” he cried

The paramedics were rushing around inside the ambulance as they were losing her and she was drifting off with her eyes open, the father shouted “NOOO, HELP HER!” they had the officials drive the mother up to the hospital. After hours of waiting and praying trying to not shed a tear and trying to hold it together, finally the doctor came out to the patient room and said she is alive but

need to keep her here for a couple weeks to rest.

            Jeff said “What happened to her doc?” as he held his wife’s hand tightly as they listened-

            “I’m sorry to tell you this but…your daughter was rapped from the deep bruising around her body it seemed she was grabbed aggressively and was thrown, she is very bruised and weak and she lost a lot of blood, she’s lucky to be alive. But she’s okay now and we got her all monitored up and giving her fluids as well.” Said the doctor

There were many patients out in the living room waiting and they were told this in front of everyone, they looked and felt sad for them both.   His wife falls into tears and he held her as she

screamed “NO!”  He was speechless and shocked that this had happened; it became a dark day for the both. Later on his woke up as she fell asleep on the chair in the patient room and saw that Jeff wasn’t there, Jeff had returned back to the campsite to grab a bag of clothes.  He was starting to become angry and thinking violent thoughts as Jeff looked at everyone thinking which one was it. Jeff then snapped out of it, once he saw his glock pistol in his clothes that he hid, he grabbed it and held it in his hand gazing upon the steel metal and remembering the times in battle when he used it. Then he stuck it on his backside waist in his pants then pulled his shirt down so it was hidden.  Jeff came back to the hospital and gave his wife the bag of clothes but she didn’t move he tried to talk to her, but didn’t respond like she was a zombie she was not herself. 

Jeff then said “I’m going back to camp” she said she wanted to stay, he had his head down low the rest of that day as he returned to the camp feeling hopeless, angry and feeling the

hatred as the thoughts were becoming worse he wanted to kill the man who did this.  It was becoming dark and Jeff was already passed out and out of nowhere he was woken up by a gunshot

BANG!!  Everyone quickly woke up after hearing it then there was screaming and he got up as it was getting crowded up and Jeff ran out  towards the crowd and saw a man that was shot, his wife

ran over with her two older daughters and they saw their father dead who was shot and they were heart broken and in dreadful tears. There was ambulances already coming in and Red Cross

authorities with soldiers and officers quickly to the scene trying to find the person who had the gun, They were already taking arrests and people became angry and started to crowd up and then a riot

started as they were becoming tired and becoming afraid. The refugees were done with dealing with death and poverty as they were losing their heads and panicking,  men and woman were marching to get out of COCC.  But the police and soldiers were making a huge road block and were aiming their rifles at them to turn back.   Everything started to heat up quickly as the crowd started to get angry and were starting to yell at them cursing and started to crowd up against the road block and becoming aggressive,  the cops then shot smoke grenades to smoke them out and started to push them back which made them turn around and run back to their tents. Jeff sat on his bed he was in sadden and his hands were over his head, he didn’t know what to do? He was afraid and didn’t know how he was going to get his family out of this, he thought what next.

            Sara knocked on the governor of Oregon’s door and heard him said “come in” she then entered and closed the door behind  and walked to the front of the desk, and the governor stood up

and put his hand out as she did as well and shook hands.  And she said “governor thank you for having me here?”

            then he said “it’s my pleasure please sit.”

And the both then sat down in their chairs and got comfortable, he then said “So Sara what can I do for you?”

            She then said “First of all thank you again for having here and I am here to talk about treatment and shelter, right now we need more supplies and medicine and security for the Refugees

will are becoming heated.  We just heard a small riot just happened we were able to contain it quickly but I don’t know how much longer we could do that for.  Sir they are giving up and slowly becoming aggressive, they are falling to their survival instincts. I also have been told that a cold front in the weather climate is coming towards central Oregon and Bend and Redmond will be having some winds and heavy rain maybe even alittle snow.  Governor this is just things that are going to keep stacking up if we don’t confront about this sooner. ”

            “I can see where you’re coming from and I can of how that I can be but I don’t see how they will not survive when we have everyone there to help you all;  I think you have plenty of help. 

Because right now we have most of the resources over where its really bad especially the beach areas trying to find any survivors.  This is a tough time for all of us and right now you just need to keep them comfortable, because right now were trying to find as many survivors as we can and help them. ” 

“Sir if we keep waiting it will get worse to where they go survival. Like Hurricane Katrina there was thousands of refugees that were staying at the super dome and even outside, slowly their human survival instincts took over and people were being shot, rapped and there was gangs that rose up and there were more shootings.  Many had just gave up and lost their heads and it just became more difficult to just control it. sir we need to just prepare for it.”

            “Sara you don’t have to worry will make sure everyone is going to be safe, controlled and supplied we will be prepared.”

            “Sir that’s the thing, we thought we were prepared for this disaster and even if we were in many ways but when it comes down to it; we weren’t.  We need to stop thinking that we are

prepared to go against the one thing we can’t beat.  The power of nature and survival, I’m just saying I am worried of what is going to take place next.”

After when they spoke and she got a plane back to Redmond airport in Oregon , the governor then called all leaders to inform them about this project and also had contacted military officials to send more supplies and medicine and to bring more technology with security cameras all around town, highways and neighborhoods to give local police an advantage to find their criminals.  Within that next day as she was already returned and two big cargo planes flown in with crates of boxes and boxes of supplies of food and medicine Sara walked out as others did and saw the soldiers coming out and bringing the crates into the loading dock floors.  She smiled as everyone else were smiling,

clapping and cheering as three black hawks flown in and dropped off more soldiers to help with security, they thanked them and Sara became grateful and started to have hope in her leaders and yet for some reason she felt something in her gut a thought in her that she couldn’t quite comprehend on if they would really do it and if this is just part of plan.  She wondered of what was really going on. *yet how much do we really know of what’s going on and how they actually may know what their doing.*

Newport Oregon

April 22nd 2015 1:35 P.M.

The town of Newport and other beach towns were destroyed; the waters were still high up filled with Dubrie, carrying a mold stench that smelt like sulfur that was in the air, smoke was thick in the sky from the many fires.  Highways and bridges were still being worked on, there was help coming from all sides from all military branches, Red Cross, Fema and other country allies that were helping from great Britain, Japan, Australia and the U.N. The black hawks were flying over with other military craft.  Hundreds of these military aircrafts came flying in and dropping off supplies and soldiers to the bad areas of the North West coast and the soldiers were shocked to see that these beach towns were just in the waters, they searched through high and low in the buildings and in the waters as they were on rafts in the waters to search for survivors.   Helicopters were flying everywhere around the beach areas looking for hours day and night for anyone from down below.

There was a headquarters for the military and for aircrafts to land there to bring supplies, survivors mostly the injured.  The heroic ways of soldiers, country allies, local authorities and Red Cross from those who wear a badge or medal to a volunteer who doesn’t need badges or medals to show that they can be a soldier themselves by medically and mentally help people who are suffering.  All were making a difference in each day they were saving lives and bringing families and friends back together, but they were also especially there when someone lost their loved one.

 They worked hard and never gave up even for how frustrating, difficult and challenging it got.  These kinds of people were always there for them. As it has become a priority and mission to save as many as they can, then rebuild their home towns back again. When the water was seeping back more giving more better search opportunity to find anyone faster, many of reporters were always coming in to give the word the news, interviewing people.  Most of the interviews from survivors were heart breaking, tear jerking to where you were hurting for these people who have lost everything.  It was a great opportunity to show the truth of what happened at the Northwest coast and what it looked like, they were taking pictures after pictures of everything that showed the true horror that this disaster brought.  At headquarters soldiers were coming in and out with injured and survivors,  Kyle a reporter who had a passion to always be in the danger zone but also had a passion in telling the truth as he would capture everything through one on one interviews, good writing and most of taking photos of the disaster and the aftermath with his well-known black and white photography.   Kyle was sitting with the other solders in the cafeteria in a school where it sheltered the soldiers to give them a place of rest, they were all laughing at the table, telling dirty jokes.  Kyle then saw the newspaper and something caught his attention he scanned through the first page of the as it was talking about the disaster and it’s aftermath. It was also saying how this is already bringing the economy down and in the corner a small picture that was showing the refugee’s camp riots, he looked at it and turned to the page.  He read about the 153,000 refugees that are already in central Oregon and how people  in violence.   Kyle then called his boss back at News and asked to send him to Central Oregon, his boss was frustrated but sent him anyways and Kyle flown in a cargo plane sitting with other soldiers.  They landed at the Redmond Airport, once they got out, he saw the many hundreds of white tents from Red Cross that were housing the injured,  Kyle walked through the small airport and there was only soldiers and people from Red Cross.  He then saw the bus that was taking refugees to Bend and Kyle took the next bus, once he arrived to Bend it didn’t look as lively and bright as it should be.   There were so many people walking down through town and the parks, there was always a long traffic driving in the streets and.  He felt sad when he looked out of that bus window as there was piles of trash everywhere, there was hundreds of tents at the parks and parking lots, it was hard experience to look at, especially when use to come to this town when he was young for camping trips and festivals that Bend did as a town and community.  Now it is broken, trashed, transformed and dirty.  Soldiers and police patrolled everywhere on the streets from foot to vehicles and they also used drones to have better view on the towns. He saw the hopelessness was in their eyes and the restless was in their faces as the feeling of careless and they were starting to look empty but lost,  and separated from the grace of life and love.  Once the bus had arrived to COCC camp division he then walked out and smelt that foul wet and the stench of B.O., there was dirt everywhere even on the streets, people walking around, people eating food, people getting treated.  Soldiers and U.N. troops were armed and on guard.  Kyle was shocked of how everything looked there was white tents everywhere and shacks around the Deschutes river woods area.  He saw how dirty they looked and their depression seemed deeper into wounds from losing so many loved ones, his heart hurt for he never had seen anything like this before and it cramped his stomach to where he wanted to puke.  He then got to his tent where there were bunks and he picked his bunk and started to unpack his stuff on the his bunk, after when he was done he then walked out and started to walk through the camp. He saw how much they were struggling and how they seemed to be giving up.  Suddenly he saw people running down the camp and he heard a

woman screaming, quickly Kyle started to run down and as he got closer towards the crowd.  He stopped and heard the woman screaming in her tent and he saw this skinny black man wearing a basketball jersey and baggy jeans that would hang loose down to the man’s a*s.

            Kyle said “What’s going on?”

            The man said “Someone is giving birth and some doctors and volunteers are with her now.”           

“Oh my, is she doing well?” said Kyle

            The man looked at him oddly and said “If you think that sounds like she’s doing well then s**t dude what kind of pain have you been in?”

            Kyle smiled and chuckled as he said “Well I hope she will be okay.”

After a while of waiting and sitting around with the crowd then suddenly they the baby cry and everyone smiled as the doctor came out and smiled, he then whispered to the crowd that they both  are fine.  Everyone smiled and was happy.  Kyle walked away happy and the man who talked to him walked up and said “you reporter?”

            Kyle had an odd look on his face and said “Yeah how did you know?”

            “That badge on you”

 He looks down and says “But that could be any badge.”

            “True but only reporters where picture I.D. badges so they can pass through here and plus that symbol stamped on you is what lets them pass you..”

            “So what made you want to talk to me?”

            “I don’t know there’s not many to talk too and you seem the only one that is normal”

            “How long have you been here for?”

            “Since day one, yeah I know everything has changed since day one.  I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my life but this is pretty bad, everyone coming to the point where they just want to break out of their cages and go crazy,  it literally is happening.   There’s starting to be more rapes and murders slowly more and more police are catching young people around with selling drugs, most them carry a pistol with them.”

            “You think it was a good idea to bring them here?”

            He looked at him and said “I hope so cause people are falling apart here the only thing that is keeping them together is the system that Red Cross and the Military are bringing, soon they  will run out of control”

            “What’s your name?”

            He brought his hand out and shook Kyle’s hand he said “oh sorry, my name is Lucas”

            “Kyle, it’s nice to meet you”

            He smiled “you too man”

            “So why are you doing here?”

            “Well I’m here for my next story; people are going to want to know the truth of what happened here.”

            “Just be careful man there are crazy people out here, don’t want to get yourself killed.”

“You sound like your saying that I’m not safe.”

            “You’re not and soon we all won’t be, but don’t worry I got your back you’re not alone”

            Kyle smiled and nodded him and walked away feeling alittle less concerned but knowing from the friendship he just made, he knew that might be the only way to keep him safe.


            Aaron woke up to a beautiful sunny day finally an answer prayer to make the cold go away, Aaron looked at the picture of his wife and daughter as he felt sad but kept the mindset of positive that he will find them and are alive.  He then folded the picture and stuck in his back pocket. After getting dress and walked out towards the food tent where they were serving breakfast and he got in line after an hour of waiting Aaron was getting close but then he turned and saw a boy as he was looking suspicious.   The boy was looking at the food that was on the table filled with food, he was eye balling it as if he is imaginating what it tasted like, then Aaron saw how the boy made a run for it and he grabbed a muffin but before he could get away, two big men were chasing after him.  And when one them got him they were about ready to beat him and no one was doing anything, Aaron looked around and was shocked that no one wouldn’t do something to them.  Aaron then walks out and pushes the one of the big guys away, both were staring at him and Aaron said “leave this boy alone”

            “This isn’t your business now give us the boy, he took something of ours and needs to be punished.”

            “Just because the boy was hungry! You know what, why don’t you just turn around and walk away were done here.”

            Then the two big men quickly pulled out a gun and as he was about to fire suddenly he was smacked in the back of the head by someone else holding a board and Aaron quickly ran over and tackled the guy down.  He then firmly said “don’t mess with me; I have dealt with many enemies like yourself.  I have killed many people and don’t think I won’t do the same to you”

He let the man go as he ran away, Aaron turned his head and looked at the man that saved him he was a husky looking man who had the look of a biker with his long biker beard and was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. 

            Aaron then stood up and said “Thank you”

            the man nodded and said “No problem was waiting, couldn’t wait any longer.”

            Aaron then stuck his hand out and said “Aaron”

            He smiled and walked over and shook his hand and said “Justin”

            “So what made you want to save me?”

            “I wasn’t really trying to save anyone; I just wanted to hit that man in the back of the head”

they both smiled and chuckled they walked down and Aaron said “so tell me about yourself?”

            “What’s there to know”

            “Well everyone has a story Justin, I’m sure you can tell me something.”

            Justin then said “Well I was in Portland when the earth quake happened, I remember a sudden shake and then it stopped and quickly came back.  Everything was swaying around as the ground was rumbling, I looked out the window and saw how the roads were doing a wave motion as they were cracking and splitting down the middle.   I became afraid; I saw how the buildings would not stop shaking, I was praying for the shaking to stop and it wouldn’t stop.  My apartment was starting to crumble like the other apartments because it was built out of bricks and half of the side of the building was destroyed,  I saw a lot of dead people; saw too many families broken.   I remember coming outside and nothing looked the same, There was so much damage and debrie with police and ambulance everywhere. You can hear their sirens for miles throughout the city.  As well the National Guard came and they started to do the evacuations, got on the first bus, drove me to the Redmond Airport and made me wait longer and drove me here the next morning”

            “God I can’t even imagine of what you saw and how tired you must have been”

            “Oh tell me about it, I had blisters all over my feet because I walked so much and had was always walking over the debrie.  Yeah my feet have been through hell.  What about you man what’s your story?”

            “Well I was teaching and then it happened everyone was shocked and scared, I was more worried about my wife and daughter cause they went to Newport for the weekend; haven’t heard from them yet.  People wonder why I’m still in self-control and not going crazy and I don’t know why? Because I feel like I am going crazy but I can’t stop breathing I can’t let this world change that because as long as I know who I am.  I will survive, I just have to think will I help people, will I be there when someone is in trouble, will I be there to take care of someone when their sick. Truthfully I hope so because I hope I have the strength to help these people.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have a quitting heart because I was in the military, I saw some crazy things in the war that drove me to being a drinker. I thank god every day for my wife because if it weren’t for her I be dead. That’s why I’m holding on to something and I don’t know what it is but I know its love cause its telling me to hold on to them to pray and help others.  I’m becoming a more different person every day because people here are giving up they are turning into the things they hoped would never happen.  They are losing it and with the gangs rising up slowly and the drugs are starting to poke out more in these camps, were dying and there’s nothing I can do about it but watch.”

            Justin stood in front of him and looked into his eyes and said “I can see why you are hurting and overwhelmed, but your still holding on do you really want my advice” Aaron looked at him

“Keep praying, look for answers and if you can’t find them then give it to the good lord cause he sure will listen.  I’m not asking you to keep going on, I am telling you to keep pressing forward. Help the weak and stand up against your enemies and that is even the demons that you fight within as well.”

            “You really think their alive.”

            “Yeah I do, don’t give up.”

Aaron started to see a friendship to quickly unfold as he respected this man and felt like he was talking to a brother, He was very happy that he made a friend, someone to talk too.  Aaron was blessed to have the gift in friendship.


Jeff was in the bathroom at the main COCC center with lines of people waiting to go in the bathroom, all the bathrooms around the camp would get this way often in the camps. He was over the sink with his shirt off, he was becoming scrawny and he saw that he hadn’t ate much in the past couple days, Jeff looked like he hadn’t slept for 28 hours.  The man looked hungry, stress and was having frightening flashbacks of the tsunami coming in and taking someone he loved so dear, after he wash his face with pool of water in the sink. Trying to snap out of it, once he was done and walked out.   Jeff was walking in his socks from his shoes being stolen; he walked down and then sat down on a bench.  Looking around and then over heard two young men talking.  Jeff listened in more and they were talking about how bad it is, that they have never seen that much drugs in one place ever.  They talked about how everything is becoming out of control that there needs to be order., the both were stating how they are tired of being bullied around by these gangs and seeing other people getting in the way,  and wishing they could do something about it. The both then walked away and Jeff thought about it hard of how he is tired of it too and wants to make this road be his, he then stood up and walks down.  Following the two men as they were walking

down through the campus and down towards the school library.  Jeff then lost them and couldn’t find them he scanned through the area and nothing, and then as he turned his head he looked in the distance of the two walking towards the back in the woods.  Jeff walked down and rushed a little to

catch up to them but making sure his cover isn’t blown, and as he walked in the woods trying to be hidden then he still couldn’t find them and walked out in the middle to have a better view.  Then suddenly the two guys came out with their pistols out and pointed at him and Jeff raised his hands


The man with long brown hair and patches of hair around his face, he was wearing a leather jacket with jeans that had holes in them and wearing black cowboy boots,  he then said “why have you been following us?”

            “Look I am not here to hurt you, yes I have been following you but I heard what you said and I agree I am tired of being afraid and seeing these gangs just plunder us to the ground.  Your tired of being pushed around, well I am too and you said you wish you could do something about it


            The other man was wearing a black hooded sweater and ripped up jeans, he was a Jamaican; Jeff could tell by his ascent he then said “man don’t listen to him.  This man is crazy let’s just bring him down no one will know.”

            “Look I know you are pissed and you want to do something about it.  Well I know how, you can either come with me and at least listen to what I have to say and we can really do something about it or you can end me now but in the end you will be gutted down by these leaders.”

Both men looked at each other as they didn’t know what to say and didn’t know what to do cause either way they think he’s just going to kill them, but why for something like this.  They both nodded and Jeff said “tell me your names”

            the Jamaican said “Rob”

            the other guy said “Drew”

“Alright come with me then .” said Jeff

They both followed Jeff through the camp and out of the college way road, many people were walking on the side of the street and they walked up a hill towards these buildings and walked through the campus area.  It was packed with people in shacks and tents, some just lying there or standing there and doing nothing.  Some were having small fires with their clothes hanged up to be dry., the smell of bad order made a horrible stench that was hard to catch a breath. Finally they got to the science building where outside were chairs and tables were set up around for people to sit, as many people were sitting in them already and they grabbed a seat to sit down at a table. 

            Drew said “So why do you really need our help?"

            Jeff answered “Because in a day or two more there will be more violence because of gangs, everyday someone is killed or rapped,  once it gets really bad the government will have to  issue for the Red Cross and Church volunteers to go home; then we have the military and local authorities to deal with and they will take over everything in control. We are not safe anymore, this town is becoming more upside down and more treacherous than ever before.  I see more drugs being sold around me then I did when I was in the city, I even see kids selling drugs and carrying pistols in their pants.  So tell me do you think everything is in controlled or do you believe if we don’t do anything about it then more innocent lives will be lost.”

The both looked at each other and nodded as they were agreeing with what he was saying because most of it was true and that they were tired themselves of being in this camp and not being able to get out of here unless it’s to get on a bus.

            “How are we supposed to do that? There are more soldiers and cops in these camps and in town.  If we are going to do this, have you thought of a plan yet?” said drew

            Jeff looked at him and said “Yes, I have thought a lot about this for a couple of days and so I have been watching.  Trying to know what goes on and when they do it.   I may know someone who is in this gang.”

            “How? You don’t even know if he has done anything bad huh?” said Rob

            Jeff said “I have seen him and I have seen him selling these drugs, he prowls around and looks upon young girls, if he isn’t in a gang then he must know who is in a gang and where to find them.”

            “Look dude, you seem like you know what you’re doing and I understand that you are tired, dirty, probably hungry and most of all pissed off because I am.  But doesn’t mean we should go out and kill people.“

“I’m not saying were going to kill this guy but we will bring down this gang, and yes if that means killing a few to end it then so be it.  They are animals and transforming our human nature of morality to something that won’t exist anymore.  I’m done seeing these animals bully people around I hate bullies, and our government and military sure is losing control but we have the power because we are the people.  For god sake my wife has not spoken since the day my daughter was rapped and they have still not found him because there is multiple cases of rape and molestation going on.  I’m asking you for your help because if we don’t do this then things will never look up again.”

They both didn’t know what to say and were frustrated because they know it’s true but didn’t feel like they have enough strength and will power to bring this gang down. Rob then looked at Drew then back at Jeff and said “what do you want us too do?”

            “The guy who I think knows something about these gangs likes to hangout out around the track by the refugee sheltering area at the soccer field, he always looks suspicious but was always hard to catch on his dealings at first.  He is Korean doesn’t really look much accept has two bands around his right arm which could mean he is in a gang.  We will go to the place he hangs out follow him then bring him down and question him, once we know more about where is this gang then will end it.”

            Later that day around 4:30 PM. in the evening as it was a busy day and more people were being transport to here,  everyone was doing their own thing and most were being in line for dinner. Jeff, Rob and Drew were in their own spots just hanging tight trying not to look suspicious then after five minutes later came the target he was by the track next to the woods trying to not be recognized.  They watched him closely as he was standing there until a younger guy wearing a red t-shirt and had glasses on, he stood next to him not saying anything.  Then he handed him a wrapped bag quickly but smoothly handed it to the target, and then he dropped something on the ground that could be money.  He walked away and once he got far enough, the target bent over and put it in his pocket and walked away in the woods, Jeff and his new friends come out and tried not to be seen from him as they were following the target.  They walked in the woods hiding behind cover in different environmental spots, every time that he glances over, the three stopped on a rock hill hidden by a line of trees they looked through the leaves and saw the target coming out on the street as there was a green SUV parked and the target walks over and started talking to whoever was in the car.  Jeff and his boys grab their pistols out and quietly come down the hill and then suddenly as they were walking towards them, they heard the driver say “oh s**t cops” suddenly the driver then starts to drive and the three fire their pistols which makes the target lay down and not too move as they were shooting at the driver and managed to kill him.  They walk over and stand there with the pistols pointing at them and the two search the SUV and Jeff forces the two men to sit and they do.

            Jeff grabs one their chin and says firmly  “Look at me! Who are you? And what were you just doing?”

The man looked at him and said “F**k you!” he spit in his face and Jeff wiped his face with his arm sleeve, he then punched him once in the face and another in his gut which took his breath away.

            Jeff said “Okay let’s try this again who are you? And what were you just doing?”

            He spit blood then said “Ronny my name is Ronny, I’m just doing my business man”

            “Oh yeah selling some good stuff and you sure to be into selling it to children.”

            “Dude you don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t know who you’re dealing with!”

            “What did you say! So you do have dangerous friends.”

            “Yeah but who isn’t”

            “What do you mean by that?”

            “There are a lot more like us, a lot more” Jeff became looked down on by Ronny and saw weakness in him and laughed and said “What you didn’t think this would happen? Trust me that’s why I say you have no idea who you are messing with.”  Jeff looks at him in anger he then let go of him and turned around and said “let him go” then he stopped and heard Ronny say

            “Yeah that’s right b***h, don’t mess with me or my boys are coming for you.  Who are you anyways? Huh…wait I know who you are, don’t you have a little girl?” Jeff stopped as the man continued “wait wasn’t she the fourteen year that was to have been the first to have got raped.”

Jeff turned around and started to slowly walk down towards him as Ronny was laughing there he had hatred in his heart pumping the adrenaline into his brain as he walked over and Jeff then quickly pointed his pistol at Ronny and fired as the bullet shot through his forehead and crushed the back of his dome sending a spray of blood coming from out his head.  He stood over him and said-

 “I’m taking over now”

He then shot him twice and walked down past Rob and Drew as they were shocked of what they saw him do to that man but also respected him more cause a gang member rapped his daughter.  As Jeff got back to the camp and threw his dirty clothes away and got into clean ones after getting ready he walked out and saw Drew and Rob walking over towards him.  He stood there looking at them both as they did the same thing, Drew and Rob smiled and told him how they have his back and time for work to be done, they shook his hand.  Jeff told them that he looked at Ronnys cell phone to find information about some more gang members and found out that he had one where his brother is going to the motel to meet with the boss and few others from a gang to talk about new distributing. And that they are meeting tonight at five.  Jeff looked at his men and nodded and Jeff said “Its time”

            Sara was in her office sitting in front of her computer screen and the governor was on screen as they were having a web cam conversation about what next and how this natural disaster is taking its effect.

            The governor said “Sara I wanted to see you like this because I have word from the president about the refugees” she got comfortable and was all open ears and he said-

            “The president has told me and all branches of the military that were going to have to keep the refugees in the camps for another week or two.”

Her eyes went wide open as she was thinking in her head; they will never survive another week before things go out of control she then said “are you crazy you know they can’t stay there for another week.  Being all cabin fevered, running out of food and supplies, these people need to be

taken care of, they want their homes and see their families. They need to be out in controlled areas and not stuck and packed up in here together.  You know there is a bad cold front coming and its going to make more people die and just go insane, no you can’t do this.”

            “Sara it’s already being done, the president has let everyone know about the order he is making, we will send you soldiers, food, water, supplies anything but the refugees must stay.”



            “Its almost been a week and already people are going crazy, within half of another week.  everything will change and by the end of the week you will all lose control of the situation.”

            “Sara we are doing everything in our power to fix this, we are into the billions in damage and we are at a death rate so far in total of 8300 people and we have more in injured.  You can’t rush these things and sure as hell can’t control them, you just need to go with it and do your job.”

            “I am doing my job, I’ve doing my job since day one and that is helping these people.  What you all are deciding is not going to help but make things worse.”

            “Sara look around you, nothing is always going to seem right to you but think about if we let them back home.  When there is no home for them to come back too, you can’t just keep trying to control everything and make it work out your way. Look I’m sorry but it is what it is.  Will be sending you more reinforcements and supplies, keep holding on stay on the course.  Good luck to you all.”

The screen then went black as he got off, leaving Sara sitting there as her hands were on her face, she felt very tired and more stress as she was overwhelmed by everything.  She tries to stay positive but worries for the people she then started to have tears dripping down as she didn’t know what

else to do. She knew things are going to get worse.

            The president had issued the order of code 43 which was an order to the general of all military branches to be given a little more police power, and so the president sent more supplies and food to the refugee camps in Oregon.  There are thousands of people at the gates, sticking their heads out as they were starving and were feeling like they were in prison with cabin

fever to the max.  They looked dirty and have not been showering for days because the camp was so filled with thousands of people. The Army and National Guard came driving into COCC in humvee’s and trucks and to the Redmond amphitheater as both places were the most populated ones and were dealing with more problems than any camp in central Oregon for refugees.  They were carrying food and supplies and there were driving them to camps once they got to COCC and had everyone line up at the trucks to be given food. They were all becoming in patient and frustrated of waiting so long, then the food and supplies in the trucks were empty; the soldiers told them there was no more.  Everyone started cursing and yelling as they knew they would not last another day without food. The crowd became bigger and aggressive then a small riot happened and the soldiers were trying to stop it but couldn’t as everyone would scatter and bring each soldier down.  Then

soldiers would fire in the air and started to go around making many arrests, but they were able to stop the riot.  The town looked like something you see in an apocalyptic movie the streets were filled with people and downtown was quite where they’re wasn’t many shopping in the stores and the streets were dirty and had a fungus smell.  Every building always had graffiti with words that would be raciest, sexual or political.  There was trash everywhere, with bags of trash piled up on the side of the roads, homeless people were now in every corner.  You could not walk by without seeing homeless people crowding around a flaming barrel and everyone was trying to get warm. The stores like Wal-Mart and Fred Myers had trash on the parking lot and broken down carts that were left there, the shelves were all empty, everything looked so much more smaller.  As life was becoming more an illusion and reality was becoming the nightmare, with everything slowly crumbling as people were letting their emotions get the best of them.  They have let this natural disaster get the better of them, from more gangs rising up, to drugs like meth and heroin becoming more well know and distributed more faster. People were losing hope and dying, because of it more and more people decide to become careless as they sit there staring at time going by them.  The parks had people always going there and setting up their tents; it was a valley of tents and homeless. The smell was like a mold smell but ten times worse, More people were becoming sick and especially for the injured for their wounds were getting infected faster.  It was mostly remembered as a sad torment that people were going through as refugees.  The towns people were being affected by it as well more, as they were making many complaints about the refugees and telling their governor of how there is to many people and how everything is getting worse..  The news everywhere was showing how the stocks are going out and the debt is increasing which was going to become a crash in a couple of days maybe a week. Jeff and his two loyal comrades were in Drew’s bronco truck as they were speaking privately away from public about their plan of bringing down this gang.  Jeff then said-

“Alright guys this is what we’re going to do, this meeting is at the town motel they are in room 8 we will drive over and park at the back of the hotel.  Then will sneak to the door and when I throw the flash grenade in the window , we start firing at them.”

            “How do we know if this is the leader?” said Rob

            Jeff said “I don’t if it really is, just going with a gut feeling it is.  And I have enough evidence to back it up.  Look this is our chance to end this once and for all.”

            Drew and Rob agreed and nodded their heads Jeff said “Alright look I know this seems black

and white but we have to do this, we can do this if we do it right.  Alright …let’s get ready.”

Drew brought a lot of weaponry and three bullet proof vests, they got out and walked behind the truck and opened the latch and saw all kinds of guns that he had collected in the past.  They each grabbed a pistol then a AK and M4 rifles with high tech gadgets on them like laser dot sights. The three then strapped on their vests and wore big snow jackets and masks with irry faces on them as it was like a person’s head except their mouths were smiling and showing sharp teeth real big,  And the eyes were a big size black eye balls to stare fear down their enemies throats.  They got in the truck after when ready and drove off down the college hill and rode through downtown and down to the small white town hotel. They parked at the back of the motel, and walked slowly around the hotel as they walked towards the door they saw the number eight on it and noticed knew this was the room. Jeff pointed for them to stand on both sides of the window and wait till the flash is gone and they agreed, Jeff grabbed out the flash grenade that he took from a Humvee without the soldiers looking.  Jeff then stood up to the door and stuck a military mic under the door to listen in through his ear phones, As he listened to a couple of men in their having a conversation about bringing their product meth to town and have more to distribute for him.  Jeff catched on to it quick and got up and threw the flash bang through the window which shattered it, and a bright white flash made them go on the ground plugging their ears.  Drew and Rob started firing through the window and Jeff broke down the door and shot them as blood was spilt out of their bodies,  the carpet was soaked in blood and bullet holes were in the walls and ceilings.  They walked in and were surprised of what they did,  Jeff said “well done”  they shook his hand and felt proud to know that they brought down a gang.  Jeff and the guys then helped to wrap each body in black garbage human bags and put them in the truck, then they drove out of Bend and to Lapine deep in to the woods once they got there, and parked the truck they brought each body to the shrugged dirt land and started to dig and bury them, Jeff found saw them as worthy brothers someone who he could put his trust in. Once they drove back they said nothing as they were thinking to themselves what have I done to get me here? Once they got to the hill and parked Jeff then shook their hands and was telling them of how proud he was and walked away to figure out the next he has for the future.

            The next morning Drew and Rob felt so excited and proud that they had the strength to do it, they felt inspired by their leader and how he gave them the chance to prove themselves to let gangs know to be watching their backs.  So they walked around the camp and talked with some men in the camp and told them of what they did and how this man is a leader.  At first they thought they were bullshitting but were amazed how they killed two gang leaders so said in the newspaper.

Drew and Rob sent a text to Jeff and said-

“Meet us at this destination tonight be there at 11 p.m. on the dot.” Jeff was thinking what this was about and why. Jeff went to the hospital to visit his wife and daughter as his wife had no life in her she felt like she was losing her daughter,  while she was asleep he walked in the room his daughter was laying there and thought of her as beautiful asleep.  Jeff then pulled up a seat and sat down next to her grasping her hand gently he then said “Hey baby I miss you, I just wanted to visit you and say how sorry I am, I have done a lot of bad things and I’m not proud of them but I don’t regret it. Because were supposed to fight against evil and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Oh god please forgive me for what I have done, I should have been a better father to you I should of kept you close.  I have realized that I have left myself on a lonesome road and I’m scared.  I have come to conclusion of knowing why I’m doing this.  It’s for you baby I love you, I’m sorry I will not lose you again.”

            He stood up and kissed his daughter on the forehead he felt in ache in his heart and his stomach was sore and burning as he felt like something was burdening him, he walked out with his head low knowing he will do more bad in the future.  Later that night Jeff walked out of the camp sneaking by soldiers and security patrol cars which were everywhere in the streets.  He walked through town and in to drake park where the playground was by the river.  It was darkened there and were no lights only shadowed,  He saw up ahead a barrel that had a decent size fire going on, where it shined brightness in the area, Jeff walked out and stood against the fire as he was wearing a carpenters coat and was black he still felt cold as the chills went up his spine.  Then out of the dark he heard a crackle sound like broken sticks someone stepped out of the shadows, and was Drew then Rob then behind him were many other men as they crowded around the fire.

            Drew then said “You’re probably wondering why we’re all here and most of all why have you come tonight.  You have gained mine and Robs respect we were so pressured by fear and weakness we just needed someone to get us up and stand against it.  Well you have got our attention you say if we keep this up we can bring all these gangs down and you showed us that last night.  We have others who are tired of being in dirt and these men need a leader.  And Jeff you are our leader”

            Rob walked up and said “You know at first I thought you were just a con, but after a few more times of seeing how you respected us.  That got my attention me and we are now your brothers, I will always have your back.” Everyone nodded and agreed

            Jeff said “If we are to accomplish this mission then first of all we are brothers everyone here is your brother.  We are going up against a tough and determined enemy and it’s not just the gangs that we need to worry about.  There are those who are corrupted and there here already, the government will take control of everything, they think they have everything under control now but they are naive in their selfish ways,  if they want order then this is the worst way to come with order, It’s the people who have the power and we deserve to get it back.  It’s time to take back what they are taking from us now, we will show them the signs of who we are.  If our leaders think they have the power to fix this…they are wrong because they have the power to only create false reality and only giving nightmares, they think they can make us into a test.  The fact is that our leaders could never imagine having someone be above them in power, Brothers you are strong, valiant and brave

use that honor to take back order and freedom. We are a brotherhood and not a gang but the gangs will fear and our leaders of America will fear us as well, your mission is to find these gang members and bring them down I don’t care if to find them we need to find their family and friends. Once we

bring these gang leaders we will actually have the fear.  And that fear is a resource a power source to people souls, now go and find them and kill them all.”


They cheered loudly and Jeff walked over shaking their hands, thanking them for their courage and their service to the brotherhood.  That night the skies were clear but the air was smokey, some of the men heard from police scanners that there are more evidence of people who are in gangs that

are living at campsites in the woods down in china hat road.  The men were screaming out of their vehicles as there was four vehicles being driven in the Deschutes River woods in over the rock y and bumpy dirt roads;  they saw many lights up ahead it was a large camp filled with homeless people in

tents and wood shelters.  The people were afraid and some were running as the men in the trucks we’re firing their guns and everyone started to run, they pulled over and got out, scattering throughout the camp. All were being brutally aggressive in finding of who is in the gangs, Woman were being beaten and rapped as you could hear there bloody screams.  Drew noticed one of the men rapping a young woman he became angry and got him off and beat his face with the butt of his gun as he was disgusted by the animal behavior, blood was splatter everywhere with the man’s face being beat in and the cheek bones were shattered then crushed in. They started to light up some of the tents on fire  and had a crowd of people held up with their guns pointed at them, they were already afraid and had death in their eyes.  The woods had lighting up around from the shelters being burned and there was some people in there being burned alive.  They managed to capture three gang members and they beat them senselessly to get info about the gangs they were with and how many there is and who is the leader.  Most didn’t tell much but one who was a Hispanic and a very strong looking told Jeff that his gang leader stays in a house in a neighborhood by Wal-Mart off  

Sally ct. and has other gang members living with him and knows locations of where others are.  He made him think to spare him but only lied and then they all shot them repeatedly with blood splattering everywhere. It was a moment of where the villains finally look at themselves in the mirror and truly see the real monster in them, As things were becoming worse and a new power that will crush everything was coming.   It was a dark time, for everyone else were thinking if this way the right choice to come to these refugee camps?

To be continued……

As darkness is rising and the war that was on is now at en end against these gangs; but in dealing with another war against a greater threat, as things slowly get worse with more people being brought to the camps and the poverty rate in it is increasing and the crimes are increasing as well.  The town is becoming more and more disastrous as people have lost their morality and a new gang has rose up and that will bring the town to total control.  And a few will make that choice to end it all to make that stand, even when their world is falling apart.








© 2014 scarhead

Author's Note

This is still being edited but i have got a good chunk of it out of the way. Please leave comments and rates help. But leave me tips and advice as writers of what i can to make it better. Because everyone must know about this. Also due to the nature of the story it may seem alittle fast-past but i kinda wanted it to be like that cause if i slowed down. I probably would have more pages due to more describtion in whats going in every avenue from the aftermath of the disaster, i felt if i slowed down to much it wouldn't even be a short story. Because you know what's going on, you know a great earthquake and tsunami happened and your trying to figure out whats going on now in the story. I don't need to put anymore description on what happened in the natural disaster and how much it looked like in it cause it just would drag on to much. The point of alittle fast-paste is because when this happen i guarantee you there's probably going to be more stuff going down, i have interviewed many leaders in each job avenue for security and survival, so in a sense i know whats going down. Ive have geologist tell me about this earthquake that's going to happen, even the military is ready for it, even for marshal law to come along after this disaster.

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An interesting read. There is a lot of text, and it might not hurt to insert a break between paragraphs of sections to make it easier to read, i found I was getting lost occasionally. Other reviewers have pointed out small grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

This is a good start.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


An interesting read. There is a lot of text, and it might not hurt to insert a break between paragraphs of sections to make it easier to read, i found I was getting lost occasionally. Other reviewers have pointed out small grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

This is a good start.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

You did a great job juxtaposing newsy paragraphs, announcements, description and interactions between students. The ending had a chilling feel. I agree that you need to continue examining grammar and punctuation.

Is your username by any chance inspired by Harry Potter?

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Its scarhead because I've had four brain surgeries and the name kept with me:)
This felt very much like a screenplay for a documentary of a 'what-if' situation. As someone who was in Japan during the Sendai quake, I can definitely relate with the sheer power that such a quake has. It seems to be well thought out and researched. However, the story is riddled with a very substantial number of typos... like pretty much a blend of almost everything... Misspellings (particularly with Aaron's name being written as Arron several dozen times), Sentences which need to start with a Capital, missing articles and words which should be caught if you actually read it aloud, and missing punctuation (such as missing the apostrophe in we're), and just a few syntax issues. Point is, considering the work you put into researching the story, your story is seriously lacking from a technical writing point of view. Do some copy-editing, or hire someone to do it for you if that is a challenge for you.

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This was a very action filled story, I really liked the events you decided to make happen. It grabs the reader in nicely. The only advice or tips I would have to offer is slow down a bit more on the main points, take your time and describe them a little more. It will create a even clearer, vivid picture for the reader, as well as grab the reader in even more. Other than that excellent job, thumbs up! :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow, wonderfull writing man, am still learning myself so i can't really say much rather that just thanking you for sharing such good diction.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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