A Story by scarhead

Its almost been a week and its already turning into a nightmare, as everything is changing for the worse. The war against gangs is over but something sinister is rising up. Coming soon....












                               Beyond This Point

                                              PART TWO








By Jacob Connors


      The sky was blue and the sun is beaming as if god was smiling down on everyone today, the beaches were filled with people as it was in the mid-seventies perfect a stroll by the beach. People already boating and crabbing on the waters, I feel like it’s a dream and yet it feels so real I can smell those burger stands with those delicious burger patty’s sizzling on the fryer.  There was many smiles and laughter around as everyone were having a great time there was sand castles that were being made in the sand and people like children running in the cold waters.  Their was a festival going on with many food booths with concerts and everything.  While everything

seemed perfect then there was a sudden shook and everyone stopped and everyone looked around then suddenly the ground was shaking as everyone started to run as brick buildings were tumbling over as the earth quake was shaking violently.  Even the streets were making wave formations like the ocean except it was on the road people running to get cover and people trying to drive away but can’t as there was to many people on the streets screaming for their lives, some were crushed by the dubrie that was falling from the buildings or the trees that were falling as well.  A long crack then

was made deep in the road,  After five long shaking minutes it finally stopped; you already could hear the sirens all around and see how people coming out with their injured or even the dead some were a bloody mess and some you didn’t expect of why that person died.  There was smoke everywhere from the fires that were started and the few buildings that had fell, People were already leaving town and traffic was being built up on the highway.  I was trying to find my wife and daughter I screamed for their names through the big crowd but could not hear them, Oh god where

are they please let them be alright.  There was a loud deep echoing sound that made many heads turn to the ocean and in the distance I saw a long white mist that coming towards them it got louder like the sound of sounds of waves were coming.  The sirens then started to go off and telling everyone to get to high ground and everyone screamed and ran as fast as they could, some even tumbling over each other.   As people were going on top of the buildings and people trying to run for high cover as the wave line became bigger and bigger as it ferociously was crashing towards the

beaches the wave then came crashing into everything as the water rushed fast into the towns.  The waves were monstrous something you would see in a nightmare people being washed away it was so horrifying to just watch it to know the fact that you are seeing people die.  It’s not like the most because it’s actually happening, the presence became dark as everything was smokey and the sky didn’t seem so blue as waters were washing in cars, boats, rocks, dubree and bodies it was a horrible

sight to see.   I was swimming fast as I saw my wife and daughter holding on to each other as they were trying to not drown, I tried to save them but could not, I then saw how the water was increasing to get deeper and the water was drowning them.  I screamed, I cursed I used all my strength to save them, oh god please bring them home to me…and then I woke up.


Week 2 Day                 

Drake Park Bend, OR                                              

2:45  PM                                  

It’s been three days and things slowly progress to get more difficult and tragic as the town is becoming more grey then the other day.  Each day it seems like the hearts are of stone and is turning cold like a stone to where nothing matters anymore, careless.  The gang is slowly rising up and distributing more drugs around the town making a pierce that has made a wound in central Oregon.  More cops and swats have busted many gang members and dealers for meth and heroin, more have come because there is more people, with the division 2 COCC it has the population of  32,000.  As everyone is cramped in and the beds are taken even the floors, Bend community and Red Cross have started a festival day a day for everyone to be in peace, to work the problems and become a community again but more large.  This festival carries food booths and stuff for the kids to play and many concerts; it was a Bend event for everyone. 

            Aaron was walking down through town as the streets were crowded with people and there was many lines at the food booths, there was even cops arresting people in public.  He was trying to maneuver around each person saying “excuse me” as he got by Kyle who had his camera man getting ready to go live, then he looked and walked in front of the camera as the camera man said go.

 ”Hi I am here live at the Bend festival my name is Kyle and I am news for you today”

The news was everywhere in the park as they were interviewing those who made the event to happen and some people in the crowds for interviews. Sara was in her office and was on the computer finishing up emails and one of her friends came in and said “You coming?”

            “I’ll be ready in a few.” she smiled

She smiled back and walked away, Sara was emailing her good friend who is a senator of Ohio and they had a conversation of what leaders will do next.  Jeff was walking in his construction worker outfit he had the hard cap helmet on and his bright orange vest, he walked casually and was not in a hurry as he was holding a tool box.  He walked through the crowd of people in the park as the festival was going on and the music was loud, he then walked up the park and to the back side of town in a parking lot and he went in his car and sat there. A few minutes went by and Aaron walked

down and stopped at a distance of 65 feet away from the concert, he  kept on hearing a loud small ringing sound that was hurting his ear drum. He then shook his head and it stopped he walked away from the music he bent over and tried to get rid of the ringing then looked over at the band with people smiling and dancing then in that moment BOOM!!!.  From the right Aaron was able to hear the bomb go off near the stage where people were sitting up on the grass, there was a bright flash

and a sudden rumble beneath their feet that threw them off. As time seemed to not exist and everything slowed down there was a fast wave in the air that knocked everyone down and things were blown away as people were stabbed by nails, glass and other sharp objects.  Aaron was still down, he had ash and blood on him, he saw the wreckage around him as he heard loud low echoes of screaming and a really loud ringing sound, he was light headed to where it was difficult to walk. His vision was fuzzy and spinning as he saw dead people lying around and some who were alive with

limbs missing and blood everywhere.  Everyone panicked and starting running as the crowd was like a stampede in the streets and people driving fast out of town and sirens going off everywhere with cops and soldiers running  everywhere to find any suspicion. Aaron gets up and walks, he turned around and looked over towards the intersection in town and towards the library then a sudden shook happened as everyone stalled and in the distance in the parking lot by the library three cars

exploded making a huge loud boom sound that echoed throughout the town.  Jeff then started the car and drove away towards the empty road that was being blocked and Jeff managed to drive away without notice. There was smoke everywhere with large crowds of people running through the streets and the park, as they all fear for their lives and were doing everything they could not to lose them.  Cops were already making road blocks and directing traffic, including calming the crowds of

people and evacuate them back home, there was many gun shots that were heard that echoed in the air.  Reporters were everywhere trying to capture the scene of what was going on.  As the news everywhere were speaking about this and made the politicians go frustrated for this was the last thing they wanted and that was for the media to get involved, they were already thinking about harsher enforcement to clean this mess up.  Squads of cops and soldiers were walking through every corner and alley way of neighborhoods, parks, stores and alleyways with desperation and

determination to find of whoever did this.  The hospital was filled and had to use the churches to help, as 23 were dead and 155 are injured maybe even more, you can hear the screams of people in the hospital that was filled with pain from burns, stabbed by the shards of the bomb and people who have missing limbs it was a bloody nightmare.

A couple hours went by and channel 8 news then came on and everyone crowded around to watch the TV as mayor of Bend Oregon was on the platform ready to make his speech in front of the press. As everything was quiet and you could hear some people even crying, Everyone’s hearts were broken for those at the North West coast and in central Oregon of all the terrible things they have been enduring.

            “This is your local news here at channel eight this is news; hi I’m Cameron today at 2:40 P.M. this afternoon a festival was going on for Bend Oregon community and for the refugees that have been staying in central Oregon since last week.  After a deadly earthquake and tsunami that shocked the North West,  but when everything seemed to go well something happened, this is a quick video to show you what happened.”  The news then switched it over to the video where Kyle

and his camera man were doing an interview with Sara leader of Red Cross natural disaster , then when everything seemed well.  Suddenly an explosion happens near the stage as the camera was moving around wildly and there was a lot of screaming and smoke around with lots of people running by it.

            “Authorities are trying to investigate this situation and they are saying it was not on accident and this is terrorist act,  so far 23 people have been reported dead and 155 are injured but more are still being counted.  Then after when the bomb went off, fifteen minutes later in the parking lot in front of a library three car explosions that was sending fear to everyone.  Right now congress and the president are working on how to send relief to the refugee camps and control the violence that

has been happening more in the last week. All local authorities are asking for your help, if you have videos or pictures from the explosions or something that was suspicious please notify the authorities and send them what you have to help them have better leads in their investigation.  Late last night more gang rivalry violence has been happening, at 1:30 A.M. last night in the neighborhood of fox hollows a fire fight broke out and ten people were found dead, authorities say that they were

members of a gang and three of them were leaders.  As this was not a war but an execution and the worse may yet to come.  If you want to help with the tragedy that is happening in the North West,relief donations are available and if you would like to help please contact Red Cross volunteering and they will get you started.  We will keep you updated on the refugee crisis in central Oregon but until then thank you for joining with me here on channel 8. Thank you and God be with us.”

            Jeff was aiming down his scope he was sitting down below in the brushes where he was knelt down on some weeds, it was partly cloudy and very hot he was sweating but trying not to move.  He saw the buck that looked like a big one. it was up on a rocky cliff about 500 yards away from him, it was difficult to take a shot as it was so high up and the sun started to glare in his scope making it hard for him to see. He then lowered his fire arm and looked at the deer he looked up and saw a cloud slowly moving in front of the sun once when it did, he quickly brought his gun up getting himself comfortable with the butt of the gun pressed in hard against his

left shoulder.  He quickly aimed and then pulled the trigger and the bullet hit the deer hard in the neck as the deer fell off of the cliff and rolled down the hill.  He walked over and tied all four of the deer’s legs together and tied some small rope around the legs and dragged it down to his quad that he drove down and parked it by some trees. He walks up as the deer was heavy and laid it on the quad bed and tied it up, he got on the quad and sat down with his gun lying next to him.  Jeff started

it and heard the motor going loud VROOM!!! VROOM!!! The quad was shaking as he was holding in the brake leaver and started twisting the gas a couple times as it was loud, then he pulled out of there fast and drove down the hill.  The trees were beautiful and very vibrant green even the sun glaring through the forest as its beams are shining through the trees with a bright, The smell of fresh pine was in the air as if someone was making a fire. He drove down a dirt trail, down the hill as there

were branches and twigs on the ground, crackling as the tires were running over them.  Then he arrived at his log cabin home that is close to sun river, he parked the quad in the open shed and turned it off; he grabbed the deer and dragged it inside the cabin.  He walked right in after closing the door as there wasn’t much furniture only one couch no TV or radio only two beds everything looked empty and it looked like no one has been there in years from the webbing in the corners to the dust that was built up on the floors and wood counters.  Jeff laid the deer on the old wood table as it was dripping blood on the table and on the floor from its bullet wound, So he took off his big brown coat that he had since when he was building in Portland and was working for a long time till he got laid off because of the recession. There were many things he had brought, that carried many memories.   He was wearing a long grey sleeve shirt with jeans and his boots that he has had since

boot camp in the military. Jeff walked over in the kitchen and grabbed his combat knife, walked over sat on the chair in front of the table and grabbed the deer’s legs and pulled it closer to him. Jeff then looked at it, he stared and then grabbed the flask out of his pocket and took a swig from his scotch.  His face quivered as his cheeks were shaking, he blinked his eyes a couple times and then he plunged the knife in the deer’s belly the blood flowed out fast, then he continued to start to

cut down in the middle as blood was coming out faster. Softly but quick and gentle as he would make a hard tug in the animals stomach, he grunted and cursed as he put the knife away and put almost forearm length in the deer’s stomach as it was opened up and the smell was unbearable to the point where your eyes would water. Jeff grabbed his knife with the other hand and put it back in the deer’s stomach, you can hear the slime sounds swishing back and forth; then he was moving around.  Cutting the organs and taking them out then placing them on the table.  There was

blood everywhere on the table and on the floor as well, he then got up and walked over to the sink, turned it on and started to wash his hands then dried them.  He grabbed a big black trash bag with yellow rubber gloves on and he walked over to the table and started to put the deer’s organs that were slimy looking and in the color of dark purple in the black trash bag. Then opens up the black duffel bag that was on the ground next to him, he unzipped it and there were multiple blocks of

homemade C4’s, he grabbed them out and shoved it in the deer’s stomach.  After when he got all twenty of them in its stomach then he stapled it closed with a staple gun, then grabbed a black tarp and laid it by the table.  Jeff dragged the deer off the table and wrapped it up and tied it to where the deer’s legs were all facing towards its face. He then dragged the bag that had the deer in it and dragged it out in front of his cabin and then laid it on the back of his truck.  Jeff then laid the deer down and got in the truck, started it and drove away out of the woods, he drove out of Sun River and towards Prineville once he got towards the farm land where there was another military base and a small refugee camp not too far away.  He pulled over and knew that soldiers drive on this road, so Jeff got out of the truck and then laid the deer in the middle of the road.  Then he got in his truck and drove away.  Meanwhile later it was 4:05 in the late afternoon and two military trucks with one Humvee that had a 50 cal. They pulled over and they saw the dead deer and two soldiers

walked towards it, one bent over and as he saw the staples and torn it the C4 ignited caused from the detonator that was tied to the staples.  Both were gone as the explosion was very big and the impact was intense throwing one truck and then many soldiers got out of one Humvee as there was twenty of them with machine guns in their hands. The machine gunner on the Humvee cocked back the gun and they were looking around as it was quiet and then they heard whistling it made them get

startled, then bird sounds.  Then Jeff first got up and shot one then all around the area of the road out of the brushes and shrubs, his brothers got up quickly and fired their machine guns intensely at them. Once the gunman on the Humvee tried to shoot at them he was sniped out through the head. 

Jeff and his boys were proud as it was a success and they walked up towards the trucks and in the truck that wasn’t destroyed had all these weapons and ammunition.  Jeff saw the many crates and he stood in front of them raising his gun high in the air as he yell “Let’s take it all!!” they cheered as he slided the long crate out of the truck and it broke with all these guns and they slid off two more large crates out of the truck.  They loaded these crates in the vehicles that they had hidden during

the firefight and drove them over for pick up, now realizing and they have the power to change things and they knew that’s what they were going to do.

            Aaron was helping out more in the Red Cross, rushing around in the tens where many were injured and hurt, he was going everywhere trying to help as many as he could.  He then walked out of the tent and grabbed out a cigarette and tried to light it but wouldn’t light, so he grabbed his cigarette from his mouth and he looked around.  Then saw a reporter taking photos around the camp so he walked down as he was curious about what kind of pictures he was taking, he then got

close to him.

  then said “How’s it going… beautiful day isn’t it?”

the man nodded and said “Why yes it is, can I help you?”

“Oh no just interested what pictures you were taking, I use to be a journalist in college so I know what it’s like.”

            “no that’s fine which college did you go too?”

            “Oregon State”

            “nice yeah I’ve heard good things about that school. “

            “yeah…but where you from?”

            “I’m from southern California”

            “yeah i have family who live up there too.” Aaron smiled

            Then he smiled and said “yeah, its nice there but got tired of the populated cities”

            “My name is Aaron”


            “So what brings you all the way over here?”

            “Well my dad wanted me to be a doctor but my mother was a writer and I really loved to write.  So I pretty much said screw you to my dad and worked my hardest for journalism and I’m all about wanting to bring the truth out to people.  Plus I went to Washington State and got my bachelors there and got a job with a news team. Now here I am living the dream”

            “Wow that’s kinda like how I started”

            “Oh yeah, what brings you here?”

            “Well my dad wanted me to be in the military and I did too but my mother was a teacher and I loved teaching people but I didn’t feel like my place was to teach children, so I joined up with the army headed to boot camp in Georgia I passed the training as their highest unit.  Came home then I go on my first tour did two of them and retired and got my license to be a teacher and was teaching in Redding California then got a better job here in Bend.”

            “Yeah I guess I can see that.”

            “Where were you when this happened?”

Kyle looked at him and looked nervous and didn’t know how to say it of what he went through, for it was nightmare to him.

            “I was actually was in Seattle trying to get a job there, and right when I got in the car, that’s when the shaking started and  everything started to shake, increasingly to get worse the minutes felt like hours.  People were panicking and running down the streets some who were crushed from the falling dubrie in the buildings. Trees were falling down in the streets, old brick apartment complex’s

that were being raddled so much that the entire complex crumbled. The roads were  going in wave motions from the quake, once it was over the city didn’t look the  same as there was local officials everywhere.  People were dieing all around me and there was nothing I could do about it.  So I decided that this is my story to show everyone what happened here, how this earth quake changed everything.”

            “And I hope they listen.”

They give each other the look of wishing them both the best of luck in their survival as they were confident to do what they can to get what they want and that’s the truth to bring everyone back from forgetting minds. The crowd that was rushing down to the tents, small facilities and libraries to help the refugees stay connected with their family. Aaron and Kyle looked over wondering what was going on and followed the crowd of people and saw how they were watching the TV’s and felt more helpless as they saw on the TV screen CNN broadcasting that the stocks are going down again

and will be more difficult, it was showing thousands of people in the streets protesting and at the white house people have started to protest at the front. As the nation became more saddened and broken, the government didn’t know what to do as there were a lot of unanswered questions. The crowd of people were shocked in their eyes, you can already know what they were thinking.  What are we going to do? How will we provide for our families now? Aaron then walked up the hill towards the other buildings at COCC and walks in the Science building and saw how more people

were watching the news and looked fearful, he walked in the offices and saw Sara. She was watching the news as well and was not very happy he walked in but she didn’t look, he walked over and stood next to her watching the TV.

            She then said “How did we get ourselves in this?  I failed, we all failed.  We thought about ourselves and forgot about helping each other.

            “We still believe, we just are hurting”

            “We use to believe that when someone is hurt it doesn’t matter if your random or outcast.  You would still go up and see why that person is crying and you comfort that person, we use to help each other out in our hard times.  Now we let our own pride make everything that is simple to being complicated, different and almost complete, now we will stand fragile.”

She then turned around and even looked more upset but yet to not even cry, walks over to her bench table that was marble and beautiful.  She continued to walk over where she bent over over and opened the cupboard and grabbed out a bottle of vodka with a tall glass, she filled it to the half way marker and started taking sips of it.

Aaron then said “it’s interesting that no matter how much humans try to control or justify it will always be complicated and imperfect.  This is not something that is terrorist or the next gang war…this is going to be a revolution but they will destroy the city, pouring out all their cruel corrupt darkness in this town.  If we give up then they will all give up, we are the very last encouragement of good into these people’s lives.  They are dieing as their home is gone and they have lost so many loved ones, and their tears continue to pour down from their eyes.  If we can continue to fight for these people then they will fight with us” he turned around to face her and he gently turned her around to face him and he looked at her with his hands on the side of her arms as he said “We cannot fail, I don’t have many friends.  But only one and I need my friends help to complete this.”

She smiled as she had tears starting to drop from her eyes and she wrapped her arms around him as he did too, she then said “You better not tell this to anyone” he smiled as two good friends they both didn’t have any friends and only trust each other, and they knew they are all that they got to accomplish this.

            Jeff was down low on his stomach he was hidden in the twines and brushes, he looked down as the road that led through Prineville towards Fossil River.  There a few miles more down is a military camp headquarters; He knew that many soldiers drive on these roads, Waiting, as the sun was shining and was blazing hot hearing the flies buzzing around and the trees swaying through the muggy wind. Jeff then saw three Humvees driving down and had three gunners on top, Jeff grabbed out the small mirror and shined it towards the far cliff across from him the distance about a hundred feet away.  The sun made a glare on it and shined a light towards the others that were hiding and they did it back to move on to their positions. Then not too long after in seconds three explosions were set off,  two seconds from each other creating a mass impact explosion around the rocky cliffs by the road.  One truck was caught in the intense fiery explosion and the other got buried and the third one stopped quickly as the roads was blocked off from the piling in the street.  Soldiers were rushing out of the third vehicle as there was smoke and dust in the air, they headed towards the other trucks trying to see if anyone had survived they were grabbing a few that were buried in the rocks.  Then Jeff had his comrade’s rush down and aim their guns at them as there was many and they were yelling and cursing at them for them to drop their weapons and put their hands up. They tied them up and had them remove all their clothes to where they were naked, they were all laughing

at them, and then they put them back in the truck and they left without revealing their trace.  A few hours went by before the military had found them and saw how this could become a threat until they found four other soldiers stripped down and blind folded with cardboard box signs that were string around their neck, they read it and it said “the fire gets worse before the real ignite begins” they knew right then that they are not dealing with no ordinary gang or terrorists. They saw how they use military tactics and strategies as they are facing an invisible enemy.

            Things were becoming more difficult as reality was truly hitting the modern life, as people were becoming fragile, easily manipulated and deeply oppressed.  Young people from age 16 to 23 are becoming more involved with little hood rat gangs and are selling drugs like meth around the ghetto neighborhoods,  neighborhoods were becoming like the jungle in L.A. where even people are walking outside with their AK-47’s out. they made sure that no cop can take it back as they want

these neighborhoods to stay in their control with power and in which it makes these neighborhoods stay trashy, pitter, violent and to continue the drug runs in these homes. Meth and Heroin was becoming the most well-known drug in the city when it used to not even be seen before, as people are losing it and are breaking.  Giving up and giving it to their animal survival instincts, the beautiful tourist city that everyone loved to live in, was becoming an outlaw territory even the law force were

having difficulty just controlling it.  The military had their eyes on this new gang that was slowly rising up, they sense that this gang has been a part of the meth and heroin that’s been distributed around town, and recruiting more men to their gang. More and more were falling into the great darkness consume where many were joining them, most were coming from the built refugee shelters in the woods that was off of China hat road.  These shelters were either tents, sleeping on the ground to a tarp laying on a couple of two-by-fours, to small built wood forts.  There was hundreds

of people living there as they looked all dirty like they hadn’t showered for weeks, wearing on the clothes that they had when they first arrived.  People doing heroin in their forts even kids were doing it, they were starting to become a wide spread of small drug corporations always going through these parts of the woods. Even recruiting children to help sell drugs on the streets and refugee camps, making every fragile soul in these camps to be crumbled and weaken forever. Cops and military investigators were finding out that most of the drug corporations are being runned in

lava caves and underground tunnels that they dug and built to easily get around quicker. Everyone was losing  money, selling was becoming the only way to survive and get cash to at least feed themselves and their families, things were becoming more and more darken. This was becoming a new age…of the Dark Ages.

            It was warm outside and was blue sky another busy day with crowds of

people walking in the streets, everyone was outside enjoying the warm beautiful day

as this was their first day where it was suitable to be outside.  Volunteers were out

helping with the injured and sick, playing activities with children and just talking to

people.  It was beginning to look like a good day a lot of smiles,people getting along it

almost looked like people were accepting this, they were actually getting up

and telling others of their story of who they are and where they came from and how

they survived. You didn’t want it to end as it just made you smile maybe even tear up

to think we are going to make it, but in life there is those good days and then there is

the bad days, this is one of them.

POP,POP, POP everyone stopped and stalled as they were trying to figure out if that

was gun shots, it was quiet and fear had struck them hard like a freight train hoping

that it was not what they heard, then you heard screaming and more shots were fired

aloud where everyone could hear it, and everyone started to run as they screamed

and tried to run for their lives.  There was two men with bullet proof vests on and

were holding two AK’s that they were firing into the crowd and just walking down as

people were running from them, then soldiers started to rush down and started to

fire at them and were able to shoot them down.  Soldiers were getting people to go

into the gym and the football field and to panic as they were having  soldiers protect

them, and so they rushed down and were directing people to get back to their homes

safely.  Once they had the streets at the school to be cleared they had several

teams, going around throughout the college seeing if there was more shooters.  They

found four bodies of Red Cross volunteers dead and one from a church volunteer ages

from 16 to 35, they were cornered in a dead end of the building and were shot to

death.  The refugees cried as they heard about who got shot as many looked up to

them and considered them as friends,  The news alert came on everywhere on TV,

radio and internet about how there was a shooting at the

 refugee camp in COCC.  Once the president saw this and was told more about what

happened he then issued for all Red Cross and volunteers from their church at COCC

to all go home and stay there and that they will be safe there.  Soldiers and law

enforcement quickly responded and had all the volunteers evacuate out of there as

they went on buses, the soldiers put a long fence down the streets both

sides and had a gate to keep the refugees in, so that no one can get in or out.  The

refugees rushed to the fences and gate crying for help and were very afraid,

screaming out and begging for them to take them away. As they knew if they stay they

will die.  It was difficult for the volunteers to leave them most were in tears as they

knew that they may never see them again. Soldiers were trying to get people in the

three main buildings and even some of the other small Buildings at COCC to keep

people safe.  But the rest of them had to stay in a group of tents that

were in the football field that will be heavily guarded, as they know for the next

twenty four hours they will be in enemy territory.

            Aaron was rushing down the hall ways in the E.R. at St. Charles hospital in

Bend, he was rushing people in who were shot,  he couldn’t believe how many more

people he was seeing come in with gun wounds and knife. He then took a quick break

and walked down the hall of the hospital, the patient rooms were all filled up, he

then walked pass some of the rooms in the E.R.. Then saw this woman outside of the

room and staring at her, for he saw that she had been there for many days.  He

walked over to her and stood by as she was looking at the nurses that were checking

her daughters vitals.  She had short blond hair she looked like she hadn’t slept in a

while and hasn’t ate either she looked like she had been through a lot.

            Aaron then said “Long day?”

            She looked and saw him and said “Yeah, you can tell?”

            “You look like you could use a coffee” he then had the second cup of coffee

in his other hand and she grabbed it and said “thank you” she sipped on it and closed

her eyes as it was refreshing to her.

            “So do you work here?”

            He said “No I don’t, I like most others are trying to help” she smiled he then said “Is that one yours”

            She looked and said “Yeah she is”

            “She is beautiful”

            “Thank you”

            “How old?”


            “Awe well she’s beautiful, yeah but I have one except mines 17” he then pulls

his wallet out and grabs a picture of him, his wife and daughter and showed it to her,

she looked at it and smiled and said “Awe their beautiful, lucky man”

             he smiled as he pulled back and looked at it more and putted it away and said “Yes I am mame.”

            “I wish I was that lucky”

            “If you don’t mind me asking what happened to her?”

            “She was raped.” as she just stared at that clear glass, looking upon her

daughter as she just rests there. She then said “she’s been in a coma almost two

weeks and has not woken up.”

            Aaron almost had tears coming down and was angry and said “what’s her name”

            She said “Kate”

            “I have never prayed before mame, I don’t know who god is but all my life I

have known that there is a god but I have never knew who that god was but mame I

will pray for Kate.  I pray that whatever god it is that he will be comfort you.”

            “she hugged him tight and had tears in her eyes and said calmly and gently said “I can’t lose her, but I don’t know how to hold myself up.”

            “I’ll tell you this”

When she let go he then said “do you have someone to help you, do you have a

husband that you want to get a hold of?”

            She then said “I do have a husband and there won’t be no point in calling my husband.”

            “Why mame?”

            She looked at him bluntly and said “My husband is going to war.”

Week 2 Day 4

Salem, Oregon               

                                                          Conference Room                                                                

The governors from Oregon, Washington and California, meeting with other senators

including mayors of Bend and Redmond have come for a conference, with no media is allowed,they have come to discuss about the situation of the gang that is rising and causing anarchy distress. 

Once the conference was starting everyone was getting ready to be seated, the governor of Oregon then said “22 hours ago in Bend Oregon at the community college COCC, went through a shooting where three men had come into the camp with three fully automatics that were AK’s.  The two came out to the main street that ran straight through the college, and fired into the crowd killing eight people from ages 25 to 55.  Then the other went in a building chased five woman, four were

volunteers from Red Cross and the other was a volunteer from her church they were from ages starting 16 to 35. We have heard that this gang rising up calls themselves the red fist gang, one of the leaders in headquarters sector 2 in Prineville has informed us that this gang has attack them more then once.  Two days ago they ambushed three of their trucks that was carrying weapons and ammunition, they brought them down and took all their weapons carrying machine guns, semi-automatics, C4 and three rocket launchers.  After that attack the next day, they attacked again destroying two trucks and two Humvees, soldiers came in right after the attack and found four of

their brothers in the truck naked and tied up.  There was signs tied around them that said the fire gets worse before the real ignite begins.  Already they have shown of what they can do as the threat of more attacks are climbing, they have even called in and threatened the military that there will be more attacks like these.  We can even see that they are growing in resources and have recruited many people, to where they are asking for war, time is running out the more we wait the more of a chance

that they will take the city. And we cannot let that happen, the president has already spoke with me and other leaders in this operation that we have been deciding to begin Marshal Law for this will only be a test to not only save the people and these towns from sure destruction.  But also to see how it really works.”

Sara sitting in one of the main seats up in front of the leaders spoke up and she said-

            “Sir even if we tried to test it how do we not know what that will open up, what that would endure. You see your all coming to the end of the line where you don’t know what to do and its because your all losing control, were saying that this earthquake and tsunami destroyed everything that we held the modern life in our hands and now that will change forever.  Our security, military and what we operate in modern life and our economy will never be the same. Because after when

survival takes play no matter what they will change the way we live and the way you all protect us, the people do not need more soldiers, fences and weapons.  That just encourages something sinister to rise you think you can end this, no this is just the beginning. But we can’t do martial law it will change everything forever, the people’s trust in their leaders and governments will fade and become vail.”

            The governor of Washington then spoke “Thank you Sara leader of Red Cross natural disasters, but if we don’t take control the people will become chaotically out of control and they will just end killing each other.  Can you image what that will be like on the media streaming on the internet everywhere, as this would drive a weakness mock to our enemies this is sinister and this isn’t over. ..Your right.   That’s why we need to stop it, hell even Abraham Lincoln called for martial law in the states.  If we are not going to do martial law then we are going to have to some type of aggressive controlment to detain this evil coming.”

            “Do you want this to look like what is in the Middle East today, where the people will always hate you.  Don’t you want their trust and their love that’s what this constitution is about and if you keep changing it and replacing new laws above it, then the people will go against you. There will car bombs, they will kill as many innocent people just because they know they are weakening you and that’s power to them and when they see when you take that next step to control everything…they

will do the same as well.  I urge please let us find another way of ending this because there is away.”

One of congress leaders sitting at the very front he said “I fear if we keep waiting it will just get worse but martial law would change everything and we would never get it back.  I want to introduce you all to someone that I think can help.  He has fought in many tours in the Iraq war including a tour in Afghanistan to track down terrorist, he is a war hero and has put everything into his work for his country.  If there is someone that I think can turn the tide is this man, I like to introduce to you

all General Hickam L. Bale and right now he will be speaking to you about the plan that we have came up with…General.”

He was tall with his smooth military shave on his head, he looked like a general from the way he looked with his full grown beard and dark blue eyes that strike fear in all his enemies eyes, the way he dressed in his military suit that had many medals and badges from his tours and courage of being in the fight; he looked strong and vigilant as he had the look that he has a plan.  The general then stood up and walked to the podium and spoke in the microphone and said-

            “Thank you congressman and thank you for being here with us tonight my name is General Hickam L. Bale I don’t need to explain to you of what I’ve done and my experience in the military cause the congressman did a good job in telling you all of what I do. Tomorrow should be looked at as a new day, protection for the people is my goal, me and men will investigate more on this new rising gang and we will find their leader and will kill him.  I have tracked many fearful terrorist in my day I have gotten to know how they hide, how they fight who they love and care for.  I will know

everything about my enemy because whoever it is, I fear he won’t stop but that’s where I come in. This new plan that I and some our leaders have created and came up with is an operation call New Dawn but before we can see the dawn we have to catch our enemy.  That’s why I will be using all security from cameras around the city, if I have I have too will put cameras in the neighborhoods, will have 24 hour military patrols around central Oregon.  We all have people in disguise looking like average

person to come up with information by interrogation even if that’s putting a black bag on a few suspects heads and throwing them in the van. This won’t be martial law but this will have the form of looking like martial law, we are going to start taking everyone’s info of who they and where they come from, everyone even those have lived in central Oregon for years. We have more drones flying in the sky more and will have other new small gadget technologies to help us where every local official and military must wear small cameras on their chest to record everything. I will have our

soldiers be carrying new high powered rifles and I will even have special op’s teams that the best of the best especially since they were trained in the navy seals they too will help us. Tomorrow morning we will only have two main divisions and that is the three amphitheaters in central Oregon where will have to fit even more people in there and shut down the small camp outs in the parking lots schools and stores.  Then will only have our main headquarters and the main refugee base at COCC where we will put more effort in protecting these people. I will find the enemy I will to all the places they hide if I have send missiles flying in and destroy everything that are in these caves or tunnels then I will.  Ladies and Gentlemen I promise you I will end this before it becomes to martial law, I will have this city in peace again.”

The decision was voted and was agreed to make this operation New Dawn to go effect, hoping that this will be their last greatest shot to actually control the situation and make life go back to the way it was.


            The night was crisp, a warmth that kept you comfortable with only a small wind breeze that was refreshing, a clear night it was with the stars out shining bright as this was a perfect night for the perfect sleep.  Soldiers carrying heavy powered weapons as they were constantly walking around the camps and up and down the college, searching through buildings as quietly as they could. Everyone laying in their bunks sleeping peacefully almost like an answered to prayer, then out of nowhere silent shots were heard the distance most the soldiers that were searching away

from the tents and into COCC.  They were being shot and falling over to sleep as they were being shot by bullets that have a small pointy tip that injects sleep stuff into their blood cells. After seeing most of the solders fall asleep and were laying around COCC everywhere and the gang came out of the shrubs, trees and some that were buried in the dirt climbed out and they were of thirty men holding AK’s and MP5’s they were dressed up in dark clothing with ski masks that had paints of different fearful faces. They were looking a very tactical gang with some wearing bullet proof vests, the gang split it up to three squad teams of ten in each squad group.  Silently they were rushing down the college and saw the soldiers patrolling around the tents a few of the comrades grabbed out their grenade launcher and they launched many cans of sleeping gas that was to its thickest. The gang sheered in through the fog like phantoms wearing gas masks and gave the image of monsters as they started grabbing most of the children that was in the tents.  They were quick and quiet, they

knew what they were doing and they carried all the children out to the truck and laid them softly in the back.  They left with leaving a trace except that it will be horrible morning.  It all started with screams, agoning hurtful screams of mothers in deep pain, as everyone was searching everywhere for the children, they all were starting to panic and the soldiers felt like fools that they didn’t see it coming.  It brought terror and fear into everyone’s soul especially for the ones whose child was

kidnapped, the main street called college way ran up and down through the college as it was a main street.  They poured gallons of gallons of mostly animal blood some human on the streets and they were soacked, as there was officials on it already hosing it and scrubbing the blood out which took all day to do. But they never expected to wake to a nightmare like this to see the hill in blood and the

children were gone, parents were on their knees in tears and trying to comfort each other in this time of heartache but this time it was too much. They had left a sign for the military as it read-

            Surrender your controlment and kneel before justice.  If you want these yuppies to stay alive, give your arms and go back home and never return.  If this is not responded in 32 hour. Then one will die of the consequences. HA HA HA HA.

Right then they knew they are not dealing with ordinary gang they were professionals, they knew how to shoot and well.  Everything seemed dimmed to know how this will all play out then outside they heard loud rumbling noise .  Everyone stood by the street watching all these advanced technology black Humvees, tracks, helicopters, a few mini tanks that carries five mini guns with millions of ammunition and a flame thrower or water hose in the front.  All vehicles were black and

had heavy material plating that not even the army has seen before, with bullet proof everything on the armor and the glass with heavy powered machine guns.  Then the out of the man trucks came out three hundred tall, muscular soldiers wearing large heavy plated armor on their bodies as it looked like a bot suit.  They had rifles that looked very future and very gadgetries in technology, the people became intimidated and alittle worry about how this will play and how long before they turn on the refugees. General Hickam walked out of the black hawk and was wearing a casual clean black suit with no tie, he the face look on him of determination like he was on a mission. He walked into the main building where it was a headquarters and he saw how not many people were working an effort, there wasn’t even many people working.  Walking with him and showing him around was Sara and two other politicians of Oregon, Hickam said “not much here, what happened?”

            Sara said “They became afraid and had to go home, most of them were volunteers from Red Cross and even churches, it’s been that bad.”

            Hickam smiled and said “That’s okay, that’s what I’m here for.  Don’t worry ill take over from here.”

            “Take over…” said Sara as the general started to speak with a louder tone over her and said-

            “Alright everyone things are going to be alittle different right now, right now we are here to take over this operation for only a short time and what I need you to do is to please listen of what I have to say.”

The workers started to walk up the stairs from the cafeteria area and started to listen, he continued-

            “I am doing an investigation on this gang and anarchy problem, I have heard much what’s been going on and I need your help to get me as much information as you can on what happened on the day of the Drake Park bombing.  I want photos, videos from phones and street cameras, I want interviews to be done now and to find that was recorded on the bombing scene. Call local stores and ask about any tool or object that could lead to evidence of the making of this bomb.  Look through

it through credit cards, receipts everything.  We will find the men who are doing this and we will bring them down to justice, I have brought a new kind of soldier and protection we have been testing this for many, many years and I don’t want you to be intimidated or afraid of what they can do.  But be glad of what they’re going to do and that’s finish the job, now if you’re with me stay now…. (He waited as they stayed in their place) Alright thank you now let’s get to work and find those b******s.” Everyone clapped in joy of a chance of hope and rushed to their computers and

phones and started to work. General Hickam then walked off and up to the conference room to get ready to explain local communities authorities and officials of the next step to do.

            Sara walked alittle faster and said “Excuse me General…Excuse me!”

The General turned around and said “Yes Sara?”

            She said to him with a firm tone and said “You I don’t respect the fact that you are taking over my operation that I have been on with since the beginning and that’s to help these people.  I’m still in charge of this too, you can’t just make all these changes without alerting me.”

The general stood there with a blank stare and his shoulders with straight he gave her a grin and s**t the glass door quietly to not make a scene from the conference room.  He gently waved her over down the hall and walked with her and he said “I understand about how difficult this may be and I especially understand when someone takes over something you had and were leading it frustrating. But understand that I believe in the same things as you do and I want to help these people but we

cannot do that if we can’t better secure ourselves.”

            “This will change the way people live in the modern life, you will destroy everything in privacy and trust if you do this. What you don’t understand is that this is what they want, something to make them angry and then they want revenge.  They just want power and I have a feeling that’s the very thing you want too.” Said Sara

 he then walked a little closer to her where he was looking down on her and said quietly but firm-

            “You are in charge and I am going to keep that way under my supervision and judgment, I am your boss and whatever you find out you return it to me. Understand?”

She nodded in agree and he then got closer to her face said “oh and another thing don’t even try to f**k me over, stay out of my way of what comes.” He started to walk to the door and stopped as he heard her say-

            You do know children are now involved with this, how’s that going to look on the media. Gang silent kidnaps 42 and no evidence of their where bouts. How are you going to stop from people knowing.”

The general said “that’s okay I’ve made sure that no one is coming in or out and whoever is a reporter will make sure their truth burns. Don’t worry I’ve got this planned and that’s for me to be connected to everything and everyone.  You have a good day Sara.”

He then continued to walk inside the small conference room that was location in the main COCC building, there was very many people in their seats as the General stood on that podium with his mic in his ear. Hickam started to introduce to them all of who he is and what he does, including the changes and security he plans to bring in central Oregon and in their towns.  Reminding them that if they don’t do this type of security, it for sure it will go out of control.  But with this new technology

they can use it to find the killers and kidnappers that did this.  The people seemed more worried and concerned of what their future will be like, but they were explained with a lot of info about if they don’t do this and an anarchy war could start and even martial law.  He made sure he had their full attention and encouraged them to know that they will protect these refugees and the people of this town and that soon things will go back to the way they were. The people then came to agreement

and said yes to the new technology security, after when the conference was over everyone cheered aloud and were shaking Hickam’s hand.  As they were putting their trust and respect in his determination to win this. The next day came and there was construction works everywhere throughout the town, neighborhoods and the three main divisions.  Setting up cameras all around even on highways and bridges, they had the refugees in the three divisions to line up with other multiple lines of people.  To walk up the desk and give them their info of name, birth date, Social

Security, taxes, birth rights and immigration. All the info that they were inquiry they were putting it in filing and even got all of their finger prints and blood samples and send it to filing. Then they give the refugees a laminated I.D. card that says they are refugees and says where there from and their birth date including a scanner on the bottom.  Where if they go to a fast food place, gas stations, hospitals that they can scan these cards and they will see all your information, they could even get

big deals on getting food, clothing and even loans.  More soldiers were patrolling and more spies were hanging out around town taking hidden pictures of suspicious conduct.  As randomly there be moments where a few rush up and black bag a man and a black van speeds up and they throw him in and jump in the vehicle and would speed away.  The people who lived in Bend were becoming fearful, always looking over their backs and never showing eye contact with anyone not even smiles, it was almost like their hearts were dried out and are cold.   They all knew they were being watched from every corner outside with cameras everywhere, can’t even have enjoyable run with your dog in the parks, you can’t have a nice walk in your own neighborhood with being watched by the government and even fearful of the many gang members and tweakers that live in these low down neighborhoods. Life was already changing the modern life was more vivid, intimidating, lost and


            Arron was sitting at the table having breakfast that he waited in line for as everyone else were too, he then looked over while he was eating of two of the high class soldiers cut in line in front of this innocent, dangle and fragile old woman.  She kept saying “excuse me” but they ignored her and she started to tap on their shoulders gently as she was only showing kindness. Then one of them snapped and pushed her back firmly as she fell against a table and Arron walked down said

“HEY...what the f**k are you doing?!” he yelled.  The soldiers gave him a dead look and said firmly-

“Watch yourself. Turn around now.”

“Oh and you think its right to that to old folks huh?! You think it makes you look tough well do your f*****g job.  We’re trying to help these people not make more graves.”

The old lady thanked him as he helped her to up to the table and then he grabbed a plate of breakfast and brought it to her and left a flower for her, she blushed and said “thank you.”

Arron then started to walk down the college road down the hill and once he was at the bottom, he saw a church it had a few cars.  He walked down and inside the church as it was quiet with the lights dimmed and there was a beautiful cross standing up on the stage with lights shining down on it. 

There were only a few people that were there praying.  Arron hung his head down and closed his hands started to pray about the protection of his wife and daughter, as he was praying for deep coverage over them, he started to weep as he was begging god to bring them back into his arms. His pain was piercing his heart like knives; he was starting to where he was eating much and felt like he was dyeing as the lies were becoming more stronger.  After his amen he looked up and stared at the beautiful cross and scanned his eyes around the room and then saw towards the front of the left.  He saw a man that he recognized and noticed it was the man he first met and helped, he stood up and quietly walked over in through row of the seats and sat beside him as he then recognized him as Jeff.

     They both just staring out and Jeff said “This is a good place to be and just think…don’t you think so?”

            Arron said “sure is, I remember coming here when 9/11 happened except it was more pact then this.  I remember how hard I prayed that somehow god would protect me and my family and so far he has but now I’m scared that he can’t even keep that promise.”

            “This is indeed a challenge for all of us, something that we haven’t faced ever.  I keep asking him the same question why I am here in this time why is my family stuck in this hardship.  I see that as a country we are so filled with pride of ourselves and are so selfish to be like the things of this earth and not be thankful for who we are.” Said Jeff

            “So why then are here praying?”

            “Because I am angry with him and I can’t stop talking to him and asking him why her, why does it have to be my daughter in that hospital and not me.  I have failed to be a good father and to be the example to her and to my family.  All that I can’t stop thinking of is how I could of done better, how if I got there on time of what I would done to that man.  I am praying because I have no prayers left to pray only tears and today is my last day to do that.”  He stood up and looked over at

Arron and said-

            “You’re a good man and you will find your loved ones…I know their alive.  Just keep believing in that…and Arron get out of town, go somewhere safe and don’t watch the news.”

Jeff then continued on walking out of the church, leaving Arron hurting for him and yet confused, leaving him wondering of what he meant by those words.  Then a burning feeling like fire was filling in his hear and head giving him a horrible headache as he feared of what is next to come.  If the blood that ran down the streets of the hill was a sign or a symbol of something to come. 

Week 2 Day 6                   Headquarters in main COCC building

The General was doing everything he could to track down those who are in the gang and to find the

missing children, he was becoming tiredly and annoyed of not getting much of any evidence to

prove of their where bouts. Till he was told from one of his officers saying they could have a lead,

the general had special op teams in disguise radioing in a conversation between three leads who were

sitting outside having lunch. An op’s team moved in a little closer, hiding in many different hidden

locations. The men who were talking were Josh Bright, Tyler Shoots, and Henry Wright; all in

between the ages of 22 and 25, a not very much to look at kind of people and would

not be considered in the gang category. They spoke about a small ambush in LaPine trails where

the ambush will take place on three trucks carrying military men and woman. Once they had

everything they needed for recording and backed away then reported it back to the General. His

reaction was relief and a glory start to begin with.  After getting evidence of how it was going to

be done, the general sent out thirty of his best men to stop the ambush from even happening.

Two of the best Humvees with top of the line machine guns on the top of them, they drove these

special trained soldiers to be dropped off at the destination.  They were dropped off a mile away

from the trails and moved quickly in through the woods once they got up this hill and saw a clear

valley not so pretty as it was covered with deed reeds and burnt trees that ran up the gorge. 

Looking down on this valley with the sky grey above and its starting to drizzle rain and saw a couple

hundred feet away to the East.  Where there were many enemy casualties up to sixty, quickly they

rushed down through the valley and were staying hidden in the tall reeds and grey grass.  Once they

got close and looked down and saw a long shot view of squads of six up to 65 enemy soldiers total,

hidden in the grass and shrubs dressed in the camouflaging for this kind of environment.  The op’s

soldiers stayed hidden in the starch black burn trees some were around the shrubs where it drew out

to only turning into flat land charred.  The op’s got in their positions and waited till their trucks were

coming down the hill, once the truck was coming and got close enough.  Quickly the fire fight

started, once the op’s soldiers came out and massacred them, shooting at them with  incredible

power guns not even coverage for the enemy could stop these soldiers from killing each one.  A

group of them started to run down the valley and then suddenly over the darken hills came flying up

was a black hawk and started firing its 50 caliber mini guns at the enemy as they were running for

their lives.  The snipers from the inside of the black hawks started to pick them off and manage to

get a few. Once all enemies were dead, they were happy to say that it was a victory and the trucks

continued to pass through without having any troubles.  Coming back to headquarters and reporting

back to the General of no loss in casualties and all enemies were killed in the fire fight, he was proud

and shook his hand tightly to continue the hard work. Everything seemed like it was all fine, the first

were able to find suspects of members in the gang and were able to stop an ambush from

happening. Till a couple hours later all the security cameras and any device that was on from cell

phones to signal traffic lighting.  Jeff’s smartest comrades in hacking into systems and even knowing

about government sites and being one of the builders of those sites. It was around 5:00 PM. And

very many people were doing they’re daily routine of shopping at the multiple more shops that were

out on the sidewalks. But something wasn’t right as the signal lights on the intersection in

downtown, the lights were flickering red and only red. The cameras are then shut off into blank

screens and then the cameras all switched on and are facing down on the stores that had TV’s in the

windows, people’s cell phones were sent videos from an unknown number but everyone was getting

them. The hackers quickly hacked in to the system and they sent these special cookies in the main

frame system.  Using even shops WIFI’s to crack through and connect to everyone’s phone or tablet

devices, which gave them the open door to send text messages to all phones. All electricity was

rebooted  and took a bit for military to get back into everything.  Suddenly the TV screens in shops

turned on including cellphones as a video appeared on every screen.  Everyone became fearful and

worried as it was a video of someone holding the camera and recording of all the missing kids who

were tied up and blind folded, sitting in the dirt as they could hear the fears in their little voices.

People watching everywhere from the TV’s to their phones it mortified them and made them fear

even more.  As the men in masks with painted X’s of their faces said “For military and Red Cross to

leave Central Oregon and not return.” Suddenly the streets were becoming crowded up with people

and soldiers rushed up, blocking them off; the people were angry and throwing produce at them and

cursing them, they were angry that there children are going to suffer like this. Then police were using

aggressive actions of beating on some civilians. The crowd of people all ran back and got in their

vehicles they scattered around back towards the highway and through town running in fear. 

People then were not coming through town to shop or do anything anymore, the streets seemed

more calmer than usual.  People staying in their homes and always leaving everything locked, use to

remember where you didn’t have to be afraid to leave almost anything unlock.  The General

continued hard to look for these kids and only coming up to multiple small gunfights with gang

members in killing mostly all and only arresting 2 or 3 at a time.  That night around 11:30 PM. The

phone rang till the receptionist answered it and was shocked of  what the man told her, she quickly

rushed to the General and told him that the leader wants to speak to the General about some terms

to be made if releasing the children.   The gang told the General to meet the leader at a location

in twin lakes campgrounds and meet on the Northside there will be a large fire lit to be seen. 

            Jeff was wearing his ragged jeans with a wasteful black t-shirt where the sleeves were cut,

the night was fresh and the sky was clear showing every star in the sky.  The pine trees were many

around as some have been burned from wildfire.  Jeff was sitting by the fire as it crackled and

spewed sparks on the ground, the fire grew large in the rock pit. But out of the dark some of his

comrades came out and were dragging in someone screaming the top of their lungs.  Jeff stood up

and looked at this man who seemed like he never saw the day of sober, a tweaker that had been

doing some type of drug, but only seemed like just started. Barely had hair on his skull, face scabbed

up to the cheek bone, skinny to the ribs.  Wearing the inmost ragged clothes that had the strong

scent of piss, Jeff thought of him as a piece of s**t.  Jeff said “who is this? And why did you it here?”

            his comrade said “we found this man walking around, seems not sober too.”

Jeff then looked closer and saw a picture in his head, he has seen this man before and could till from

the only one with deep scaring to his face.  He then thought back of the day when his daughter was

rapped and when he over to the crowd, he looked over and saw the scarred man as he left calmly

away from the crowd.  Jeff then walked over and knelt down and was checking the man’s face as he

only saw the scaring that looked like he was burned from a fire.  Something then got his attention,

he opened his shirt up and saw deep scar wounds that seemed recent and they looked like someone

scratched him.  Jeff had anger rising up in his face, as he clinched his fists tightly and started to look

back of hearing his daughter’s screams and the blood that was all around her, the innocence that this

man took from her. Breathing heavily as he looked down on this tweaker like he was a bug, Jeff said

firmly and quietly to the tweakers ears and said “You’ve done this for along time haven’t you?”

            the tweaker cried “I don’t know what any of you are talking about, I haven’t done anything

wrong.”  Jeff then grabbed out a girl teen’s underwear as he flashed in front of his face then said

“Found this in your pocket…don’t f**k with me because you don’t know the kind of

f*****g I can do.”

The tweaker started to get tensed in anger and his lips were shaking and stuttering and said-

            “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, I haven’t done s**t.  You don’t even have


Jeff had the ladies underwear in front of the tweakers face as he was taunting him with it and said-

            “She must felt really good if you’re not able to talk.  It just tells me what you are and that’s a

snake and you know what till this day I still hate snakes.  You know what me and my brothers use

to do to all the rattlesnakes we caught, we remove their heads.” Jeff had his arm around the tweaker

shoulder as he made him look down and there was a tree stump with an axe on it and the tweaker

looked at Jeff and spat on his face and said firmly “F**k You!”

Jeff just stared at him then he makes a huge swing to the tweakers face as he fell on the ground, all

the comrades stood around they started to cheer and Jeff yelled “SHUT THE F**K UP!!! All of

you.  He is mine this is my moment, my moment of revenge.  Just shut up and watch!!!” he walked

slowly over and whistled over too his comrades to grab him as the tweaker started to scream,

punching and kicking to try to get away.  But dragged him to the stump and Jeff said as the man was

crying “you know I’ve seen many snakes and snakes don’t have arms, Gentlemen!!!”

the comrades held the tweaker down on the ground with his right arm stretched out and laying on

the tree stump.  Jeff said aloudly “If you’re going to be like a snake and prey on children, then you’re

going to have to look like a snake.” He grabbed the axe and swung it back and quickly back down as

it made clear cut to the man’s arm and Jeff made another swing to his bone to cut it through.

Screaming and crying in agony pain, then he had the comrades lay the other left arm on the stump

and swung back his bloody axe and fast back down, making a clean cut through his arm.  The

tweaker was armless and bleeding to death, Jeff told his lads to stop the bleeding and keep him alive. 

The comrades walked over and aggressively were wrapping his armless wounds up as there was

blood everywhere and the man was screaming even louder in pain when they had belts wrapped

around his limbless arms and they squeezed them tight. Jeff told his men to lay the snake on his

belly in the ground and hold him, so they did and Jeff said “pull his pants down.” The two comrades

aggressively pulled his pants down.  Jeff then took a swig from his beer and pours it on his hands

and started to drench them, then he went on his knees behind the man.  Jeff smashes the bottle on

the tweakers left leg and the bottle was turned into a shard, Jeff said “How many years do you think

it’s going to take till my daughter actually speaks?! They you know the suffering that you put in her


            The man laid there in the dirt and drenched in the mud and his own blood and said quietly

“I’m sorry”

Jeff said “Not yet you are but trust me you’re going to be begging forgiveness from me after when

im done with you…Hold him tightly.”

 They spread his legs out as the man was in tears again and became deathly afraid, Jeff paused as

he was stalling like something was stopping him or telling him not too.  Then he laid his hand on the

Man’s a*s cheek and holding the shattered bottle in his right, but all he started thinking about is how

this man brutally rapped his daughter. Jeff yelled and shoved the broken shard forcefully in the

man’s a*s.  The tweaker screamed so loud to where he was gagging on his own blood, his eyes were

wide open blood shot as it looked he was begging for mercy in his eyes.  Then Jeff repeatedly

continued stabbing him. His legs were moving less as he was losing so much blood that the tweaker

was becoming weaker and paler to the face. Jeff had blood all over him especially his whole right

arm was in blood.

When he was done he grabbed a hold of the tweakers whiskers of hair on his head and pulled it hard

as he dragged him to the stump, by then all his comrades started to stop laughing.  As they were

watching him and looked at him like he was crazy, then Jeff laid the man’s head on the tree stump

and grabbed the handle of that bloody axe.  He took a swing back and swung down fast on his neck

and chopped it away.  Jeff grabbed the man’s head with his blood right arm and raised it high and

said “Let these animal b******s know who we are!” They didn’t cheer and Jeff walked down with his

head hung low and said “Burn the body. Get ready don’t want to be late on our first meeting.”

            Its 2:23 AM. In the morning the night was dark with no clouds only the moon

shining down its dimmed light on the foreland, in the back way there was campgrounds, Jeff

saw the head lights of many vehicles driving down the  trail and towards them they saw his fire in

the pit for the signal.  Two Humvees drove up with one truck as they parked in the open field where

it ran off to the lake and there was only shrubs and small rocks, Out of the truck came out were

soldiers wearing  high tech gear and rushed out pointing their rifles at him and shining their red dot

light down on him. Jeff intimidated them with the fresh blood that was soaked on his whole right

arm, wearing an eirry black ski mask that had a phantom, ghost face that made a symbol of an X; it

was their first time seeing their enemy leader.  The door from the left on the second Humvee

opened and out walked out was the General wearing his black suit but could till that he was also

wearing a small bullet proof vest under his nice long sleeve shirt.  He walked down and stopped as

they became a good few feet away from each other and the General said “Beautiful night, couldn’t

say that this is the perfect night to first meet by a camp fire.  Do you have a name that I can call you


he just stood staring at them bringing a sort of eirry feeling as they didn’t know what to expect

from this enemy, the general continued and said “Okay here’s the deal, I’m surrounded and your

surrounded too.  Which makes me guess that your smart too and I would hope that this man who is

smart would be willing to hear of what I have to say?” Jeff just stood there as there was a pause and

he nodded.

            The general then said “Is this what you want?! Is this how you want to be remember as a

killer, a terrorist, a kidnapper…you like to kidnap children!!! If you want something, then come at

me, start shooting at me but don’t let the children suffer for it.  If you do this you will change

everything, but if you begin war with us…I mean do you want to have war? I would choose wisely.”


Everything became quiet and became tensed with all their fingers on the triggers, their bodies were

sweating and hearts beating fast.  Then Jeff whistled and one of the comrades came out of the

shadows and he nodded.  The comrades walked back into the shadows as everything was still very

quiet, then he came walking out with all of the children tied up and blindfolded, as they were lined

up and used as a leash to pull them around. Jeff snapped his fingers and pointed at the children then

towards the General and the comrade grabbed out his knife and cut there ropes and the children

removed their blind folds.  The general had the soldiers rush over and got the children in the

Humvee as fast as they could, then drove away.  Both the General and Jeff were standing there with

everyone still aiming down their sights, but both sides realized that this night wasn’t going to be

peaceful campfires.

             The general said “From my guess of you still standing here, we both are in the same

thinking mind are we?”

The both stood there quietly, not making any movement just full on eye contact; then suddenly the

both draw their pistols and Jeff was shot in the left lower hip and twice in his right leg.  Jeff

managed to shoot the General in his right pelvis and dead middle in the stomach as they both laid

there and everyone began firing.  It was very intense as you could barely hear anything outside from

the firefight as there was hundreds of fiery streaks going back and forth from everyone’s guns. You

could hear the fight for miles and can see the smoke that was rising up from the truck exploding and

the 50 caliber machine gun drilling through the trees.  Many were being shot down and Jeff was

helped up by one of his close comrades and they started to run away from the fire fight and looked

in the north of two black hawks flying in.  They hurried and told everyone else to hurry and run,

everyone retreated back as the rest of the soldiers stayed back to tend to their injured and get their

General out of there. There were rushing up the hill and Jeff saw how the black hawks were

searching through the trees with their spotlights and started to fire their machine guns and killing

many of Jeff’s soldiers. Jeff was able to get out of there and met up with everyone in a cave by Sky

View Park to see how many would come.  Once they got there, no one was there and for abit no

one was coming; then out of the foggy morning light were many of his soldiers walking in and even

helping the wounded inside as well. Jeff did his counting as he saw that there was thirty injured and

only seventy three survived, he felt crushed to know that even in surrendering the children.  The

general wanted to massacre them.  Coming back with more blood on him and deep scarring from t

he fire that was in the field and had shards in his body from the truck exploding, it looked like he

came back from a battle.  He felt like he was being the hunted.

            It was on the news everywhere telling about the intense fire fight that happened at camp

grounds Twin Lake and General managed to survive and getting all the children back.  The parents

were in tears of joy as they met with their children in an elementary school and rushed down the hall

and hugged their children tightly, kissing them multiple times, with them not leaving without hearing

a thousand times of I love you.  The people thanked the General, thanked the men and woman who

were fighting for them and most all thanked their leaders for succeeding this fight.  The governors

and the president all thanked him and his fine work and hopes to hear more good news on his

progress to rebuilding Central Oregon back up again.  He also confirmed that he had shot the leader

of the gang and from the great fire that was started in the field from the explosions, his soldiers

report that everything that was down there is dead now. Society was starting to come out of their

hiding and started to make another chance to go back to their normal lives and not be afraid.  The

next two days seemed descent like things could turn out to be better, the sky was clear and blue but

everything was turning around against the tide. Shops were opened and business was booming,

people walking in the parks and lots of chattering from everyone in all different corners of town.

Jeff had a few of his best lad’s to come with him and perform an operation and they agreed, they got

cleaned up and into nicer civilian clothing and drove an old blazer truck.  Downtown was packed

with people and their was many soldiers patrolling the area and cameras on every light and corner.

Once they parked in the parking garage and walked in town and saw a couple of soldiers patrolling

together and making conversation, Jeff and his boys stayed unpredictable and hidden, once they had

their chance.  They all rushed over and knocked them out in a hidden place and placed the bodies in

some shrubs covered by bushes, quickly they were getting dressed in the soldiers clothing and

armory.  Once done one of the comrades radioed in back at the blazer they parked in the garage, he

told him that they are ready to get ready for next drop point.  He responded and started the blazer

and drove out of the parking garage and into town, while that was going on.  Jeff and his comrades

disguised as military men were playing act as if they were patrolling the streets. The four walked

down casually and didn’t make any suspicious signs but only kept walking down and then each

spread out throughout Down Town.  Others drove the blazer to the backside of the shops and

parked in the middle of the pavement street, got out of the vehicle and casually walked away,

disappearing. Four others spread out into four different locations in the shopping area, three in

the building, the other on the street as they were hiding time bombs that were C4  in the

stores then walking away like nothing happened. Fifteen minutes went by and the first explosion

began in the back of the stores from the blazer which was very loud, then a few minutes later the

other three bombs blew up in the stores and one in the streets. Sending debrie and shards shooting

out and injuring more people, bodies lying around with blood everywhere in the area with soldiers

rushing everywhere and local authorities like cops and paramedics were at the scene, trying to help

as many as they could.  Smoke was thick in the air and there was fires already started, people running

out of town and screaming for their lives and some in utter painful tears for their lost.  It was already

too late as it came out of nowhere and everyone thought it was over but only the beginning to

something to end.  Back at the hospital as all the doctors and nurses from each floor were rushing

down to the E.R. to help as many as they could.  But something happened as a van full of gang

soldiers where twenty of them holding heavy powerful weapons with strong bullet proof vests on,

including masks with demented faces painted. They ran fast inside the E.R. as they were firing up

the air.  Everyone was afraid and in tears all thinking if they were going to die on this day and they

all ran each floors looking for the General.  One wearing fearful clown mask that was bloody with

black clothing on, holding an MP7 and walked in like a phantom as the General laid there with only

anger running in his veins. His heart beating fast and the General flinched as the man quickly

grabbed an envelope out of his pocket and placed it on his lap then walked away having all soldiers

to escape before authorities come over.  Everyone was trying to calm down after that shocking

moment, the General looked at the envelope and tore it open and grabbed out a letter and said

“Sometimes to win a war, you break the predators legs so he has no strength to protect his

own.” He then saw some pictures and was distraught and in tears of anger on the pictures were his

wife and two daughters who were blind folded and had guns pointed at them using aggression on

them, on the corner of the picture had a yellow sharpie written “HAHAHA”

It was like the heart of that General fell and his world was crumbling, Jeff then walks into the room

and removes his black ski mask in revealing of whom he was and the other comrades of his were

confused.  They were in wonder of what the hell he was doing almost like careless and was talking to

the General like any other conversation just normal.

             He grabbed a seat beside his bed and said “You look like you just saw a ghost” he chuckled

then continued-

            “I’ve been the man…the man who’s started this fear and terror, not once you were step

ahead of me only a step beside me.  This is a game to us and it’s a game that most powerful people

play, the game of competing powers.  I took your family you son of a b***h.  Look who’s on top


            The general then said with an angry firm tone “If you hurt them…I”

            “You’ll do what? You already did. You put a couple of bullets into me, well done. But you

never expected I come for your family see in this game, anything can happen I could tell my dogs to

be as aggressive as they want with them.  You know what I can do because you’ve been fighting me

for this long and I’m not dead.”

            “What do you want from me?”

            “You know what I want.” Said Jeff firmly “Give it to me…give me the city now.”


            The General struggled to make the decision, it was difficult with the thought of what they

would do to his family and even if he somehow escapes this.  He knows that he would fail, the

General agreed and that night had all soldiers pack up and leave quickly, taking almost every

equipment that they owned; driving away in all their vehicles back to Portland.

Soldiers running into the trucks and choppers, everyone was being moved out, Jeff and his lads

we’re sitting at the exit/enter intro Bend sign sitting there.  Smoking cigars and drinking vodka,

cursing at the soldiers and sending them their goodbyes; knowing what’s going to happen next.


That morning was the beginning to a whole day of changes, the people in the town

became more afraid than ever and most of them were staying in their homes surviving. People were

still able to do their business and shopping, normal life things to do, but you had gang members

patrolling the streets except they would pick on innocent people and even beat a few. Jeff went on

television for the town of Bend to see it only, he was wearing a demented mask that he made and

had sewing stitches up in the mouth open piece. Also wearing a black long sleeve shirt with the

baggy cameo pants and military boots on setting himself the military image.

            The camera was on live and he said “Times are hard right now and most of it is now out of

my control.  I have taken your city, everything here is now mine and you will do what I say for now

on.  Today I want you all to stay indoors, do not come out of your homes hold your families close. 

Pray…because tomorrow change begins. I will be giving you more info by that time tomorrow on

what we do next. Till that time stay inside, lock your doors, have your weapons in your hands. Good

luck everyone. The future begins.”


That night it was a lot more quiet than usual, no one expected this night to be so quiet

as they knew of the evil that is supposed to come. Jeff and seventy of his most trusted comrades

were celebrating,  they would break into shops and steal things, drinking very heavily and even

shooting their guns in the air and at the shops many times. Yes this night was much darker as

Jeff and his lads went into one of the small bars, only a few people were inside with their

heads hung low.  Loud and obnoxious they were, throwing things around and drinking more, people

inside were becoming uncomfortable quickly,  Jeff sat there calm he watched his lads danced

around, cursing and shooting holes in the walls, while this was going on. One of the lads was being

aggressive on an innocent young woman, dragging her around with his big hands around her soft

curly red hair. 

She screamed in pain as he threw her on the table with one hand and drank the pitcher of beer in

the other, in front of everyone the comrades were watching their lad ripping this woman’s pants off

while she had tears that were drenching her face.  Jeff left his back turned and he was watching from

the mirror with one eye, trying to ignore it and let his boys have the fun.  Then he had his hands

together clinched tightly , then was clinching them tighter, the louder she was screaming the more

angry he was becoming.

            He then heard the comrade said “Come on boss! Don’t you want alittle bit of this?”

            “Of what?” said Jeff

            “Fun come on, she moves like a bull but rides good like a w***e.”

He stood and turned around walking slowly towards him and stopped beside him and looked down

and saw her half naked.  As her soft white skin was showing and his comrades were drinking and

feasting their eyes on her.

            Jeff said firmly “You want to watch want me to f**k her?”

They smiled and drank even more and were cheering him on and Jeff said “Such animals.”

he laid his hand gently on the man’s face as he said softly “The truth is I guess…that some animals

cannot be tamed.” Everyone paused and were in silent, Jeff was staring down on this man then

Jeff grabbed out his huge elephant knife, sliding the blade down around the man’s the neck and

shoulders.  None of them didn’t know what to expect and then he raised his blade up, suddenly he

started stabbing the comrade repeatedly in his neck.  Jeff kept stabbing and stabbing as

blood was spraying alittle from all sides of the neck, cutting through the big vain where more blood

flowed out like a waterfall. The stabbing didn’t stop till he laid him down and there was blood all

over Jeff’s clothes and face even the floor was covered in blood.  All his comrades stalled not

knowing what to expect as they were horrified and shocked of what they just saw. 

When Jeff was down he approached to one of his other comrades that was sitting with most of

them at the bar table. He swung at the comrade’s throat as blood started to pour and he fell to his

death, everyone then was panicking and were grabbing their guns, by the time they got to their

weapons.   Jeff drew his glock pistol out and started firing on all his comrades that were sitting in

this bar with him, everyone else were rushing out.  As Jeff continued firing at them, ending their

lives quickly; there was even more blood everywhere and only bodies lying around.  When Jeff

was done he stormed out and saw his other comrades that rushed over to see what was going on

from hearing the gunshots, their mouths dropped as they saw Jeff was covered in blood and

had rage in his eyes.  Jeff continued walking down the open and empty streets of downtown where

most of his comrades went to the bar and were horrified of seeing them all dead.  They wondered if

Jeff did this if he killed these twenty men in cold blood and from their witnessing…they knew he

did it.

After the long and bloody night, Jeff passed out on a bottle of whiskey in Drake Park, he woke up

to the fresh early morning warmth on his skin, breathing in the fresh pine trees.  A mess he was,

with ragged sweaty clothes in blood, Jeff walked back into town as there was still not people outside

and everything was turned upside down so desolate and lost.  Every shop vacant and broken into,

the tourist look for the town was burned.  Jeff walked into another small bar and sat down; he

waited for a bar tender to take his order.  But no one was there; he stood up and walked over to get

a shot glass and bourbon,  sat down and poured a shot and dranked it fast. Continued taking more

shots, a shadow drew into the light by the door.  Jeff looked over and saw that it was someone, but

couldn’t make tell from the bright light; once he came inside and cleared up.  Then he recognized

who it was, from the man’s long dark red beard and how he had no hair line just bald with only a

mullet grown around his head.  His nose was crooked and had a weak left eye, Jeff noticed it was his

good friend a true comrade wearing a heavy coat that construction workers wore with baggy pants;

carrying an M16 in his hands.  It was his friend Cole that was coming to the rescue, he sat beside

him and Jeff poured him a shot from his glass then slid it to him.  Cole took the swig from the shot

and thanked him, Jeff was still in silence.

            Cole said “Sounds like it was a hell of a party last night.”

            “I killed them…I killed all of them.” Said Jeff

            “I know.” Jeff looks at him and so did Cole as he said “bar tender is still washing all the

blood out of his saloon.”

            “Animals…that’s what they were last night and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I came to

take back this town because I was done with the animals, hell I drove them out.  Now maybe the

true animals were here the whole time.”

            “You are a leader…isn’t that what you wanted to be to these men.  You have already driven

an army out, the military of all things.  They didn’t think it was possible but you did it.”

            “What are you trying to do, what are you asking me…?”

            “I’m saying finish what you started”

            “And what would that be?”


            The both then stare ahead and Jeff said “Were going to need an army ourselves, if we’re

going to do this in a short period of time.  We really need to recruit and I’m going to need your help

with that.  Will need more guns too.”

            “I may have something for you that you may like.” He smiled and continued “Do you know

how to drive in a tank?”

            he smiled with a grin and said “Every leader has that symbol, that symbol to tell everyone

even their enemies of who they are. We need something that no one will forget.”  Jeff grabbed out a

ragged long clothe, he flattened it out, it looked old and stained with blood as Cole saw the symbol

of a drawn arm with its fist clinched and in blood.

            “What is this?” said Cole

            Then Jeff said “It’s an answer to the people’s request. Power; this will be symbol of what we

will finish, those who stand against us will burn at the stakes. I will not let such serpents come in and

take over me. Let’s give them something to look at, the days of blood shed is over the days of glory

has begun.”


Washington D.C.                                                 Week 2 Day 7                          The president has a meeting with multiple governors, senators, politician investors and a few of congressmen all meet up in a conference room in the white house to discuss with Central Oregon’s new problem on terrorism takeover and anarchy.  They will be discussing on the situation and decide on what stakes to take in this situation.

            “Thank you all for meeting with me here today, I apologize for asking this meeting on such

short notice. Yesterday General Bale has contacted me and notified me, that he has all troops

leaving the small town call Bend in Central Oregon as anarchy has become increasingly worsened

and everyone is at threat against these terrorist for they are not just terrorist.  They are well trained

and use military tactics and strategies and have conquered the town and have made take over. 

Gentlemen we are not just dealing with an ordinary gang, they are dangerous and I fear they are just

beginning of what they are going to do next.  I have spoken with Sara who is the only one there in

the town and trying to keep us updated, she has told us so far that they are becoming many and are

continuing to recruit more including children. Right now it seems like we’re running out of time and

we don’t have much to decide on but to begin marshal law and quick end this before it actually gets

out to the American people.  We know what this will do, but is it worth it. We could lose this.”

            Congressmen then spoke and said “Sir I don’t see why to threat or worry about going on

with marshal law, back when Abraham Lincoln was president he declared marshal law and it made

the difference in protecting the people.”

            “But were in the 21st century things are a lot different then back when Lincoln was president,

if we do this for sure we lose a percentage of the people’s trust.” Said Senator Williams a politician

who is well known for his actions back when the world trade center fell and helped many of the

ones who lost their families in the towers, Governor Thomson of California then said-

            “And it is exactly why the reason we should proceed with this procedure because once the

people know that we have no control or any idea on how to stop this, then for sure more people will

want to turn against us.  Why do you think we use the kind of technology we use today with?

cameras in every street corner, more security against hacking breaches, we have this to show the

people that everything must go on and is under controlled. They need to hear that, they want to

know if we have everything under control.  If it’s for the safety of the people and to let them know

that we will get through this in whatever route will take.  The people want to feel protected.”

            “If we do proceed with this procedure how long will it take till we can go through with it?”

Said the President

            A high ranking Major name Harris Walton a great military icon that has even helped with

marshal law in other countries and has served many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he then spoke-

            “Sir when you’re ready, I am too.  I can literally get ten thousand to twenty thousand troops

in Central Oregon in three hours, I will bring aircraft like black hawks and heavy plane carriers, I will

bring heavy powerful weapons with Humvees carrying 50 caliber. machine guns.  I will bring tanks,

drones anything that I can to end this. When you’re ready sir just say it.”

The president felt the reassure and the struggle on how to protect his people and decide on what is

the right thing to do for his people, he had a stress look on his face as he said-

            “Gentlemen then I want to begin this in two days; I still believe there are ways we can stop

this, but I still want to carry out Marshal law and begin soon.  For now I want drones to always be in

the air in Central Oregon, I need photos and recordings of what were dealing with; I want us drop

off a small team of special forces in the seals to parachute in Bend and get more info on how many

are in this gang and most of all who is there leader.  If they can’t stop them themselves then we will

carry out the order.  Till then god be with us.”

            “Sir I wouldn’t worry, because we will always win.” Said Congressmen

To be continued...

© 2014 scarhead

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I felt that part one actually flowed better than this part, the action is good, and the story interesting. Some cleaning up and polishing and this could be a good tale.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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