January Is The Cruelest Month

January Is The Cruelest Month

A Story by Sarah J Dhue

A flash fiction from a recent writing group. Photo by me, COPYRIGHT Sarah J Dhue


            January is the cruelest month.  It’s the month that reminds you that all the good of last year is over.  The cold wind and snow beat you down, the joy of the holiday season is over.  Back to work, you’ve got eleven more months to go.  So is life… as soon as everything seems to be going well, something comes along and s***s all over it.  You can’t stand up without someone or something knocking you down.  If you are in love, your lover cheats on you.  If you have a great job, you get fired or sexually harassed.  You have a friend you want to keep in your life forever, they f**k you over.  Life is a series of “yays” quickly followed by “oh f***s.”  So that is why I decided to commit suicide in January.

My former lover ran off with my former best friend, being sure to flip me the bird as they backed down the drive.  As for my job, I was a developer, a really f****n’ good one.  Then my boss took advantage of me in my emotionally fragile state, in my loneliness, and when I finally decided to end the relationship - if you could call it that - I was conveniently let go.  To top things off, my dog ran away a few days after I got fired.  While I miss my companion, probably better for him, since I can’t even afford to feed him anymore.

I bought I lengthy bit of rope from the home improvement store with some money from my savings to pay off my student loans.  I did my research on the library computer and I really think I have tied the noose correctly.

© 2015 Sarah J Dhue

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Added on August 13, 2015
Last Updated on August 13, 2015
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