Things to Know About the Monsters Universe

Things to Know About the Monsters Universe

A Chapter by Sarah J Dhue

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Whether you have read 'Monsters' and just need a refresher or have not read it and this is your first time delving into the universe, here is what you need to know before digging in.  Want to read the novel?  The link is in the description of this chapter.
~In the 1700s, a man named Edwyn Gwaed proposed the idea of blood distribution centers to provide vampires a way to live without murdering people.  Morticians drain the blood from cadavers and package it up for the centers to sell and distribute to vampires.
~In the 21st century, vampires definitely exist, but they are a dying breed, unlike most monsters.
~Vampires’ eyes glow slightly.  They can reveal and retract their fangs at will.  Vampires cannot go out in sunlight and live forever unless they are killed by the sun, their heart is pierced, or they are decapitated.  They can be injured in other ways, but generally heal very rapidly.  If they do not feed on blood, they will go into a hibernationesque dormant state.
~Even in a world full of monsters, back in medieval times, vampires were believed to associate with the Devil and feast on the corpses of plague victims.  Due to the lack of distribution centers until the 1700s, they did have to kill to survive.
~Same as monsters, magic is alive and well in this universe and purple is the color most associated with it.
~There are institutions for werewolves that house high security cells they can stay in from sunset until sunrise during the full moon.

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