Part II: Slow Destruction, Year -7

Part II: Slow Destruction, Year -7

A Chapter by Scorpious Alpha

Part II: Slow Destruction

 Year -7

“Kelly? Marissa? Have either of you seen Rob lately?” Sydd asks one day on the bus.

“No” they answer.

“Huh. It’s really weird; he hasn’t been around in a few days.”

“Hopefully he died.” Kelly says.

“Kelly! That’s mean!” Marissa says.

“Eh, I’m sure he’ll show up sooner or later.” The bus stops at Sydd’s stop and he gets off. As he’s turns the corner on the next street, he sees Rob being chased by two men. One of them a skinny guy with a cap and sunglasses and full beard in a hoodie and another guy with red hair in a t shirt and jeans. Rob slams into Sydd.

“Oh, Sydd, glad I found you.”

“Give me my f*****g money” says the guy in the hoodie.

“What’s going on here?” Sydd asks.

“This little s**t owes me twenty two dollars.”

“Who are you? And who is that?”

“My name is Zakk, and this guy is my uh, friend Brian.”

“Why does he owe you twenty two dollars?”

“Cause it’s the rest of the money from the weed he bought from me.”

“Ok, here.” Sydd reaches into his pocket and takes out the money. “I was saving this…” Zakk grabs it out of his hand and counts it.

“You’re all right… What’s your name, kid?”


“Well, Sydd… here’s a free sample and if you like it, we can do business together.” He hands Sydd a nickel bag of pot.

“Uh, thanks?”

“No problem… listen, your buddy Rob told me you have an illness? This is good medicine for you, it calms you down.”


“Oh yeah, and it’s safer than prescription drugs and a whole lot cheaper too.”

“Why does it sparkle?” He notices white sparkles in it.

“Nah that just means it’s really good. First one’s free, after that it’s 5 dollars for a nickel bag, ten dollars for a dime, anything more will be priced by weight.”

“Um, I’ll think about it.”

“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.” And he turns around and walks away.

“What are you doing with those guys?”

“Well, the other day I was walking down the street and I see that Zakk dude come out of Carmella’s house…”

“Carmella’s house?”

“Yeah. So anyway, he comes up to me and is like, ‘wanna buy some good s**t?’ and I was hoping it was booze or something and he gives me that small bit of weed like you have and I smoked it, and it was actually pretty good, so I bought more but the other day but I was short and told him I’d pay him back later, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet, so he hunted me down. It’s a good thing you saved my a*s back there bro, I’ll never forget this.”

 “Well, I’ll try it once, but that’s it.”

“Dude, it’s too good to try just once.”


“Trust me man, it’ll change your life.”

“What do you mean?”

“The way you see’s reality but it’s not at the same time.”


“…and… “he rummages through his pockets. “He gave me a pipe.” He holds out a small, corroded pipe.

“Ok, let’s smoke this, and that’ll be it.” They sneak into an alley and pack and smoke the pipe.  After they finish it, Sydd’s feeling the high, and he notices there’s still some left in the bag.  “Dude, I’m keeping the rest for later.”

“Haha, told ya!” Suddenly, Sydd drops to the floor and has a seizure. “What the- s**t!” he takes out his phone and calls up Zakk. “Yo dude, what was in that weed you gave my friend? Meth? What the hell, dude! He’s having some sort of seizure or something! He’s spazzing out bad. Yeah, you’re right.” He hangs up and leaves the alley, leaving Sydd by himself. Sydd wakes up ten minutes later in a puddle of vomit.

“What the…?” he slowly gets up. “Owwwwwch! Oh, my head hurts a lot! WOO! Aaaaaaagh! I’m okay… I’m okay…” He looks around. “Rob? Rob?” He leaves the alley and looks in both directions. “He left, no way!” He heads home as fast as he possibly can. He checks his watch. 4:10. “Mom and dad aren’t home yet.” He goes in through the front door and goes upstairs, gets undressed and collapses on his bed. He wakes up to Leon poking him in the face.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just had a headache, that’s all, it feels a little better, why what’s up?”

“Are you sick too?” and he holds the vomit stained hoodie.

“Yeah, no, I ate too much and I ran home and got sick.”

“Oh, ok, mom says it’s dinner time.”

“Ok, I’ll be down in a second.” He gets up, finds that he is covered in sweat, is flushed, and has a bruise on the back of his head. He gets dressed, splashes water on his face, dries his hair, and brushes it. He goes downstairs and joins the family at the table.

“What the hell happened to you?” Sydd senior asks Sydd junior.

“Oh I’m-“

“Well, he looks flushed, are you sick?” Moxxie asks. She feels his forehead. “Oh, you’re clammy too!”


“Yeah, he’s sick, he told me.” Leon says.

“Oh? How sick?” Moxxie asks.

“Oh, it was nothing really, I had a headache and I ate while I was out, but I ran home and got sick from that, oh, it was violent too-“

“Eew! Yuck!” Rayne, Sydd and Leon’s seven year old sister says, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Poop!” Lance, their three year old brother interjects. Sydd senior starts to look irritated.

“Please, we’re eating!” Moxxie says. “Are you gonna eat or go to bed?”

“I’ll- I’ll eat, mom.” Sydd says sheepishly. The next day, Sydd is hurrying up to get dressed, as he got up late. He puts on a fresh pair of socks and shirt, but uses the pants from the day before. He checks the pockets and notices the weed in his pocket. He thinks about it for a second, and decides to take it with him. He runs to the bus stop and makes it just as the bus is pulling up the hill. He gets on the bus and sits next to Rob. “Hey, buddy! What’s up pal?” Sydd brings Rob close. “Where did you go yesterday?” he whispers.

“Sorry, if something had happened to you, I woulda gotten in trouble.” He whispers back.

“Well, gee, that’s just great!” he yells.

“Shh, shh, ok, I’m sorry.” He whispers back.

“What are you guys talking about?” Marissa pops up behind them.

“No-nothing.” Rob stammers.

“Secrets don’t make friends and friends don’t keep secrets, just saying.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s guy stuff.” Sydd says. The bus pulls up in front of the school and the driver opens the doors. Everyone starts to pile out. After Sydd gets off the bus, he waits for the other three to get off.  As they head towards the school, Sydd pulls Kelly off to the side. “Hey um, ya know, if you’re not doing anything this Friday night… maybe we… could go somewhere…” Sydd says nervously.

“You mean like a date?” Kelly asks.

“Not like a date… a date…”

“Ahahahahahahaha!” she starts laughing hysterically to the point where she’s having trouble standing and she’s tearing up. She turns around and walks away, still laughing. Sydd sneaks to the side of the school and takes a couple hits until he feels a buzz. He grabs his stuff and joins Marissa in the cafeteria.

“Where were you? And where’s Rob?” Marissa asks.

“I was-“and he catches Kelly’s eye and she bursts out laughing.

“You didn’t ask Kelly out, did you?”

“Yes’m” and he hangs his head.

“Ugh, I told you that was gonna happen, but no, you always try to see the good in everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt and this happens. If you would listen to me the first time, you could’ve avoided this.”

“Hey s**t eaters.” Rob says.

“There you are! Where have you been, Robert?”

“I was- in the bathroom.” Rob says, obviously stoned.

“Well, come on, we’re gonna be late for homeroom.” Marissa says.

Meanwhile, Leon is waiting for the bus with Aaron and John. “So, what’s up with you guys?” he asks.

“I got a skateboard for my birthday.” Aaron says.

“Oh yeah? That’s cool.”

“Nothing with me, same as yesterday.” John says.

“Bus is here.” Aaron points out; sure enough, the bus pulls up.

“I really hope Charlotte is out today.” Leon says.

“Why?” John asks.

“Cause, she’s been getting on my nerves lately.”

“Look, it’s the boyfriend trio” They hear Charlotte say upon getting on the bus.

“Yeah, kissy kissy” Carmella says.

“Will you two shut up? Every day with you two, it’s the same thing, come up with something else for once! Will you two ever grow up? We’re going to middle school next year!” Gabriella says.

“A chicken says what?” Charlotte says quickly.

“What?” Gabriella responds. Charlotte and Carmella start laughing and she turns around, annoyed.

 “It’s alright Gabby, they let us all have it, we just gotta ignore them and hopefully they’ll get the hint.” Leon says.

“I doubt it, they’re way too stupid.” Gabriella says.

Meanwhile, later, Sydd is eating lunch in the cafeteria when a short, chubby girl with long, black hair walks up and sits at the table with Sydd.

“Alyson, what’s up?” Sydd asks.

“I uh, saw what happened this morning, and that was really mean of her.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me instead.”

“Yeah, sure.” He says nonchalantly.

“Um, ok. Cool. Pick me up around five on Friday.”

“What’s today?”


“Ok, got it. Where are we going?”

“I was thinking we could go to the high school football game.”

“Oh, cool. I usually don’t go to those, but hey, I’m up for anything. I’m sure we’ll have fun.”

“Ok, cool. Remember: five o’clock.”

“Got it.” She walks away to join her friends. Marissa and Rob come and join Sydd at the table.

“Was that Alyson Sanders?” Marissa asks.

“Yeah. Why?”

“What did she want?”



“Yeah, she asked me out on a date for this Friday.”

“Good for you, man.” Rob says.

“I don’t know, she’s kinda skanky, plus, she probably only asked you out cause she probably felt bad for you from what Kelly did this morning.” Marissa says. “It probably won’t last long, I’m telling you it’s a bad idea.”

“What did Kelly do?” Rob asks.

“Laughed in my face when I asked her out.” Sydd says.

“Oh, man, that’s harsh, dude!”

“I told him!” Marissa says.

“Alright, both of you just shut up!” Sydd says.

“Whoa, calm yourself, Sydd!” Sydd lets out a shout of anger, turns and walks away. The next couple of days he spends before school and after school getting high. It doesn’t take much, considering his tolerance is low. Friday comes, and after school he hits the tinfoil pipe that he has and he notices the weed’s gone. He checks the clock and it’s a quarter after four. Forty five minutes until his date; he calls up Zakk.

“Yo Zakk, I need some more weed. Yeah, I want a dime bag. Can you have it here in half an hour? Great, I’ll see you then.” Forty minutes later, Sydd is waiting on his back porch when Zakk shows up. “Finally! You’re late!”

“Yo dude, I got no more weed left, but, ya want crack?”

“Can I smoke it?”


“How much?”

“I’ll let you have this one for… ten bucks…”


“Calm down…” He takes the small baggie out of his hand. “Here ya go buddy.”

“This… this is not nearly as big as the gram of weed you gave me!”

“Different drug, different quantity my friend. Oh, here, got ya a little present…” He pulls out a small, rusty pipe. “Tinfoil won’t cut it, here.”

“Wow, thanks!”

“No problem, hey, listen. If you ever need anything, just call me. I got the whole menu!”

“How can you afford all of it?”

“Don’t worry about it… just enjoy.”

“Oh hey, can I make the high last longer?”

“Uh, smoke it all at once the second you feel a drop in your buzz? I don’t know, when you figure it out, let me know.” He turns and walks away. Sydd packs his pipe and takes two hits, turns around and heads toward the football stadium.  Twenty minutes later, he arrives and meets up with Alyson.

“Finally! What took you so long?” she yells.

“I was- I’m sorry.”

“I’ll forgive you I guess… at least try please.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“Ok, good.”

“So… what uh, what are we gonna do here?”

“I was thinking just holding hands and walking around the track.”

“Um, ok.” About halfway through, Sydd feels a shove behind him. “What the hell?”, he looks behind him.

“Hey b***h.”  Samson says.

“What do you want?”

“Aw, you’re going out with Alyson, huh? Hey Alyson, guess what? You’re boyfriend over here is weak, and crazy. Why don’t you go out with me? I’m strong, and I’m normal.” He flexes. Sydd punches him in the face, knocks him over, and starts clawing, punching and beating on him until he and Alyson are removed by security.

“So, uh, are we like, officially going out or what?”

“Know what? It was interesting, let’s give it a trial run.”

“Even though I freaked out?”

“You can defend yourself, that’s good. You might need to defend me one day.”

“I dunno. Maybe.”

“I’ll see ya around then.” And she gives him a goodbye kiss. She turns around and walks away.


That Monday, Leon is sitting in class.

“And that’s why drugs are dangerous, kids. Know how to recognize and if you see someone or hear of someone using drugs, give us a call and we’ll help them.” The cop instructing the class says. “Any questions?”

“Why do people do drugs?” a female student asks.

“They do it to feel good, to feel different, and because they’re bad people.”

“Why are they bad?”

“They’re breaking the law, which makes them a criminal.”

“But my dad says that the weed is medicine for his cancer, and my dad is good, he plays with me, and makes me dinner, and takes me places, I love my dad.”

“According to the law, he’s a criminal. We’ll help him, tell me, where do you live?” The little girl starts to cry. “Um, you know what? I think I’ll cut out early today.” Leon raises his hand. “What? Make it quick.”

“Is it fun being a police man?”

“Know what? It’s stressful, but the power is remarkable, only the most responsible can do the job correctly. Stay in school, off drugs, and after graduation, you could sign up for the force. I’m going to be leaving now.” And he leaves.

“Wow! I wanna do that!”  Leon says to himself. That Friday, Sydd gets off the bus with his friends and meets up with Alyson.

“Hi Sydd!” and she gives him a kiss. The five of them go into the cafeteria. The girls start talking and Sydd and Rob sneak away. They go to the back of the school where there is no cameras.

“How much weed ya got?” Rob asks.

“None, got crack instead.”

“Oh yeah? Is it good?”

“Yeah, a couple of hits is enough to last me till I get home.”


“Oh yeah? Here.” He takes a hit and passes it to Rob, and he takes a hit.

“Wow! That’s good s**t!”

“What the hell are two doing?” Alyson asks.

“Oh s**t, uh, nothing babe.” Sydd says.

“Is that pot? You’re getting high before school instead of being with me?”

“Please don’t tell on me!”

“I won’t but you and I are done! You failed!”, she turns around and walks away.

“That sucks dude. “ Rob says. Sydd takes a huge hit out of the pipe and passes it to Rob. He waits until it goes out, wraps it up, and puts it back in his pocket.  The bell rings and they go back inside, where the girls are waiting for them.

“Where were you?” Marissa asks.

“Outside, getting some air.” Rob says.

“Well, where’s Alyson? Why isn’t she with you, and why did she come back inside upset?”

“We broke up.” Sydd says.

“Well, that explains why she was muttering something about being a scumbag. Well, I told you it wouldn’t last long, what’s it been? A week?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, come on, we gotta go to class.”

“Ugh, I hate school.”

“I thought you loved school Sydd? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing… I just… never mind, let’s just go.”

“Ok, but remember, if you need to talk or anything, you could always talk to me.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

“You too, Rob.”

“Wha- I- yeah, whatever.” And they head to homeroom. Later that day, after school, Sydd goes to Rob’s. “Yo, what’s up, bro?”

“Oh, good, let’s go.” Rob says. Screaming suddenly occurs upstairs, along with a smash. They immediately leave the house.

“So, where are we going?”

“Zakk’s, I need to reup anyway.”

“Yeah, me too.” They walk down the street, and eventually end up at Zakk and Brian’s. Zakk answers the door.

“Yo, waddup?” He asks.

“We need.” Rob says.

“Come on in. What do you need?”

“Uh, I need something to calm me down.”

“How about some H?”


“Although, I’m gonna start you off at a quarter of a bag, you’re young yet. Here.” He arranges a tiny bit of brownish white powder on a mirror. “Take your finger and taste it.” Rob takes his finger, sticks the powder on, and puts the little bit on his tongue.

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Give it a little.”

“Ehh, I feel a little buzz.”

“Alright.” He takes another quarter. “Go ahead.” Rob repeats the process.

“Oh, wow, o…k, there we gooooo.” Rob puts a big smile on his face. “Wooooowwww” He says slowly. I feel amazing. Thanks, Zakk.”

“Haha, no problem. Here Sydd, the rest is yours.”

“Uh, thanks. How do I-“  Sydd asks.

“Just dip your finger like he did.”

“I uh, I don’t want to, can’t I just-“

“Fine, here.” He hands him a broken straw and Sydd snorts it. There’s a knock at the door. Zakk opens it, and a somewhat bald, short, Mexican man walks in.

“Are chu running a f*****g day care? Are chu f*****g stupit?” says the Mexican.

“Nah, it’s cool, they’re customers, boss.”

“How old are these kids?”

“Sixteen, I think.”

“Aye. Chu got my money?”

“Yeah, you in for a party mix?”

“I really chouldn’t, I haff s**t to do.”

“How about if it’s only uppers?”

“Alright, alright.” He sits down on the couch opposite Rob and Sydd. “Who are chu two?”

“Uhhhhh Ssydd.” Sydd says. Rob is passed out.

“You guys need to break out of that, I knew it was too much. Come join in the party bowl.” Zakk says.

“What dichu giff them?” Burgsov asks Zakk.


“Cheesus, how musch dichu giff them?”

“Only a half a bag each.”

“Goddamn, what lightweights.” Zakk packs a pipe of weed and adds meth and coke among the bud. He hands it to Burgsov who lights it, and passes it to Zakk. He passes it to Sydd who immediately becomes a little more alert as he wakes up Rob and passes it to him. Rob wakes up a little more and passes it to Burgsov, looking confused.

“Who are you?” Rob asks.

“I’m the one who helps chu get high.”

“Thank you.”

“Haha no problem.”

“I love getting highhh.”

“Yes, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?” Rob starts getting goofy.

“How the hell dichu manage to sell to kids?”

“These two are fucked up, it was easy.”

“Don’t chu have a voice inside that say, ‘this is fucked up’?”

“Nah. I don’t give a f**k.”

“See, thass why you’re my best lieutenant. If I need chu to do somesing, I know you won’t care about consequence. Which is why I’m giving you and Brian the Lower East and Lower Middle East side. I have Lower West and Lower Middle West side. I can’t do it all anymore and chu’ve been the best of my men. All the ones on this side report to chu and Brian. If anything goes wrong, make a contingency plan. Now, chu’re still going to haff to come see me to get these.” He lifts a couple of briefcases that he had brought with him and sets one on the table. “Party packs. All chu need to sell is in here. If chu run out of a specific kind, lemme know, I’ll send a guy. When it’s totally empty, then chu come and see me.”

“Got it, boss.”

“Plees. Chu are my partner, now. Chu both are. Eh, where is that funny looking little man anyways?”

“Strip club, pushing product.”


            “And yet chu’re selling to kids?”

            “Get em while they’re young, right? Besides, I gotta be here in case anyone comes over looking. In fact, I’ve got a couple of people already on their way.”

            “Beezy day?”


            “Good. I’ve gotta go, thanks partner.” Burgsov stands up and leaves the house.

            “Who was that?” Rob asks.

            “He already told you. Now shut up before I slit your f*****g throat. You didn’t see anything today, got it?” He says as he brandishes an open pocket knife at them.


            “That goes for both of you.” He points it at each of them before closing it and returning it to his pocket. Sydd noticed it was encrusted in what looked like dried blood. Sydd checks his watch.

            “Oh, man! I gotta get home. See ya, Rob.” He says as he gets up.

            “Later.” Sydd leaves and bolts down the street as fast as he can and manages to get there ten minutes before his parents.

            “Where were you?” Leon asks.

            “I was, uh, hanging with Rob and Marissa.”

            “Oh. Mom and dad are gonna be late tonight so you have to make dinner.”


            “Are you ok?”

            “I’m fine. Just go back to video games.”

            “Ok, whatever.” The next day, Sydd and Rob go to their usual spot before school.

            “I totally forgot to get while I was there yesterday.” Sydd says.

            “I didn’t.” Rob tells him.

            “Oh thank God! What do you have?”

            “I figure since we have three tests today, crack oughta do it.”

            “Awesome. How-how will crack help us pass?”

            “The tests are after lunch, we can study during study hall and lunch, soak up a ton of information, then pass.”

            “Makes sense to me.” Later in study hall, in the cafeteria, Sydd and Rob sit down at a table. “Ok, so we’ve got, math, English, and science. Which one do you wanna start with first?” Rob however, has jumped inside a rolling garbage can and pushes against the wall to roll down the cafeteria.

            “Robert, cut that out!” The teacher yells. “Get out of there!” Rob gets out of the garbage can, picks it up, and swing throws it toward the teacher. The teacher moves out of the way and walks angrily toward Rob. “What are you doing? Get over here!”

            “Make me.”

            “Robert, you’re getting a referral for this!”

            “I don’t give a s**t.”

            “Are you looking for a suspension?”

            “What part of I don’t give a s**t do you not understand?”

            “Robert, watch your language!”

            “Bite me.” The teacher manages to grab a hold of Rob’s arm and takes him down to the principal’s office. Sydd meanwhile, goes back to studying.

            “Ugh, it’s so hard to concentrate.” He yawns, and ends up falling asleep at his seat. He wakes up when he hears the bell for lunch. “Oh, crap. I forgot to study”! He puts his backpack on his seat and goes into the lunch line and gets his food. When he comes back, he notices just Marissa and Kelly are sitting there. “I guess Rob’s not back yet.”

            “Where did he go?” Marissa asks.

            “Last I saw, he was going to the principal’s office.”

            “When was that?”

            “Last period during study hall.”

            “Why would he be gone this long?”

            “He probably got suspended.”

            “What did he do?”

            “Took a ride in that garbage can, got out, threw it at Mr. Gorgon, and that’s when he was taken to the principal’s office.

            “Why would he act like that?”

            “I don’t know, it’s Rob. You know how he can be.”

            “Yeah, but he’s usually not this stupid.”

            “Yeah he is.”

            “Yeah, I guess you’re right. As long as you don’t act like him.”

            “Eh, you got nothing to worry about me, I’ll never be like him.”

            “Good. To be honest, I could care less about Rob. I mean, yeah, you’re both my friends, but lately, he’s changed, I don’t like him anymore. I still like you, Sydd.”

            “Haha, well thanks, I suppose.”

            “You just stay good and away from him, ok?”

            “No, ‘rissa, I’m the only person he really has left, and you even said yourself you don’t like him.”

            “He’s gonna get you into trouble.”

            “I don’t care, I’m not abandoning my friend! I’m so sick of having this conversation!”

            “What are you talking about?”

            “Both you and my parents want me to stop hanging out with Rob. It’s not gonna happen.”

            “He’s going to ruin your life!”

            “He’s my best friend, and I’m not leaving him out in the cold.”

            “If you continue to hang out with him, you’re going to be as bad as he is.”

            “Is that really what you think of me? That I can’t handle myself?”

            “No! I just-“

            “Just nothing! I’m sticking with my brother. That’s what he is to me. We’ve been through thick and thin, and he needs me the most right now, so I’m not ending our friendship!”

            “Ugh, hopefully your good influence will overpower his bad one.”

            “You worry too much.”


            “Watch, everything will be fine. He’s just going through a rough patch.”

            “It seems to be lasting quite awhile.”

            “And that’s why he needs me. If I turn my back on him now, I’ll look like the biggest jerk ever.”

            “You always try to see the good in people, don’t you, Sydd?”’   

            “I do, and I know Rob is still in there, and that’s why I’m doing it. To bring him back, or at least close to him as I can.”

            “You’re such a good friend, I just wish you’d choose some of your friends better.”

            “Eh, I’ll be fine.” After school, Sydd goes to Rob’s. His father answers the door and tells him he’s not home. Sydd then runs to Zakk’s where Rob is. “What’s up, brother?”

            “High as motherfuck.” Rob says.

            “I need me some of that.” Sydd does a line of meth and smokes a bowl. “So get this.”


            “Marissa wants me to stop being friends with you.”

            “Are you for real?”


            “Yo, what the hell? Everyone’s going to abandon me.”

            “I’m not.”


            “Of course, not dude.”


            “Yeah, I’ll always have your back. Till the very end.”

            “Thanks brother. So what did you tell her?”

            “Oh, I fed her some sappy bullshit story that she just ate the hell up. She won’t bother us again. She thinks I’m going to ‘change you’ or some s**t so you’re nicer or whatever.”

            “Nice. That’s why I like you, Sydd. You’re good at telling people what they want to hear.”

            “Hey, let’s make like, a pact or something.”

            “Yeah, what?”

            “Let’s try to get high every day for the rest of our lives. Doesn’t matter how.”

            “High every day? That sounds awesome! Feeling like this all the time would be amazing. It’d be like having superpowers except the only thing that’s changed is reality and we like, think in different speeds of regular people and people will think we’re really dumb when actually we’re really smart and we’ll blow everyone away! Alright, let’s do it!”

            “Woah, how did you get all of that from what I said? Whatever man, done.” They shake hands.  

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