the shape of things to come

the shape of things to come

A Poem by Scott Virtes

An odd lampoon of probability and futurism.


the shape of things to come

by s.c.virtes
1 1 1

Square things, round things,
oblate spheroids all impaled and
glued together by shifting wires
that grow themselves to spawn
further complexities yet.

2 2 2

Gears with buzzsaw teeth,
bees' heads in waxen molds,
a row of babies crushed
paper-thin under a screaming train,
all imbedded in a flowing
salty gelatin of no particular shade.

3 3 3

Icicles hanging from
drainpipes hanging from
lacy gambrels under a crescent moon mood,
all features overlapped in shining crystal.

4 4 4

all three scenes are now
toasted on a spit to a
charred, formless lump:
the Shape of things to come.

5 5 5

You can change it if you try:
just choose the babies,
break the proper icicles,
stoke the fire, and wait.

= written 7/86, published in Dreams & Nightmares #19/20 (1987), Dark Windows #5 (10/07)

© 2008 Scott Virtes

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An interesting read. I definitely felt a constant theme of apocalypse. Many of the lines were quite intriguing as well. Stanza 2 was easily my favorite collection of lines. I'm glad I read this.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This one is a bit difficult to understand...An odd lampoon of probability and futurism...I guess the write is making a harsh statement...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 11, 2008
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Scott Virtes
Scott Virtes

Escondido, CA

Quick bio: I've had about 400 stories & poems published since 1986. He had a story in Analog (July/Aug 2007) recently, and has had works in Space & Time, Ideomancer, Star*Line, Cafe Irreal, Planet, a.. more..