iAntivirus: Never the Time

iAntivirus: Never the Time

A Story by Scyoni

Noxx debates about assassinating his best friend. Based on an RP character from http://z3.invisionfree.com/iANTIVIRUS


As a swarm of pixels came into Nox’s form the wizard put on a smile, spinning a circle with his hands up in the air and laughing. Finally, after two weeks of culminating and exams, he was back in Cyberpolis. He’d barely even had a chance to e-mail Su, although of course he had managed it once or twice, when he knew he should have been studying instead.

His red eyes met the sky, shining brightly. Back in his world. He felt like he’d finally come home. “How can two weeks be so long?” he sighed before looking at his play log. The last thing he’d been doing was… sitting there talking to Patches. Fancy that. So what to do now?

Possibly keep up that leveling spree he’d been on since rejoining the game… But maybe not. He could always get around to what he’d been planning... His smile momentarily vanished as he ran off towards Winwintar after checking his friend’s list.

The little cottage wasn’t hard to find. When he got there Nox was more than careful, disabling all of the security measures that had been put in place by the somewhat paranoid occupant who thought for some reason someone might try to break in… as if that would ever happen. The tiny wizard had few problems, having seen the things put in place and taken down before.

Once inside he reset them all, and carefully found a perch above the door. It didn’t take long before he heard steps outside and covered his mouth to stop himself laughing. Then the door opened, and a familiar violet haired warrior stepped inside. Nox let go of his perch.

“HIZAAAAAA~” he landed on his friend’s back, the shout a very wise warning to Hizake of who exactly was sneak attacking him. Nox had once tried to do the same thing without the yell, and had himself killed.

Hizake only laughed and looked back at little Nox, “You really like doing that, don’t you?”

Nox smiled. “Yep.”

“Trying to get yourself killed now?”

“Nope. I did yell.”

“Smart guy. Now get off me.”

Nox let go and slid to the floor, easily regaining his balance and clasping his hands behind his back as he looked innocently up at his friend. “I’m back! Finished my exams now, so I can play again. Wanna go celebrate?”

“Define celebrate,” Hizake mumbled warily.
“Lesse Hiza… what’s –your- definition of celebrate?” the wizard asked with a knowing smile. His friend’s eyes brightened.

The two of them set off. What followed were a few hours of hanging out in the bar in between drunken leveling and terrible karaoke. When they finally, still half drunk, stumbled back into Hizake’s house the two of them not only exhausted, but easily enough amused that as Hizake recited the old ‘chicken cross the road’ joke they both broke out laughing before collapsing onto the couch and trying to catch their breath.

Hiza was smiling what Nox liked to call his ‘plastered’ smile, owing to the fact that the only time he’d ever smile that was if he was completely drunk. “That,” he said in a way that may be considered dramatic if slurring your words and pausing for emphasis can make drama, “was awesome.”

Nox finally managed to stop giggling like a moron. “Yep,” he agreed with a sigh, sinking into the furniture. “awesome.”

“You know, you’re one of the only people around here who know how to have a good time, Fraze,” Hizake hummed as he leaned back, pillowing his head on his hands with a more than contented smile.

Noxxan nodded and laughed a bit at his friend’s lapse. He saw Hizake drift off to sleep and got to his feet, throwing a blanket over his sleeping friend before heading for the door. “Nothing here ever really changes, does it?” he wondered as he put a note down on the counter and dropped something beside it. His eyes wandered back to Hizake with what was now a sad light. He appraised his friend for a moment. Hizake had helped him a lot in his time… to betray virus, to escape from Torn, to deal with Patches… Hiza was his best friend, in cyberpolis.

His sadness deepened for a few seconds and he finally sighed. He picked the card up from where it lay on the counter beside the note and tucked it back into his pocket. “It’s not your time yet,” he murmured as he turned towards the door to leave, images of their party still dancing in his mind, and of the shock when he’d first told Hizake who he was. This was going to complicate things… He shook his head and left.

“It’s still not your time… but I can’t keep turning the hourglass forever.”

© 2008 Scyoni

Author's Note

Some prior knowledge may be required to understand this.

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Added on August 7, 2008




A 16 year old author, I've been writing for two years and have completed two novels that I'm currently attempting to publish. On the side I write some 'bored stories' which are exactly as implied- sto.. more..

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