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A Poem by Scyoni

In a box I found a photograph, seven faces frozen in time,
As I sat and stared memories rushed to my mind,
A day at the beach, christmas at home, a walk down out street,
Everything we did from the time we met.

Seven faces, seven friends,
what should last forever always too soon ends.
I'd stand by your side forever and a day ,
But you can't stand by mine, you passed away.

So many tales, so much to retell,
but since you've been gone I can't say a word,
songs haunt my days and the sky weeps for us,
never again will I hear your voices.

You were my everything, my friends,
dawn until dusk you made life worth living,
your words made the songs worth singing,
your smiles made te jokes worth telling,
you made everything worth it.

The truth is a hardship I chose to bear,
the good of the many was worth more than my own,
but I cannot say I don't regret it.

Time is painful now, as we grow farther apart,
I see you less in the places we once roamed together,
your faces fade in my mind.

Trust to us was everything,
in each other we held it deeply,
now I have noone to rely on,
my trust is only in myself.

I say this and stand by your grave,
the sky weeps for us as I do,
never again will I hear your songs and laughter,
never again will I hear your voices.

I replace the photograph and slowly close the box,
the memories are painful to me, remembering my loss.

Memories last a mortal's life and for them barely fade,
I'll live on billion years and worries cloud my mind,
will the memories always be so clear or will they leave me too?
Leave me like the happiness that came from being with you...

© 2008 Scyoni

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Yes, it does hurt to lose your very close friends
and the memories will always remain throughout the
years no matter what happens. Its hard to look back but
like you said there's no regrets. I know how you feel because
i have grown apart from my close friends from when i was in high school
i only talk to one of them but i think that as we grow older we lose touch
with them because thats just how life goes. Don't be sad someday if it was meant
to be you will all reunite once again.
Thanks for sharing and
keep on writing.

Best wishes

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 7, 2008




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