A Poem by Scyoni

Someone reminisces about his time with a lost brother. Another monster story-poem I wrote a long time ago.


I'm standing in the rain,
I'm falling in my mind,
I don't understand anything, anymore.

you told me it was okay,
you said you would come back,
and it was true, but for how long?

loveless, loveless, you didn't mind.
they turned away, even if you were kind.
loveless, loveless, turned to us,
we cared for you brother, and you cared for us.

fate and destiney, two too cruel.
The godess, almighty, two more to destroy.
Fate pulled us together, destiney same,
how can I be sure then, they were really cruel?

the almighty herself, turned against us all,
was she, too, evil? or don't I understand...

loveless, loveless, heart darkened away,
your other self kept us a bay
loveless, loveless, gave your secrets to me,
your real self you let us see.

Death, to darkness,
I thought you were gone,
but again you returned,
death wouldn't break our bonds.

tied together by blood,you, me, and him.
brothers forever, we stood side by side.
but were there other familly ties?
were there things we hadn't known?

loveless, loveless, you lived in despair,
losing yourself to that darkness, you fear,
loveless, loveless, never left the light,
never went out, always kept up the fight.

We won our challenge, but as a revenge,
the stubborn almighty changed you, she did,
to fight my own brother, again?
I could never...

The others did more than their share,
but you fell, my turn came.
The power of the gods, despite your intent,
living and breathing you'd fight us again.

loveless, loveless, beg for the end,
you asked me to finish the fight, friend to friend,
loveless, loveless, you asked it of me,
to know I'd killed you for eternity?

At first I refused, stand by, stand away,
but you heart she had shrowded in darkness,
my blood brother, you we fought and opposed
your powers or ours? gods fighting gods...

The end comes, desctruction, damnation falls,
but no, we're still standing?
I don't understand this at all...

But you, you're gone. You didn't come back,
just like the other times, you promised to return!
only then you kept your promises,
this time... no more.

Damnation, deatruction, maybe not on us,
but I wish it on the almighty
damnation to her and her lich,
damnation to her and her magic,

damnation to her for what she did to you...

loveless, loveless, how can you not mind,
when we're all here to stay,
and leave you behind?

© 2008 Scyoni

Author's Note

Ooooold xD another one that's more or less about my books.

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This is a very well written piece of poetry, I like the emotion and anger put into it, well done...Kim

Posted 14 Years Ago

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A 16 year old author, I've been writing for two years and have completed two novels that I'm currently attempting to publish. On the side I write some 'bored stories' which are exactly as implied- sto.. more..

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