The Convo of Doom

The Convo of Doom

A Chapter by secretletter787

I love to write. Anytime, anywhere.


The Accidental Story


"I told you NO!" I can't take it much longer of Sedrick's stupidity anymore! Sedrick kept on bugging me about going on a date..... AGAIN! I'm so sick and tired of him. I wish he was the one lifting the world on his shoulders. Anyways so I was e-mailing Rose today. Rose is one of my best buds. She's the type that brings thing up out of nowhere but you can't help but laugh. Even though it may not be that funny. Here's our convo.

lucky2b_rose- hey! so waz up?

agonizingandrea22- nm u?

lucky2b_rose- same. Hey did u here wat happened 2 serene?

agonizingandrea22- no. tell me

lucky2b_rose- well this is all i really know. casandra kept commenting on serene and wat she was wearing so..... serene kinda told casandra that she was full of crap( only way much diff. vocab) n casandra told something to serene i can't even say.

I though to myself.


agonizingandrea22- well come on tell me!

lucky2b_rose- sry...... g2g bye.

 I sat there. Alone. I jumped because I heard a noise. It was the phone. Andy was calling.

© 2010 secretletter787

Author's Note

I felt really bad that I didn't write sooner.

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Added on May 13, 2010
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Milwaukee, WI

I luv to be a dork. Its who i am n im not gonna change just to impress someone. i like Green Day, sports, books, n am a sucker 4 blue, brown, or green eyes. more..


A Chapter by secretletter787