Shattered Thoughts

Shattered Thoughts

A Poem by Cara

something from the past...

my heart huts every once in a while
my health is perfectly fine yet i cant breath sometimes
i feel that the world is closing in on me as if trapping me in a coffin
and as much as i try i cant escape, i lay there helpless
waitting for that feeling to pass... 
"it'll all be alright" i try to convince myself
yet i cant shake that feeling that something is wrong
i'm with no family, i'm with no home
i belong nowhere im without hope on the street on a cold snowy night
it's always  a cold and a snow night but all i feel is a fier heat that is choking me 
its every where and the only person notcing is me
i tried so many time but i dont know whtas wrong with me
"it'll all be alright" i repeat over and over again
im no monster, i like company and i hate staying alone
but the only place i feel safe in is where im on my own
i now relize that the feeling in my chest is because of me
warning me of me, and not that someone i love might die
i just now realized that im broken, i dont know when i was hurt
but im broken. and i hate it and i want to escape 
but i cant tell anyone, i cant show anyone 
i need help but i dont know who to ask
i cant explain whats wrong with me for i do not know whats wrong with me
i try to egnore the feeling although i know that i need to face my demons
but how do you face what you cant see?

© 2020 Cara

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Added on October 13, 2019
Last Updated on July 5, 2020



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