Strings Of Glass With Beaded Mirrors~

Strings Of Glass With Beaded Mirrors~

A Poem by NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

"My mirror, mirror on the wall...
How do we stop the inevitable fall..."
asked the Bride

as she tucked the Hanzo blade into its sheath. . . .

"You turn it against the wall~glass side in. . . ." said the girl with the yellow eyes

(those kinds of eyes that reflect the soul backward)

as she took the Bride's delicate hand

pulled her up behind her

into the polished saddle

on the back of a horse the color of dark pearls

deciding then

and there

she would save the Bride by shattering the past

and to hell with all the world

and its animal humanity. . . .


. . . .there was a tiny girl in an old bed

somewhere in a meadow

that gave birth to marigolds with blood centers

leaves like razor blades fell from the scales

of the gunmetal sky

so that every time she placed her little feet

against the ground

to escape

the edges cut her to the bone

fragmenting her bit by bit

sectioning her soul . . . .


. . . .there was another girl in a tapestry against the skye

who decided to pluck a string from a theory

and tune it to her rage

she flipped out of the night

shifted from her bones

into the solidity of a young prince

and with a tulip in his hand

rolled aside the pleat of this

to flip into the sectioned jewel of that;

the prince came to a meadow

of yellow flowers dripping a girl's blood off their leaves

shedding a girl’s soul off their thorns

he put his lips against a stray atomic particle caught on a pollen fluff

and whispered a secret against her nucleus

charming her into a braided rope of gold

suspended in the blue air. . . .


. . . .the girl screamed in the center of the dream

but the prince refused to focus on the unanimal slithering

through knife blades of grass

to eat the child again

and again

instead the prince pressed his determination into his bare feet

as he climbed the golden rope

suspended for his right to unfold the laws of Time

and walked it step by step

to brand

a shape of justice

into the fluctuation of physics

gone haywire


. . . .the monster no longer terrified the little girl

she was resigned to his maw digging through her abdomen

to bury his sins between her frail hipbones

she simply laid her body back into the violence

as he leapt over the edge of oak woodwork

to dismantle yet another fragment of her spirit

and wear it in his mind like an ember. . . .

but something happened this time

in midair. . . .


. . . .the young prince leapt the last breath from the braided rope

which unfurled

enchanted by the boy who was a woman over there

outside the looking glass

and gave him that last impetus to grab the monster

bite the nape of its neck

and break its back against the footboard of the bed. . . .


. . . .the little girl sat up

with eyes of blue so wide

as the boy tore the monster to little shreds of ash and bone

with his hands

ripped its throat out with his teeth

spitting beast fragments against a pane of glass suspended

in a field of marigolds

that bled ink and curlicues of smoke from their centers


. . . ."Dead. . . .dead as dreams." whispered the boy

the little girl laughed shards of crystal from her eyes

and shook her golden head, no

consumed the boy up with her iridescent irises of pain

pulling him in

and pushing him through

into a canoe where he was a woman

mourning a Bride

trailing fingertips in warm waters underneath the moon


"Mirror. . . .mirror on the wall

sometimes we're designed to fall. . . ." said the Bride with the Hanzo steel

from the waters of the lake

as she wound herself around the fingertips of a woman

who does not cry

but thinks deep and long

on things

this woman who pulled the firefly aspects from the waters

in drops of silver soul

and brought them to her burning lips

to kiss

to taste

to drink

as the Bride spilled her perfume against her tongue

whispering. . . .


"S~~~~~, you are the greatest love hidden inside the darkest pain, and the piece of me that I leave here..."


. . . .the woman pulled the canoe up onto the shores

her eyes made of silver

her mind made of beaded mirrors

spinning strings of glass



pieces of the broken minds

in a tiny box of copper

on a chain of remembrance

between her breasts

asking no one why some survive

while others fall

because suddenly she understood

that there are no answers

only questions







All Rights Reserved




excerpt from






© 2010 NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

Author's Note

NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole
~how do you save the broken dolls when they grow up to be broken women~how do you destroy the monsters that don't live under their beds but in them~how do you catch someone in their intentional fall~ you can't . . . .but you can catch the monster's jaw before it takes its first bite out of the child and sets her or him up for a lifetime of shedding soul until nothing is left~

I won't say anymore on this except that the italicised centered sentence above the last stanza, was in the note she left behind~

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Featured Review

I just feel incredible sad..........and you will always bring your reader and wrap them up, taking them somewhere unknown, but oh so known if they reach in and look hard are a soul, a soul that I would call a clean soul.........because you are for other's, and feel, see, and taste hurt, but remain clean........I make no sense, but I rarely meet clean souls..........and when I do I treasure them.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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We try to be Saviors... in our own way and time. To forgive is divine...
but to forget is not by design. To return the torture in words and to be
taken away on a beautiful white horse with silken mane and blue sky eyes is a perfect ending
and a new beginning. truly, Pat

Posted 3 Years Ago

Such fantastic work. So beautifully crafted on a very dark, sad and dangerous topic. To be subjected to such things, as we know. You brought it to life and carried the message home into our hearts.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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those kind of eyes that reflect the soul backward (had me picturing someone looking deep within)
A tiny girl in an old bed somewhere in a meadow.(made me think of a young girl/older mary and joseph.)
and..the birth to marigolds with blood centers (seemed like the child jesus)
Once that was in my mind..the poem sent me through heavenly mysterys and biblical events. I know we all put our own interpretations on poems, but this poem strikes sunlight into my dusty old soul. I hope I am not offending you.
The line ..who decided to pluck a string from a theory and tune it to her rage...was amazing. I have only said a tiny fragment in terms of review, I intend to review it more times yet. I need to keep coming back, I don't want to miss its magic. I read it all the time. Thankyou Seline.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I have no words for this piece, except exceptional....YOU make me think of another writer I write with called AVEL.....She is a word mistress and so are you...I tip my ink well and my pen, my pad my keyboard to you.........BRAVA

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

What can I say..."Beautiful!"

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Outstanding beauty, brilliance as sheer as ice, not leaving out one flaw.~

Posted 11 Years Ago

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oh wow!!! this is just a complete mind trip - "sometimes we're designed to fall" - how brilliant is that quote!! tragic story - sad - but so powerfully told - the conviction in your voice is huge!! this goes straight from reading list to favourites!! bravo!! loved it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Holy s**t...I am so glad you opened shop back up. This was a whirlwind of care and concern beaded gloriously with the sharpest of colors and textures. At the hands of a superhero, no matter who it might be, we should all be so lucky as to have our demons banished and be sat back on the pedestals where we belong. Crushingly amazing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Sometimes you are left speechless.. no matter my opinion, or words.. they can not begin to explain how much I enjoyed this.. another great piece..

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is like a vividly tragic fairytale, you get lost in the imagery and suddenly begin to see the truth beneath it. It's one of the most beautiful things i've ever read and i'm sorry if this happened to someone you know. The feeling that it is the trials within breaking you and not those without is one that i know well and hurts an enormous amount. Thank you for sharing this.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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