Village Ablaze

Village Ablaze

A Poem by Sirius King

Village Ablaze
Poem by Serenus

To raise a child
It takes a village
But what if your village
Has been raped and pillaged?

A future of falsehoods
Where faith is a phase
Cremation of a childhood...
"Who set my village ablaze?"

Black churches desecrated
Fueled by hate
Those who speak out
Are burned at the stake

Made to forgive
Before having a chance to mourn
Those who refuse
Are branded as scorn...

Where there's smoke
There's fire
Don't be hypnotized
By the haze
Don't be afraid to ask the question...
"Who set my village ablaze?"

"They're destroying their own community"
Outsiders try to assess the scene
All the while fanning the flames
And pouring on the gasoline

Standing on your privilege stage
Can you understand my village rage?

Of being trapped in a cage
Completely man-made

Someone lit the match
Stood back
And acted amazed...
It's true
I believe it was YOU
Who set my village ablaze!

© 2015 Sirius King

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This is outstanding, and I thank you for opening a window to a view that far too many can't or won't see. So many say to those who're repressed or downtrodden to climb out of that hole and better yourself, but sometimes the hole is too deep, and you have no ladder. They may tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, but that's impossible when you have no boots. And yes, a village that's ravaged, on fire and in chaos can in no way provide an environment suitable for advancement.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Sirius King

4 Years Ago

Thanks Samuel!
It's hard but ppl are starting to wake up to these injustices, thank God.
Your poems makes me stop, and think, about many things..history, current events. Hate, no matter what the form, is just plain ugly. Your poem captures the frustration, and helplessness of these times, yet voice strong..and you're heard.
I see many have read this piece.. Hopefully more will take the time to review. Even if it is just a word of.. I see you, I hear you, and I add my voice to yours.
Great write, S R !

Posted 4 Years Ago

Sirius King

4 Years Ago

Even if it's just 1 person (you) who sees me, and hears me...that's enough. I greatly appreciate...... read more

4 Years Ago

28 have read, with no comment..doesn't mean it didn't stir their minds. ( :
You're a Poet, .. read more
Sirius King

4 Years Ago

True, most of the time I write for myself... Then if I feel someone else will get something out of i.. read more

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Sirius King
Sirius King

Cleveland, OH

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