Happy Ending?

Happy Ending?

A Story by Essa G

Now this isn't a fairy tale with a happy ending. This is a true story. No matter how stupid it may sound, it is. And it kind of has a happy ending, but that's for you to decide. So here it goes:


The beginning was when he asked my friend for my phone number. He'd just gotten a new phone and I was in his math class. So he asked for it and got it. She told me that she'd given my number to him and I asked for his, just so I would know who was texting me if he sent me a message.
I sent him a test text to see if it was the right number, which it was. We started talking nonstop and it went on like that for about a week. Then when school was out, I had to leave the country for the summer. Which meant no texting.
But then, once I got to my summer house, i shot him an email saying hi. I set up a Kik account like he directed. And it was just like texting.

Over the summer, I'll just sum it all up he dated three girls. I'd fallen for him. And funnily enough, only one of the girls he dated actually liked him back. And he knew this of course, but I still encouraged him to chase after the girls he liked.

Then school came rolling around. When we found out we didn't have any classes together, we were both sad but I knew we'd stay friends. boy, was I wrong.

Sometime during the middle of October, he told me he liked this girl Hailey. She happened to sit at my lunch table and was kind of my friend. So the next day, I asked her if she liked him. She said no.
Obviously, I had to break the news to him. And so I accidentally told her that he liked her, which he didn't want me to do. Oops.

So I was stuck trying to fix it. But then, one day when I was kind of in a bad mood, he decided to send me a text. He said something along these lines: "I guess right now you just want to be friends." He'd misinterpreted my bad mood.
So then, I said, "we've a,ways been just friends." Which was completely true.
He said back, "it might've been different if we'd had this conversation before I planned to ask hailey out."
But this is when I got mad.
And I told him almost everything. That he'd left me waiting. He went after those girls over the summer. Even when he knew I liked him. He didn't care about me at all. And realized, too, that whenever we talked, it always went back to the same topic: whether we were just friends or more. And when we didn't talk about that we talked about him. Rarely did we ever talk about me. It was all him him him.
And I told him most of what I'd held back. I hadn't told him everything over the summer. I hadn't told him how much it hurt to hear that he was dating someone else. I actually cried for a couple minutes lying in bed one night over him.
But I wouldn't stand this any longer.
I told him to read my story (which is also posted on writerscafe) called "What He Did." It's about what I would say if he ever asked me out. And that covered the rest of my explaining to him.
I eventually stopped talking to him altogether. The next night, he sent me a text saying, "do you not want to talk to me or am I not even worth your time?" I didn't reply to that. Because I thought, if he has common sense, which I knew he did, he would know that I didn't want to talk to him.
And he tried one more time he next week to get me to talk to him. But I said no, I had nothing else I wanted to say to him. And now, I'm better off.
I'm better off because I don't need someone to talk about themselves to me, I don't need someone to complain about how a girl he likes won't talk to him in science class. I don't need someone who always talked about us or what we were. Couldn't we just talk about other, regular things, not the status of the relationship?
So I'm happier now. Truly, I am. And I'm definitely over him. Because at first, he seemed so different. But he was just like all the others. And I didn't, and don't, want to be someone's second choice. I want to be their first. I don't want to be the person someone can just fall back on as backup if they get rejected, I want to be the one that they go to first, not the backup. So if you're out there, reading this, Josh, I hope you get it now.


Not my best story, but it was a lot to write down. Maybe I'll elaborate more someday. But was this a happy ending to you?

© 2013 Essa G

Author's Note

Essa G
This is a completely true story

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Good on you! I loved what you did. No guy should use a girl just for a back up. I just loved how you stuck up for yourself and just said "No!" And than you stuck to that. Now you are happpier which means he really wasn't for you.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Don't take this the wrong way, but I loved this. Even if it was heartbreaking for you and something that I should be saying sorry for, I did love this.
I also thought my loving this wouldn't be so bad if I said that, yes. It sounds like it was a happy ending. I would prefer this to happen to me then me tell him my feelings and get used like other girls...

Posted 5 Years Ago

Essa G

5 Years Ago

Thanks so much! Great to hear a nice comment :)

5 Years Ago

No problem:)

3 Years Ago

i must agree, real story can be relate by others, and this story I prefer the ending..that she must .. read more

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